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Things To Do in Poyang

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小飞哥旅行记Poyang Lake Wetland is not bad ~ Ha ~ is also China's largest freshwater lake ~ Bird rich ~ Very suitable for a holiday to see and walk ~ At present, there are many cherished birds on the island ~ Wall crack recommendation ~😊😊😊
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City Park
赵铁柱和二丫Very good, suitable for a stroll, Poyang Tower, Zhishan Ancient Temple, the scenery is good, the mountain is not very high, you can reach the top in a while, and the whole Poyang has a panoramic view. It is a good place to take a stroll in the summer.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
DIANAZIt is good to visit it in jingdezheng. To get a better understanding of jingdezheng
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然鹅儿Seeing such a landscape, the feeling that a wish will come true.
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滇国剑客Centipede Mountain is named after a kind of insect, which does have a specific meaning, let alone, but the scenery of this place is beautiful, beautiful scenery, this is the common understanding of tourists after watching it.
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Historical Site
㊙Smile 情Overall, the Yuyao factory is still recommended to go, where you will learn what ancient artificial kiln used in the earth, porcelain pits, including how to repair after broken porcelain, and the common saying "no diamond drills do not collect porcelain" is from this allusion, commonly known as porcelain! There is also a place where young people can punch in and take pictures of the Royal Palace Museum, but overall it is worth a visit to learn more about the porcelain