Twelve Township Homestay, making your camping time incredibly fun!

Twelve Township Homestay is simply a hug from nature! 🌳 With green mountains and rivers, fresh air, it makes one's mood exceptionally pleasant. Camping facilities are all-inclusive, with tents, tables, chairs, barbecue grills... 👏🏻 You just need to bring a good mood, and you can enjoy a perfect camping trip. During the day, you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature, breathe fresh air, and feel the warmth of the sun. 🌞 At night, lying in the tent, looking up at the starry sky, it feels as if you are in the midst of the universe, it's simply too healing! 😍 There are also various interesting activities, such as bonfire parties, outdoor barbecues, hiking trips, etc., making your camping life more colorful. 🎉 The staff are also very enthusiastic and thoughtful, making you feel the warmth of home. 💗 If you are looking for a great place for camping and leisure, then Twelve Township Homestay is definitely your best choice! 🤩 Hurry up and come here to start an unforgettable camping journey! 💯
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Posted: May 9, 2024
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Near Jim's World Of Adventures|Limutai/Jiushan Resort, Tianjin
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