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About Haikou

Haikou is the capital of Hainan, with a much more cultural air than Sanya. Aside from the parks of coconut groves, beaches, mangrove forests and volcanoes, you can see natural landscapes as well as the historical arcades and the Five Officials’ Temple. Mission Hills Huayi Brothers Feng Xiaogang Movie Town, also known simply as Haikou Movie Town, is a new attraction. Here you can see the classic scenes from the movie “Back to 1942” and backdrops of a pre-war Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, as well as experience this city's historical changes over a hundred years. It is also an excellent place to take photos.

Popular Attractions in Haikou

Qilou Old Street
2,591 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Qilou Old Street is a distinctive streetscape in Haikou City. It is mainly distributed on Deshengsha Road, Xinhua South Road, Zhongshan Road, Boai Road and Jiefang Road. Qilou was built by the overseas Chinese returning from Nanyang and draws on the local architectural styles. Now, various businesses operate out of these Nanyang buildings. It is important to note that buying things here requires fierce bargaining, do not be embarrassed!
Leiqiong UNESCO Global Geopark
4,900 Reviews
Leiqiong UNESCO Global Geopark is located in Shishan Town, Haikou City. The park has a variety of volcanoes and is a natural geological museum. At the commanding heights of the crater, you can get a breathtaking view of the urban areas of Haikou and the Qiongzhou Strait. In addition to the circular caldera view, you can also walk along the trail to the bottom of the caldera. Not only is it cool, there are also many plants, forming a natural oxygen bar.
Mission Hills H‧Brothers Feng Xiaogang Film Commune
2,510 Reviews
Film Studio
The Mission Hills H‧Brothers Feng Xiaogang Film Commune is a large-scale film base that showcases the evolution of Chinese cities throughout the 20th century. The popular variety show, "Keep Running" once filmed an episode here. The scenic area’s features include 1942 Republic Street, Southeast Asia Street, and the Fanghua Courtyard. The 1942 and Fanghua Courtyard areas are scenes from the movies 1942 and Fanghua respectively. Walking among this familiar scenery, one could think they are actually in a movie. The area features a number of hand prints belonging to famous Chinese movie stars, and a number of performances to delight interested visitors.
Holiday beach
1,455 Reviews
Holiday beach is located on the western side of Haikou city. To the left of the beach are luxuriant trees, and to the right lies the Qiongzhou Strait. The sunshine, sea, sandy beaches, and coconut palms here set each other off nicely to form a beautiful natural scene. At the weekends, you can come here with friends to enjoy barbecue and beer on the beach. When you've finished eating, enjoy the unique pleasure of a stroll by the sea.

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Trip Moments

Posted: Jan 1, 2019
This is really a "wild zoo"
Spring Festival fled the cold north, driving to Haikou, super super like animals, how can I miss the local zoo?
The scenic area covers an area of more than 1,500 mu, and there are more than 100 kinds of exotic animals and more than 3,000 heads; there are 280 families of rare plants, more than 700 varieties, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 99%.
The key is still a private zoo. It is very hospitable, and the state and size of each animal are maintained well. It can be seen that the living conditions here are relatively high.
How to play?
When you enter the scenic spot, a staff member will send a self-help interpreter, and you will hear the explanations of each animal while walking. There are two routes in the scenic spot, one is the walking route. Most of the routes are gentle herbivores, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, birds, and of course, jaguars and crocodiles. Many areas can buy food to feed, don't feed them with food.
The other one is the bus route. We can enter directly by driving this time. The highlight here is the free-range lion and tiger area, where you can watch the lion very close, and the lion is likely to Cross the road in front of your car, or sleep lazy next to the car. For the time being, you can't go to the friends of the Kenyan Prairie. You can feel the same atmosphere as the prairie, and you don't need to drive to find it. The Bear District is also a very interesting garden, but unfortunately all the bears are sleeping in the past.
Posted: Feb 6, 2019
Haikou Hotel | Haikou Shangri-La, open the quiet and comfortable coconut island time

When it comes to Hainan, many people blurt out the non-Sanya, but there is such a place in Hainan, not only suitable for life, but the price is lower than Sanya A lot, it is also a coastal city, that is Haikou, the capital of Hainan. The hotels in Haikou are not as many as Sanya. There are many business hotels. This time, the card is in Shangri-La, Haikou. All aspects are not bad, so share it with everyone.

Environmental location: The hotel is located on the west coast of Haikou. The location is very good. Next to the convention center, it is not far from the holiday beach and the Haikou arcade. It is very convenient to stay here.

Room: The hotel has a total of 318 rooms. Most of the room types can see the sea view. I booked a luxurious sea view room, facing the South China Sea. It is a central enjoyment to see the sea view from the balcony. The interior of the room is mainly beige, and the warmth of the room is warm and inviting. It is different from the green of other islands, and there is a bit more comfortable and quiet. Listen quietly to the sound of the waves in the evening or enjoy the slightest breeze, or feel the lazy sunshine of the early morning sunrise, so that the trip to Haikou is warm and unforgettable.

Gourmet: The hotel has a total of kool coffee, Shang Palace, lobby lounge three restaurants, kool coffee is mainly a place for buffet breakfast and dinner. Shang Palace can be said to be Shangri-La's signature restaurant. It mainly offers Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine and other cuisines, as well as Qidao's top ten famous dishes: Wenchang Chicken, Dong Goat, and Le Crab, Adding Duck and so on. Afternoon tea is available in the Lobby Lounge, and you can enjoy afternoon tea here.

Recreational Facilities: Shangri-La's CHI Spa is very good. The spa uses pure aromatherapy AROMA VERA treatment products to give the skin the ultimate nourishing experience and it is worth relaxing. In addition to the spa, there is also a fitness center, a fitness room with a fitness room, an indoor heated pool, a sauna, table tennis, etc., as well as a nice outdoor pool.

In general, Shangri-La is a good place to come to Hainan for business and leisure.
Posted: Sep 11, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Dongzhaigang mangroves, Haidian Island, Haikou Binhai Main Road, Fairy Cave, Guilin Ocean Seaside Tourist Area.
Here are the best places to visit in Haikou, including: Five Officials Temple, Wanlv Park, Swan Lake Animal Base, Mission Hill Volcanic Mineral Springs, Hainan Provincial Museum.
There is a ferry there, and Hai'an Port can sit.