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Popular Attractions in Jianzha

Kanbula National Forest Park
401 Reviews
Kanbula National Forest Park is located in the northwest of Jianzha County, Huangnan Prefecture. The park consists of mountains, wind-eroded mounds and small basins in the mountains, and is dominated by giant peaks, square mountains, caves and cliffs. The shape of the mountains is like a giant pillar, a pagoda, a castle, a palace, a window sill, etc. The mountains have the landform of curtains and honeycombs, extremely skillful. Kanbula is also the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism in Phyi dar and has Zongzhaxi Temple, Nanzong Temple and Nun Temple. It has become a Tibetan Buddhist holy place with the coexistence of Xian, Mi, monk and nun religious sects.
Kumbum Monastery
10,231 Reviews
Kumbum Monastery (also called Ta'er Temple) is a Tibetan gompa with more than 400 years of history. Located in Xining's Huangzhong County, it belongs to the Gelug (or Yellow) School of Tibetan Buddhism. Kumbum Monastery has a number of ancient buildings including the main hall, Scripture Hall, Buddha Pagoda, and academy. At the center of the monastery complex, visitors will find the Dajinwa (Great Golden Tile) Temple. According to legend, this temple was erected on the site where Je Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelug School, was born. A visit to Kumbum is not complete without taking the time to see and appreciate the butter sculptures, the murals, and the elaborate embroidery. The entire temple complex is full of magnificent buildings and rich treasures. However, the true charm of the complex lies in its holy atmosphere. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Xining.
Dongguan Mosque
1,082 Reviews
The Dongguan Mosque of the Qing Dynasty is a large-scale, well-maintained ancient building in Xining, an Islamic temple in Qinghai Province. The majestic architecture of the mosque merges Chinese, Tibetan and Islamic styles and is a famous destination for tourists in the city. Every day, many believers worship and pray here, the scale is grand, but the scene is very devout and quiet, with a strong religious environment, very shocking. When night falls, the green light will be lit outside the mosque, and the entire mosque looks beautiful and fantastic.
Ashgang Colorful Peaks Scenic Area in Guide National Geological Park
462 Reviews
Geological Sites
National Park
Ashgang Colorful Peaks Scenic Area in Guide National Geological Park, comprising 13 cultural theme squares and seven Danxia canyons, is an ideal destination for tourism and sightseeing, dining and entertainment, as well as relaxing and releasing the mood. A variety of geological relics reflect the evolution of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during the geological history, and also record the development history of the Yellow River and the changes of the natural environment of Guide. This place is available for sightseeing, leisure and vacation, as well as science popularization education and scientific research.

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Trip Moments

The Cambrai National Forest Park is located in the north of the Yellow River and close to the Lijiaxia Hydropower Station. It covers an area of 152 square kilometers and has an average elevation of 2,500 meters. It is famous for its unique Danxia landform, long-standing religious culture, rich plant landscape and the rippling Lijiaxia Reservoir. .
The most important landscape in the scenic spot is the reservoir and the surrounding Danxia landform, which together constitute the magnificent landscape of Bishui Dandan Mountain, Dam Locking Yellow River.
Cambra is known for its unique Danxia landform, with Qifeng, Fangshan, caves and cliffs as its main features. Looking from afar, the mountains are red and red, just like the morning glow. The shape of the mountain is like a tower. It looks like a wall of a fortress. It is pulled up flat, steep and erect, majestic. There are also some micro-geomorphic mountain formations, some like human beings, some like beasts, some like objects, lifelike, different forms, like a natural stone forest.
At the same time, Kambra is the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism, with Zongzha Temple, Nanzong Temple and Nun Temple, becoming a Tibetan Buddhist shrine coexisting with Xian, Mi, Yi and Nichos. The cultural heritage is self-evident.
In addition, Cambra is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, without pollution, and the water quality is very good. It complements the surrounding red cliffs and is the perfect combination of Danshan and Bishui.
Posted: Aug 26, 2019
The Kampala National Forest Park is located in the Huangshan Tibetan village of Qinghai Province in Jianzha County, Yezhou. The park covers the Danxia peak forest landscape, the Cenozoic sedimentary environment and sedimentary tectonic types, and the geological and ecological environment evolution remains of 38 million years. The Cambran Danxia landform is composed of red glutenite, and the surface of the rock mass is red and red. Qifeng, Fangshan, caves and cliffs are the main features of the landform. The mountain is like a column, like a wall, like a beast, and looks like a beast. All kinds of shapes are lifelike, the shapes are strange, and there are wonderful things.

Ticket Information
Kampala National Forest Park, National Geological Park Scenic Spot Ticket Price:
A Full Price Ticket: 152 yuan / person
B student ticket 127 yuan / person
C soldiers, the elderly, disabled people and other tickets 127 yuan / person
Note: which land transport fee (ticket) 100 yuan, scenic spot tickets 50 yuan (half ticket 25 yuan), postcard fee 2 yuan (self-driving travel per car charge And signed the scenic spot management office exemption). Another waterway transportation fee is 100 yuan, which can be purchased separately.
Notes/Hh/a The main residents in the scenic area are local Tibetans and should respect national beliefs. The
b scenic area is a mountainous area, paying attention to the weather changes. Most of the
c scenic spots are forest areas, pay attention to open flames. The Lijiaxia in the scenic area of
d is a military restricted zone. Do not take photos to the bottom of the dam to avoid unnecessary trouble.
e Plateau ultraviolet rays are strong, the most easy to sunburn, pay attention to sunscreen. Finally, I wish you all a pleasant trip. The
Kampala Danxia landform is composed of red glutenite, and the surface of the rock mass is red and red. Qifeng, Fangshan, caves and cliffs are the main features of the landform. The mountain is like a column
Posted: Mar 30, 2019