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Chimelong Bird Park

4.7/52,232 Reviews

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Shibei Avenue, Dabian Village, Dashi Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City
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About Chimelong Bird Park

Chimelong Bird Park is a large-scale theme park set up by Chimelong Tourism Board. It houses tens of thousands of rare birds such as red-crowned cranes, flamingos, black swan, crown crane and white-faced spoonbill. You can interact with the birds here and enjoy the wonderful performances of the "Songs of a Hundred Birds" and "Hundred Birds Dance". The children can also go to the Amphibian and Reptile House to learn the secrets of the wetland animal kingdom.

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  • Dennisfedeline

    Take the subway to Huijiang Station, there is a long bus pick-up. The environment here is good. Birds, small animals, reptiles and so on are very lively. It can be seen that the keepers are taking good care of them. Check bags are very strict to prevent you from bringing food in. Again, the food price inside is unreasonable, the venue is too small to accommodate too many people. The whole is not bad, that is, there are too many people on weekends and holidays. It can be said that there are more people than birds. It is not lively. We have forgotten whether we come to see human beings or birds. Next, bad parents and children keep beating the glass to attract the attention of birds; saying that they can't feed, a group of kindergarten teachers "set an example" lead children to keep feeding birds all kinds of food, which is inferior to human beings than birds.

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    Reviewed on 1511014664000
  • 露小姐爱旅行

    Super fun amusement park! It's more fun than Changlong Wildlife Park! I named interesting animals very well. I hope they have a happy life in the garden. Not many people, many animals can be close contact. Amphibians, many strange snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs, as well as many interesting birds, all kinds. The most interesting one is the giant-billed bird. You can take a picture with the giant-billed bird. The giant-billed bird stops in your hand. It's very close. It's so cute! There are many performances to watch. Look at the programme first when you enter the park. I watched the piggy dive. I watched the piggy dive. I watched the piggy dive. I watched the piggy dive. I watched the piggy dive.* And crocodile show, Thai show, very good! A highly recommended place to play!

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    Reviewed on 1504498232000
  • f****_j

    It's a little lucky. At first, I just want to take my children to Guangzhou. It's a working day. There are very few people in it. It's very comfortable. The crocodile at the entrance is very impressive. The environment is very good. There are also simple performances. The children like it very much. They like swimming and diving with pigs, and they can see some vegetables and children's roots living in the city. I didn't know how peppers, cucumbers and long beans looked before they were picked, as well as all kinds of eggs and young birds. I felt it was good to show my children. I also grew up my knowledge, and crocodile show. This is not seen anywhere else, and there is a free bus ride in Changlong. It's good.

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    Reviewed on 1496065624000
  • 阿双双君

    It turned out that Crocodile Park is now a bird park. There are also wild birds flying over Swan Lake. There are also many reptiles on display. Many exhibitors are enthusiastic about their habits and situation. They are smaller than Changlong Wildlife Park in general, but the roaming or good conservation of Changlong Animal is better than Beijing and Shanghai as a whole.

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    Reviewed on 1495017762000
  • 小龙宝妈咪

    A theme park with high cost performance is about half an hour's drive away from Changlong Hotel, but the free shuttle bus, the pork ribs in the scenic area taste good, the price can also accept and give away the Old Crocodile soup. The families who play in it are mostly with children. There are many animals in it, a large crocodile lake, flamingo, hippopotamus and so on. The park is not big, but the park is not big. Walking all afternoon is tiring, too.

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    Reviewed on 1464250831000
  • 武罗

    Originally did not have too much hope for this Changlong Bird Paradise, coupled with the desolate and ruined road in the past, but did not expect that the experience of play is good. Park facilities are also relatively new, many birds, into the park security checks open package inspection not to take food, so the food inside is more expensive, but the overall play down the line is more clear, more programs, especially suitable for children out to play. There is also a large children's playground in the park. The facilities are all new and free. In addition to eating, drinking and feeding small animals, all of them are free. The children have a good time. What impressed me deeply was that the park service was better. There were commentators at almost every animal profile board. They gave free explanations. The staff in the children's playground would brush off the brushes on the slide with their brushes, because the playground was sandy, but it was clean, and the children didn't have to worry about stubbing their feet barefoot and dirty. There's still a kick in the exit. The sink is not far from one, and the toilets are very clean. Generally speaking, it's good to recommend that you take your children out to play.

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    Reviewed on 1518947536000
  • 233****163

    Children have a lot of fun. Bird Paradise is not big, but children can't play enough in a day. Besides watching birds, they can also see hippos, crocodiles, snakes, frogs and parrots. They are all kept in trees during the day. They are not caged. They can also let children feed parrots, melons, hippos, parrots. Animal performances are wonderful, but we only came to watch pigs dive. Crocodile drama performance, that crocodile drama performance is very wonderful, and other domestic zoos do not have this performance, tickets are not expensive, it feels like Changlongli is the most cost-effective!

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    Reviewed on 1486428590000
  • 请叫我J

    This is one of the best scenic spots in Changlong Group. I have been a member for 4 years since I bought my ticket for 440 yuan. All parks go to accompany their sons twice a week on average. Therefore, the environment of Crocodile Park is comfortable and closest to nature. At the same time, it is also suitable for a person to enjoy the warm winter sun.

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    Reviewed on 1447474328000
  • 186****7065

    Compared with the wildlife park, the fare is certainly cheaper. It is suitable for a family to enjoy leisure. If the time is limited, foreign tourists can not go. 2 Interactive, there are many small performances in the form of performances, recommending birds flying and Pelican feeding, other general, especially piglet diving is quite boring, but fortunately there is interesting knowledge and meaningful understanding. 3 The crocodile corridor is spectacular, that is, the crocodiles are hibernating, motionless, and there are not many species of animals in general. 4 Eat more expensive, a bowl of noodles 38, but also acceptable

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    Reviewed on 1451950483000
  • M32****302

    At half past twelve, I had no time to watch the crocodile show. I regret not playing at the weekend, because it was only 3:30 on the weekend. Come on, leave some regret and go again next time. Basically suitable for my two-year-old son to see, the most impressive is feeding the pelican, a very smart bird, that eye can almost calculate from the angle before throwing the fish ready to grab fish to eat, haha. But my son's favorite is the goose dressed in the Wetland Elf Show.

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    Reviewed on 1466581606000
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