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Yunya Temple National Forest Park
70 Reviews
开心天涯客This is the rare national forest park in the northwest, the scale is relatively large, there are mountains and water, the forest is lush, the scenery is beautiful, the various service facilities are complete, far from the city, or self-driving tour is convenient.
Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Hotel
416 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
135***35The combined ticket for Maijishan Hot Spring and Grottoes, 🆚 is more cost-effective. It can be used separately in 30 days. Come over on New Year's Day holiday, there are not too many people, the scenery is good. Good value for money, the scenery is good,
Kongdong Mountain
1,179 Reviews
悍生无解Kongtong Mountain is located 12 kilometers west of Pingliang City, about 330 kilometers away from Xi'an and Lanzhou, and the transportation is extremely convenient. The peaks and ridges of Kongtong Mountain point to the sky, steep cliffs and axe cleave, it is more dangerous than Huashan; Lin Bo Sentao, the smoke is vast, and Miao is like a fairyland; The reputation of "West Town Wonders". With its majestic and dangerous show, it was awarded as a national 5A scenic spot and a national geological park. Kongtong Mountain has a profound cultural history, including the legend of Guangchengzi who cultivated Taoism and became immortal, the record of Xuanyuan Huangdi asking the Tao, and the scenery of Emperor Qin and Han Wu and Tang Zong. It is a Taoist resort and is revered as the "first Taoist mountain in the world".
Liupanshan National Forest Park
438 Reviews
老少皆宜程Many TV stations now broadcast the TV drama "Mountain and Sea". The drama re-enacted the arduous journey of the Xihaigu region of Ningxia to escape poverty, and was popular. I traced the 2018 trip to Guyuan and Liupanshan in Ningxia, now Xihai Gu is not the same.
Guanshan Grasslands
722 Reviews
崆峒人We set off from Pingliang at 9 am on May 1st. We drove along the provincial roads and traveled by car. Three adults and one child went to the Longmen Cave Scenic Area and then to the Guanshan Grassland. First, I bought tickets at the scenic spot. Adults were 60 yuan per person, and children above 1.2 meters were half-ticketed 30 yuan, plus five yuan parking fee. I drove into the scenic spot by myself. It is a long way from the ticket office to the core area, tens of kilometers, and there is an 18-kilometer section with a speed limit of 40. The scenery along the way is pleasant, lamenting the wonderful workmanship of nature. There are river beaches, forests, trees, lush, and many classics. The only regret is that the sky is not beautiful. It rains and the camel scenic spot is a lot of fog. It is difficult to see when going down the mountain. This section is easy to get up. fog. The core area is a bit congested due to the May Day holiday. Fortunately, staff will guide you. We canceled grass-skiing when it rained. We made a trolley for 10 yuan each time, and grass-skiing was 40 per hour. The zipline is 50 yuan. Go further south for 1.5 kilometers and you will reach the racecourse, where you can ride horses. Each person has 100 yuan plus five yuan insurance for a total of 105. Of course, children have 35 yuan plus 5 yuan insurance for a cheap pony, totaling 40 yuan, and there are more expensive 150 yuan and 200 yuan, the route is different, the time is different. It’s been past six o’clock after riding a horse. The food is quite expensive. Qishan simmered noodles are 15 yuan per bowl. The key is not the authentic hand-made noodles. They are cooked with machine noodles. The taste is average. The stewed noodles are 18 yuan per bowl. Then I returned to the county seat of Longxian. The saddest thing was that the hotels in Longxian were almost full. There were no rooms, so I had to go to Qianyang to stay. There are many hotels in the scenic area, as well as yurts. Of course, you can also camp, a good choice. It is recommended to book online in advance, a 2-day tour is better, and the staff at the attractions are very good.
Maiji Mountain Scenic Area
1,494 Reviews
_CF***25The path on the mountain can make you weak legs, I also sighed that the masters of the previous generation, after a thousand years of wind and sun, still strong as old, the peaks are also very special, high and low, the city spent a long time in the occasional wind blowing, look at the mountain scenery, also good!

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Tianshui Wulong Mountain
Tianshui Wulong MountainTianshui,China

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Xiqiaotou Mosque
Xiqiaotou MosqueTianshui,China

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Tianshui Jieting Hot Spring
Tianshui Jieting Hot SpringTianshui,China

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Zhangjiachuan Museum
Zhangjiachuan MuseumTianshui,China

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Majiayuan Ruins Park
Majiayuan Ruins ParkTianshui,China

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Zhangjiachuan Weather

Mar 7, 2021
1 ~ 10
Mar 8, 2021
0 / 11
Mar 9, 2021
1 / 11
Mar 10, 2021
0 / 11
Mar 11, 2021
1 / 18
Mar 12, 2021
Light rain
2 / 17
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhangjiachuan
Mar 7, 2021 Zhangjiachuan Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:69%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:18/18:56
Zhangjiachuan Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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