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Geological Sites
M17***83In ancient times, Xu Xiake had three Shangjiang Langshan; modern times, Mo Yan said to stepping on Jiang Langshan, so it can be seen that Jiang Langshan is a famous mountain! I also came to Jiang Langshan today, really good, or free tour!
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Ancient Settlement
廿八都古镇老街浔里黄梅英When you mention the Xiangbadu, many people may feel strange. Xin Qijici said: "Jiangshan is picturesque, a lot of heroes for a time," Mao Zedong said: "Jiangshan so many filial piety, attracted countless heroes to bend back." In China, Zhejiang, south of the land, there is a beautiful river and mountain, its name is "Jiangshan." The Xiangbadu is located at the southwestern end of Jiangshan City 60 kilometers, is the most western border town in southern Zhejiang. On the map, the Xianxialing Mountains, known as the "ancestral of Zhejiang mountains", stretch over a hundred miles across the border of Zhejiang and Fujian. It provokes the Tiantai Mountain in eastern Zhejiang, and the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, like a thousand-hundred high wall separating the two provinces. If you are lucky enough to be able to look out from the sky, the eight cities are the only places in the mountains. This isolated town, before the tunnels, must go in and out of the mountains, before the deep clouds in the fog of the mountains, winding for days. Until a grassy, heroic arrival, only to break the silence here.Immigrant "people", after the bustling into old dream of eight, said that the town, in fact than the usual village a little bigger.As the saying "iron dozen camp, water soldiers", a number of soldiers, they landed roots, place small. This small town, with a five-square-kilometer area, has a dozen dialects, a population of over 140 surnames, but has a ten-mile radius. The immigrants from the south and north of the sky brought the customs of the Central Plains, the vegetables of the clouds and the vegetables of the mountains, the clothing of the Huaichuan... The architecture of the folk houses also presented the features of the south and north, which were also compatible: the Huipai Matou wall, the Zhejiang roof, the puppet-like puppet, the puppet-like earth wall, Bingshu foreign goods store, imitated Baroque Western style, is a "folk building museum" without a wall. The head of the horse, which was in the mountains, had a long neck, and looked curiously at the distant landscape, while the other side was still clinging to the old old land under its feet. The neighborhoods in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are connected with walls and corridors, and the doors are connected. It is enough to experience the beauty of "sunless with cap, rain without umbrella, going out of doors, road without wet shoes". Of course, the most attractive is the "Yao Badu business card" the door of the house door of the house of the house of the pavilion-style wooden doorman, overlay Daiwa, flying pavilion Liudan; The corners of the rims rise, the ground is not, there are darts, the eyes do not connect the ox leg arch, carved lively and lively animals, the spirit of the genie, all show craftsmanship, someone said: "the building is solid music" in the eight capitals, as long as the random look up, Is a melodies of beauty.
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小狗狗啊85 yuan tickets are too good value! After a full 15 minutes, the goods are real and definitely worth it! And all free photos! Really human! Definitely worth it! When you come out, you hear the praises of countless visitors at the door 🙂
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多啦丘丘Yaowang mountain, Jingzhou, the center of the scenic area covers an area of 8000 mu, radiant area of 25 square kilometers. Natural attractions, the human landscape interlaced orderly. It is said that Bianbu, Huatuo, Li Shizhen and others have been collecting medicine and living here one after another, leaving the remains of "Yaowangju", so they are named "Yaowangshan". 🚉 Traffic Raiders: Going to Yaowangshan from Shanghai, first take the Shanghai train to Zhangzhou, and the journey is less than three hours. Take a taxi from Zhangzhou Station to Yaowangshan Scenic Area, It is estimated that the journey is more than an hour. If you don't hurry, the two-day tour is needed ❤ recommended reasons: historical sites, folklore, walking and sightseeing, thousands of racing shows, hundreds of rivers, bamboo and greenery, birds and flowers, the richness of natural resources is breathtaking. There are 27 waterfalls in the middle of the cascade, including the horsetail waterfall, 88 meters, its sound as big as a big clock, small as flying rain; the rain curtain promenade into the cave, such as into the wonderland, it is also very floating. When I went before, the first glass suspension bridge in East China has not been built, This time, I finally have the opportunity to try it. The abyss under my feet is clear through the glass, and it is not as fixed as the original thought. The glass bridge can be slightly shaken. Friends who are afraid of heights are estimated to have to sting 🤣 There are not many people in the scenic spot during the summer vacation. And Yaowang Mountain climbed down the whole way not too hard. Often with nature to get in touch, this feels really great!
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National Park
gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenery of the Tianji Longmen is pleasant, beautiful scenery, pure natural natural scenery. Climb the mountain, exercise, look up, the view is wide, it is refreshing, natural oxygen bar, very comfortable, good!
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Cultural Experiencial Area
吃草的牛001There were not many people during the May Day. The number of people in the scenic area is 60,000. I feel that the tourists do not know if there are 6,000 people every day! If you don't want to count people, it is a good relaxation. Unfortunately, there are fewer people. The commercial and leisure facilities in the scenic area seem to be nothing for tourists to consume.

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Quzhou Travel Tips

About Quzhou

Located in Western Zhejiang Province, Quzhou is a national historical and cultural city with many cultural attractions and historical sites. It has the Nanzong Confucius Temple, one of the only two Confucian temples in the country that belongs to the descendants of Confucius. Lanke Mountain is named as the special land of Taoist and "Root of the Game of Go." Xianxiaguan is known as the "The Lock of the Southeast" and has the Jianglang Three Peaks, which stand along the Xianxia Ancient Road.

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Oct 20, 2021
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Oct 23, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Quzhou
Oct 20, 2021 Quzhou Weather: Moderate Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 97%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:08/17:30
Quzhou Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Quzhou, including: Jianglang Mountain Scenic Area,Longyou Caves,Nianbadu Ancient Town
You could try Yaowang (Medicine King) Mountain,Tianji Longmen,Feihong Skiing Field,Yinshan Forest Crossing Adventure Park,Quzhoushi Yaowang Shan Jingqu Jinquan Leisure Villa in Quzhou
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