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Things To Do in Duolun

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tttlookThe car can go directly into the car, you can park the car when you want to see it, there is a tent experience area inside, you can enter the camp at night, there are various farmyards, great sights, great views, will come back again.
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滇国剑客The geological structure is a bit complicated, but the diversity of the geological structure makes the landscape beautiful. This is the way in the Seine Bay town resort, the mountain, the various scenery construction, the place decorated differently.
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关裕年guanyunianThis is a not-so-famous temple, but because you can see a vast world, the temple covers a large area and is very impressive. Unlike the temples in Beijing, which are very small, you can see different temples here. .
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滇国剑客This place called your Lianyuan Palace tourist resort, mainly embodies Mongolian customs, embodies the struggle spirit of the horse back nation, so play up a different flavor, the heart rises another half of the feeling.
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关裕年guanyunianDuolun greeted us with a great broad mind, and the sun greeted us. Although we saw a snowy field and snowy mountains along the road, it was only when we arrived in Duolun that there was no snow, and some were just snow in the shade. All this tells us. The temperature here is indeed less than ten degrees lower than Beijing. Wearing a down jacket is the right choice. The blue sky and white clouds drove away the fatigue of boats and cars. The endless horizon and the wide road without cars make us happy. What does all this indicate? We have come to the right.
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滇国剑客Sandaogou forest farm is not outside the thickness of the forest here, become a pleasant place, and, the forest farm growth of various wild plants, is also attractive place.