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Danzhou City, located in the northwest part of Hainan Island near the Gulf of Tonkin, is an economic, transport, communications, and cultural center in west Hainan. A long history has left Danzhou City with many ancient structures, such as the Han-era (206 BCE - 220 CE) Fubo Well (伏波井), Zhonghe Ancient Town, and the Dongpo Academy. Local natural attractions that can't be missed include Yunyue Lake (“Cloud Moon Lake”), Lanyang Hot Springs (“Blue Ocean Hot Springs”), and the Lumuwan Waterfall (“Deer Mother Waterfall”).
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Things To Do in Danzhou

Shihua Water Tunnel
376 Reviews
139***13Shihuashuidong Geopark is located at Bayi General Field in Danzhou City, Hainan Province, 28 kilometers away from downtown Danzhou and 160 kilometers away from downtown Haikou. It is a natural cave with the lowest latitude successfully developed in my country. It was formed 1.4 million years ago. The entire scenic area is composed of three parts: the inner scenic area, the stone forest scenic area and the tropical orchard sightseeing area. It is a comprehensive garden landscape integrating scientific research, sightseeing, science and education. There are stalactites, stalagmites, curly stones, single-crystal calcite flowers and other sceneries of great ornamental and scientific value in the cave. Among them, curly stones are called "national top grade stones" by experts. The water cave is winding, bizarre, and colorful. Roaming in a canoe in the water cave is like traveling in a dragon palace, which is so beautiful. The stone flower in the stone flower water cave, as the name suggests, is a flower blooming on the stone. Of course, stone cannot bloom. The so-called stone flower is actually a naturally formed single mineral crystal. It is called stone flower because of its crystal clear white color, various shapes, and the shape of gorgeous and open flowers. Commonly used are calcite stone flower, aragonite stone flower and curly stone. Stone flower is a rare heritage given to mankind by nature, and it has been collected by jewelry enthusiasts and watched by tourists. Moreover, as a secondary chemical deposit, Lithocarpus sylvestris provides good conditions for people to study the formation mechanism of mineral crystals under certain geographical conditions, so it has great scientific research value and high aesthetic value. Shihua water cave is composed of two parts: dry cave and water cave. There are stone seed milk, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone flags, stone waterfalls, stone tongues, curly stones, aragonite flowers, single crystal calcite flowers and other geological landscapes and relics of great ornamental and scientific value, especially the development and growth in the cave. The "one stone and two flowers" curly stone, aragonite flower, calcite crystal flower and their combination are regarded as national treasures and unique in the world. The water cave is winding, bizarre and colorful. In the cave, there are extremely precious national protected animals-baby fish. The canoe roaming in the water cave is like an invitation to visit a dragon palace, which is beautiful. The tunnels mainly develop along the direction and strike of the rock formations. There are many small dendritic caves and most of them develop along structural fissures. The main tunnel is generally 3-7m wide, partly about 1.5-2.5m, the hole height is generally 3-6m, part of the cave developed through the fissure can extend upwards to more than 20-30m, and the deepest part of the water cave is 17 meters. Not far from the entrance of the tour, one day the window reached the surface. The cave below the groundwater level is located at the southern end of the Shihuashui Cave. The natural water cave accessible to humans is about 150 meters long. Later, it was manually excavated and connected to the Yingdao Lake outside the cave, which was 200 meters long. Shihuashui Cave is a scenery formed by steam from bottom to top, and it is found that all caves are scenery formed by dripping water from top to bottom. Because of different formation principles, Shihuashui Cave has a rare wonder in the world. The stone flowers in the cave are white and flawless, pure and natural, and all kinds of stone flowers are crystal clear and dazzling. Inside the cave, it is like entering the world of ice and snow. It is called a national treasure and a must in the world by experts. It is a veritable underground world natural " "Shihua Cave Museum" is called "Southern Wonder Cave" and "Mysterious Underground Art Palace".
Dongpo Academy
238 Reviews
Historical Architecture
M25***98The place where Su Dongpo was dispatched back then is also suitable for dispatch now. [Man Face] can’t even call a black car, and there is no [cover face] in online car-hailing. However, Mr. Dongpo arrived in Hainan, Hainan had a champion, and came to Zhan The state can come here to visit.
Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden
42 Reviews
木易真人Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden is located in the west of Danzhou City, accessible by public transportation. Tickets for the botanical garden are 36 yuan in peak season and 30 yuan in off-season (5.1-9.30). Compared with Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, it is smaller in scale but more natural. The garden can be visited on foot or by battery car. The botanical garden is not very big, and the walk is more interesting. There are many amusement projects outside the park, and you can choose to participate.
Danzhou Millennium Ancient Salt Field
243 Reviews
139***13The thousand-year-old salt field is located in Yantian Village, Yangpu Peninsula, Hainan, and has been approved as a tourist attraction. In accordance with the characteristics of the hot and scorching sun in Hainan Island, the salt workers changed the method of "boil the sea as salt" in the past. They used the sun-dried beach sand to pour the sea water and filter to make brine with high salt content, and then pour the brine on the stone. In the tank, it is made into salt after exposure. Because the salt here is delicious and has curative effects on many diseases, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty gave the royal book "Zhengde" to the people of Yantian after hearing the report. The thousand-year ancient salt field in Hainan is known as the earliest salt-making field that used the sun, and the ancient salt field that retains the original folk salt-making process intact. There are more than 1,000 inkstone-type rock salt tanks of various shapes densely scattered on the beach. There are still more than 30 salt workers in Yantian Village, and they work in this salt pan with an ancient way of over 1200 years. There are many salt-baked chicken and salt-baked eggs in Yantian Scenic Area, and the scenic spots are free.
Botanical Gardens of the Two Tropical Institutes
57 Reviews
木易真人Located in the western suburbs of Danzhou City, Hainan Province, Rezuo Botanical Garden is a herbarium of China Tropical Agriculture University and Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. It covers an area of 32 hectares and was established in 1958. Another name of Rezuo Botanical Garden is Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden. Some scientific research sites inside are not allowed to enter. The species in the botanical garden are indicated by signs, which is a good place to learn.
Longmen Jilang
40 Reviews
刘小霁Longmen Mountain Dew, there are several small bays nearby, a colorful bay, a lover's bay, you can stroll around if you have enough time. Here is the view of volcanic lava millions of years ago, through the vicissitudes of life. The dragon gate stands on the western coast of Danzhou and stretches for several miles. It is known as the "first gate in the southern sky". There are lava formed millions of years ago, with waves splashing and piercing through hundreds of holes. It is a pity that the scenic spot has not been properly planned, with good scenery, and no suitable shooting shops/

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Shihua Water Tunnel
Shihua Water TunnelDanzhou,China

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Dongpo Academy
Dongpo AcademyDanzhou,China

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Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden
Hainan Tropical Botanical GardenDanzhou,China

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Danzhou Millennium Ancient Salt Field
Danzhou Millennium Ancient Salt FieldDanzhou,China

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Botanical Gardens of the Two Tropical Institutes
Botanical Gardens of the Two Tropical InstitutesDanzhou,China

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Longmen Jilang
Longmen JilangDanzhou,China

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Nov 29, 2020 Danzhou Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:79%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:58/18:02
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