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About Lianzhou

Lianzhou is situated in Guangdong province to the northwest of Qingyuan. Its most famous attraction is Lianzhou Underground River, a network of spectacular karst limestone caves with giant stalactites. Other popular destinations include Huangchuan Three Gorges, Dadongshan Scenic Area, Tianlong Gorge and number of ancient villages.

Popular Attractions in Lianzhou

Lianzhou Underground River
2,144 Reviews
Boat Tour
Lianzhou Underground River is a giant natural cave with temperatures around 18 °C, making it great for summer vacations. The cave is divided into three layers, the upper two being comprised of land, while the bottom layer is a dark river. To explore the underground river, it is accessible by boat. The cave is filled with stalactites of various shapes and sizes, among them the Xianren Shentian, which is quite unique. The layers of stalactites are distributed like spectacular terraces.
Huangchuan River Three Gorges
889 Reviews
Boat Tour
Huangchuan River Three Gorges is a picturesque scenery that is mainly composed of Fairy Gorges, Sangha Gorges, and Yangtiao Gorges. The valley that is surrounding the canyon is full of greenery and refreshing waterfalls that flow from time to time. You can tour the Three Gorges of the Lichuan River through a boating experience. During the spring is an ideal time to explore the pink peach forest and the golden rape flower field. Once you have visited the natural beauty of the three canyons by boats you will arrive at the Longsheng Building where you can watch the Yaos and sisters perform a Yao dance which is part of the culture of Lianzhou. There are also many other dances to observe including the long waist drum dance, the bamboo pole dance, the pedal dance, and Shaba Yaomei dances. The dances are described as graceful and very rhythmic.
Longtan Resort
58 Reviews
Longtan Resort is located in the Lianjiang River section of Longtan Village Committee, Jiubei Town, Lianzhou City. It not only has abundant natural resources, but also has a lot of humanistic tourism resources. Longtan Resort is surrounded by mountains. Many waterfalls flow down and form a large deep pool. As the saying goes, especially in deep water, there must be a dragon. So people call this deep pool Longtan.
Lianzhou Dadongshan Hot Spring
68 Reviews
Hot Spring
Lianzhou Dadong mountain Hot Spring is situated in the Dale mountain Nature Reserve in Chaotian Town, upper east of Lianzhou District. It is based on the mountain. In the wilderness, two streams stream along the mountains, and one of them is a hot spring. The water of Lianzhou Dadong mountain Hot Spring is scentless, non-harmful and wealthy in minerals. The water temperature is separated into three levels, and the temperature at the main level (outlet) is to a great degree high, and the eggs can be cooked. The third-grade water temperature is moderately steady and for the most part is really perfect for showering.

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Lianzhou Weather

Aug 12, 2020
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Aug 15, 2020

Trip Moments

In the central part of Guangdong Province, there is such a place. It is famous for its hot springs and rafting. Outsiders do not know that many places in the world have not been developed. Qingyuan is the largest prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province and also in Guangdong Province. One of the major tourist resources, there are 58 scenic spots here. The Three Gorges of Luanchuan is the most rare natural scenic spot among the scenic resources. The Three Gorges of Xichuan is located in the south of Lianzhou City and is the main tributary of the Beijiang River system in the Pearl River Basin. The Three Gorges of Xichuan has more than 20 kilometers. The green and narrow landscape is as fresh and beautiful as the city of Qingyuan. Its beauty cannot be defined by words and photos. It takes two days to drive. Xing Dafa, the shutter can not basically stop here, whether it is a handsome mountain or a majestic canyon, it is very attractive, even the ancient Qing Dynasty Zhizhou Lin Huayi has stayed here for a long time, and the height of the lyrics Praise it "Lianxia Pearl, magnificent and extraordinary, the history of Kyushu, rare, only Wushan Wuxia can be with the same view." first see the Three Gorges in the Sichuan, just like a mountain stream, with a strong flavor The ancient song, the calm and clear lake, the calmness of the water town, under the mist of the morning mist, like a light but still color ink painting, overlooking the past, a deep gorge in the cliffs with vibrant vegetation It is lush and green, and the rhythm of the footsteps is involuntarily slowed down. The horizon is full of vitality and spirituality. A kind of emotion that returns to nature and comes back to the heart.
Posted: Dec 29, 2018
Lianzhou City is located in the northwest of Guangdong Province, adjacent to Hunan Province. This small town has the only 5A-level scenic spot in Qingyuan City - Lianzhou Underground River. The Lianzhou underground river is actually a huge cave. The peculiarity is that you can walk in and take the boat out. Before entering the cave, pass through a beautiful mountain view. The cave is somewhere in the mountain. This cave was first explored in 1986 and opened to the public in 1988. It is almost 30 years old. The entrance of the Lianzhou underground river entrance is very wide, and the local residents call it the big mouth rock. Keeping down the steps, the hole is warm in winter and cool in summer, constant temperature throughout the year, staying at around 18 degrees, very comfortable. The various shapes of stalactites and stalagmites in the cave are naturally the biggest point of view, and are more magnificent under the illumination of the light. Unlike other caves, there is an ancient city wall in the underground river of Lianzhou, and the handwriting can be faintly recognizable, such as "Zhengde two years building two walls". It is speculated that this may be the people in the vicinity who gathered in this cave in order to avoid the disaster or disease. The underground river is a relatively large cave. It is about 1800 meters long and is divided into three layers. The upper and middle floors are both land and can be walked on foot. The lower level is an underground river. The light in the cave is dim. If you want to appreciate these stylized stalactites, stalagmites, sarcophagi and stone pillars, it will take some time.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
Lianzhou City, Qingyuan, northwest of Guangdong Province, adjacent to Hunan, is known for its beautiful natural scenery. The Three Gorges and Lianzhou underground rivers are one of the most beautiful canyons and caves in China. They are representative of the beauty of Lianzhou. It is necessary to take a boat to visit the Three Gorges of the Suichuan River. There are different views on the rainy and sunny days. is located between Lianzhou Town and Longtan Town in the south of Lianzhou City. It has a total length of more than 20 kilometers and is divided into Xiannv Gorge, Sangha Gorge and Yangtiao Gorge. Lianzhou not only has beautiful scenery, but also has a long history and culture. The earliest written records began in the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. In the autumn of the Han Dynasty Yuan Ding, the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent the generals of Fubo Lu Bode, the general of the building, Yang Pu, and other people out of Guiyang Xia Shui (), chasing Lu Jia, Ling Pei Ping. At that time, Guiyang refers to the area of Lianzhou today. is more flexible than the landscape of Guilin, and is more beautiful than the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The great poet Han Yu of the Tang Dynasty, because he was blunt and guilty, he was taken to Lianzhou to do Yangshan, and once again stayed at the Longgong Temple in the Dragon Palace Beach of the Three Gorges of the Suichuan River. The poem "Sulong Palace Beach" still has a homesick pavilion on the shore today. If it is rainy weather, it is best to take a boat tour in the morning and the morning, the fog in the canyon has not yet dispersed, and a group of wandering in the mountains, such as fairyland.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
You don't have to go to Xi'an, you can have a "falling bowl of wine" in Guangdong, or it's free! The opening ceremony of the 5-year-old cave of Huangjing glutinous rice wine in Lianzhou Underground River Scenic Area was held in Changshou Cave of the scenic spot. Visitors from all corners of the country watched this grand ceremony. Behind the fragrant winery, thousands of tanks are lined up on the slopes, four to fifty meters high. The four girls who participated in the opening ceremony held fire torches to illuminate the wine cellar in the depths. I saw eight great men carefully lifting a huge wine cell from the wine cellar inside. They trembled toward the winery. "Drinking wine to worship the heavens, heaven blessing. Drinking wine respects the land, the land is rich. Heaven and earth meet, people live long." The chief priest Cao Chunsheng sang this sacrifice to the god of wine. Subsequently, the eight strong men pulled open the red silk of the wine, unveiled the yellow mud of the wine, and suddenly the mellow wine scented and lingered in the longevity hole. The little fairies who are dressed in costumes use the wine remover to carefully carry the wine into the jar and then distribute the wine to the tourists. After the opening ceremony, Mr. Cao Chunsheng joined hands with Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC member Han Zhipeng, Guangdong Provincial Government Counselor Wang Zechu, Guangdong Provincial CPPCC Standing Committee Chen Zhonglie, and Lianzhou Aidi Tourism Company Vice President Manager Deng Weixiong, five special guests, took the lead to pick up the jars and taste the five-year-old wines from Kaifeng. Visitors compete to experience the "falling bowl" "biang when", the environment of the cave makes the sound of the broken bowl not only magnified, but also turned into a surround sound, the sound seems to come from all directions.
Posted: Dec 25, 2018