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In ancient times, Kyoto was the capital of Japan for about 1200 years. The monuments, monasteries and shrines that are left behind are numerous. There are as many as 17 listed on the World Heritage List including Kiyomizu-dera, the Nijo Castle, and Kinkaku-ji. In addition to the monuments, the culture of Kyoto is also sure to be a highlight. In Gion, visitors can encounter beautiful geisha, take a walk by the Kamo River, or try on traditional Japanese clothing.

Kyoto has a lot to offer tourists. Some choose to spend one to two days covering the city’s main sites, while others spend four to five days exploring the surrounding areas, including Uji. Of course, if you have over a week to spend in Kyoto, your experience will be completely different. In different seasons, visitors can enjoy different scenery in Kyoto. The cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, while visitors can put on robes in summer and watch the Gozan no Okuribi festival, visit the woods in the autumn, and enjoy the falling snow in the winter.

The historical sites of Kyoto are well-preserved. Many streets, alleys, and shops have been passed down for hundreds of years. Many top hotels in Kyoto are Japanese traditional old shops. Interested visitors can watch the Japanese drama, Kamo, Kyoto e Iku to learn more. Walking through the streets and markets of Kyoto, you can see people wearing kimonos passing through them at any time. Kyoto is considered to be the city with the most traditionally Japanese characteristics. When you come to Kyoto, besides traditional temple visits, kaiseki cuisine, kimonos, and geisha, be sure to stay here for one night. Kyoto night has a different style.

The temperature in Kansai is similar to that in Tokyo. It is suitable for tourism throughout the year but the best seasons are considered to be spring and autumn. The average temperature is 10-20°C. The temperature winter is usually around 4-12°C. Rainy season lasts from June to August. From late February to early March, it is the season to enjoy plum blossoms. From the end of March to the middle of April, the cherry blossoms in various places in Kansai begin to bloom. The famous Kyoto red leaves begin to change color from mid-November to early December. Hotels in Kyoto are dominated by traditional Japanese-style guesthouses, where ancient styles and poetic paintings can be enjoyed. The Kyoto Station area has everything from backpacker hostels to capsule hotels and business hotels. The advantage of this area is its convenient transportation. The downtown area between Kawaramachi and Omiya is a bustling and modern area of Kyoto. There are various chain hotels and Japanese-style hotels in Kyoto as well. To enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring or maple leaves in the autumn, you may wish to stay in the Higashiyama-ku or Arashiyama area. The environment there is quiet and there are many temples and shrines worth visiting.

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Kyoto Station
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Gion/Kiyomizu Temple
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Gion/Kiyomizu Temple
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