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Things To Do in Danzhou

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M26***59Shihua Water Cave Geopark is the first provincial geologic park in Hainan Province. Today there are quite a few tourists here. The tour guide explains the precautions while at the entrance of the cave, while letting everyone adjust to the light of the dark environment. The cave stands in a strange stone, the road twists and turns, and the landscape is also along the way one by one!
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jane-1100You can go to, after all, the former residence of the poet, the literary breath came. Now the attractions, a little bit of the head will be digging in a big banner. Into go a long way, just really into the Dongpo College.
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Botanical Garden
清水町石勒The plants in the botanical garden are amazing. This is a good place for popular science plants, you can bring children. I originally thought that it might be very hot inside, but the result is so cool that the sun is shaded. Impressive place, worth coming. Overall great,
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游侠半仙The key cultural relics protection unit of the nation, Jingzhou millennium ancient salt field, is a free scenic spot, in Yangpu Economic Development Zone is very easy to find, parking free, there are many salt chicken, eggs and duck eggs, eggs five yuan four, duck eggs five yuan three, chicken 50 yuan a, also sell various salt. [Scenic] On the beach! [Interesting] A sun salt point in China is also the last ancient salt farm in the original sun salt making method. [Cost-effective] Free scenic spot.
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Theme Park
138***70Informative, mainly experiential consumption! Worth a visit!
6 Reviews
230***11Very good and cost-effective: the place is very large, there is a water playground, and 3 swimming pools, adults and children can play, and there is no time limit, the price is very high, I will go to play next time.

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Songtao ReservoirDanzhou,China

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Zongyitang GalleryDanzhou,China

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Botanical Gardens of the Two Tropical InstitutesDanzhou,China

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Nanhua BeachDanzhou,China

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Yangpu Golf & Country ClubDanzhou,China

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Ancient Yantian Golf ClubDanzhou,China

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About Danzhou

Danzhou City, located in the northwest part of Hainan Island near the Gulf of Tonkin, is an economic, transport, communications, and cultural center in west Hainan. A long history has left Danzhou City with many ancient structures, such as the Han-era (206 BCE - 220 CE) Fubo Well (伏波井), Zhonghe Ancient Town, and the Dongpo Academy. Local natural attractions that can't be missed include Yunyue Lake (“Cloud Moon Lake”), Lanyang Hot Springs (“Blue Ocean Hot Springs”), and the Lumuwan Waterfall (“Deer Mother Waterfall”).

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Here are the best places to visit in Danzhou, including: Shihua Water Tunnel,Dongpo Academy,Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden
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