99% of people don't know how to play in Rizhao Forest Park!

Rizhao Guide | So comfortable, this seaside camping site "Keep the passion for life and go where the wind blows", play hide and seek in the forest🌿, rest in the grasslands, look up to measure the distance clouds move🏖️, look down to watch crabs crawling on the sand🦀, come camping in Rizhao, go to ➠ National Seashore Forest Park - 🧡Environment The scenic area is located north of Bihai Road in Donggang District, about a 40-minute drive from the city center🚙 To the south is the Wujiatai Huangshi Sea Harvesting Garden, to the north is the Wanbao Beach Scenic Area, suitable for sea harvesting The campsite location is great, close to the seaside, surrounded by woods🌲, with tents nestled among them When the afternoon sun penetrates the leaves🍃, the light and shadow are mottled, and the outdoor atmosphere is perfectly captured, super comfortable - 💛Facilities Enter through Gate 2 of the Forest Park🚪, near the swings is the camping site Close to the metasequoia forest, you can set up your own tent/hammock, no need for a canopy for shade The scenic area is equipped with parking lots🅿️, sightseeing cars/pedal cars🛴, toilets and shower rooms, etc. Looking north, a five to six-minute walk is the Elk Garden🦌, where you can buy a bucket of carrots🥕 to experience the joy of feeding elks - 💚Catering The restaurants inside the scenic area are quite expensive💰, and open flames are not allowed in the forest🔥, it is recommended to bring your own Choose easy-to-carry foods like sandwiches, cakes, juices🍹, boxed cut fruits, braised flavors, etc. - 💙Surroundings Go to Wujiatai for sea harvesting, just bring a small bucket🪣 and an iron shovel, and you can also see fishing boats moored on the sea🛳️, very spectacular For lunch, you can choose to eat seafood🥘 at a restaurant, Chocolate Fisherman's chain store is nearby, super fresh, don't miss it - 💜Entertainment Beach frolic/swimming🏊 zoo🐯/elk garden/children's outdoor playground🎊 Oxygen absorption for great photos/seaside fishing🎣/watching sunrise and sunset at the observation deck - ❤️tips The campsite is densely vegetated, and insects🕷️ are definitely present, remember to bring insect repellent spray🧴, floral water, etc. Don't be sad if you can't enjoy gourmet food in the wild🍣, go back to the city for a big meal to end the camping, Chocolate Fisherman's main store🦐or Qianwangyuan Seafood Restaurant, special seafood dishes🦀.
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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Rizhao Seaside National Forest Park

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