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670 Reviews
风尚达观Reading is the nearest place to the United States; the grassland is the nearest heart of the cloud. Here you can easily pick a cloud, fill your thoughts on your loved ones, let the beautiful clouds drift away, drifting to your loved ones. Clouds and clouds, heart to ..... Here you can feel how the sky is so short, even within reach. Totally subverted the previous interpretation of " drunk after knowing the sky in the water, full of boats clear pressure star river". [View] [interest]
480 Reviews
Military Site
张发强321This scenic spot is very fun for children, but it is still quite shocking for middle-aged people who have loved it. Especially the highest point can be seen from three sides, east and west, north and south, the whole process of Zhangbei City, and the plane. There's a medium tank, especially the foreign one, the bomb shelter he can't go in, and the one that's in charge today, overall, I think it's worth two hours to go and see, but one thing's not very good, he's charged 35 yuan for this. Parking fee for a car to go in, 10 yuan. How long can I last? It is 10 yuan. This is unreasonable. I feel that I need to improve, for example, within three hours, five yuan. Um, within five hours, 10 yuan. This parking fee, I feel unreasonable, the rest is okay. 
368 Reviews
M18***99The package may really be nothing to play. I have not been allowed to stroll by myself. I am afraid of problems. In fact, if I am afraid of problems, I should say it in advance. When I don't pay, I can run by myself. When the guide does not let me, I have to give the guide an extra tip. In addition to the horse show, there are really no other projects to play, in short, I hope the scenic managers can plan this garden again. Still that sentence, use your brain to use and manage resources, I hope to see your progress in a few years.
173 Reviews
张发强321This is the most classic and best, then the location is easy to find, after the high speed down to walk forward to see a big like a yurt, like an ancient battlefield, inside there is the world's largest yurt Guinness World Records certification, and one night bonfire party, There is also a large song and dance performance at night and there is food. Overall is very, very good advice. Take some people there, then people are lively. Very, very recommended, very great. This place is his 75 yuan ticket, he is in the day, he is total at night. Also to be reminded, especially on Saturdays and weekends, be sure to look after your children, look after your children, look after your children, don't lose them 
128 Reviews
方知行The grassland sky road in autumn is very beautiful, tourists, not many driving by themselves, very cold, but the leaves on both sides of the road 🍂 yellow, golden, very beautiful. The grass in the distance is withered and the crops are harvested. The yam here is delicious, 6 Mao one jin. The red-skined yam silk, the yellow skin can cook vegetables,
70 Reviews
M24***32This museum was seen on the map when I went to Zhangjiakou for the tour. It felt very good after I went, and it was worth visiting. I know and know about the Yuan Dynasty and China. I never thought that Yuan Dynasty was so powerful that our country had such a large area. The museum is a parking lot at the entrance, free of charge, not many cars, show the health code before the museum, the itinerary code The museum is also free to visit, the security uncle will guide how to make an appointment from the Internet, after the appointment is successful, you can enter the tour route more clearly and follow the sign. Zhang Bei summer is really cool. The air conditioning on the first floor of the museum is not hot at all. The visit process is relatively comfortable. The second floor is obviously hot because the roof is transparent. But it is ok. The whole visit process is carefully visited. It takes an hour and a half to two hours. Would recommend this museum.

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Zhuoshencaoyuan ResortZhangjiakou,China

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Linyin ManorZhangjiakou,China

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Taizi Lake Vacation VillageZhangjiakou,China

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Bashang GrasslandsZhangjiakou,China

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Zhangbeixunyicao ManorZhangjiakou,China

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Yuquan VillaZhangjiakou,China

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Zhangbei Travel Tips

About Zhangbei

Zhangbei County is situated in northwestern Hebei province close to the Xilingol grasslands in Inner Mongolia. It is one of the most accessible areas of virgin grassland from Beijing. The county has a number of resorts and scenic areas. Visitors can also explore the ruins of the Yuan dynasty capital Zhongdu and experience traditional local culture. Summer is the most popular time to visit.

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Zhangbei Weather

Oct 19, 2021
-6 ~ 5
Oct 20, 2021
-7 / 8
Oct 21, 2021
-7 / 7
Oct 22, 2021
-6 / 7
Oct 23, 2021
-1 / 8
Oct 24, 2021
Light Rain
-2 / 9
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhangbei
Oct 19, 2021 Zhangbei Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 23%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:36/17:36
Zhangbei Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Zhangbei, including: Wild Fox Ridge Fort Tourist Area,Bashang Grasslands,Zhangbei Zhongdu Grasslands
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