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Yunnan Travel|With the snow mountain starry sky, the most beautiful hotel in Shangri-La - Yunjie Tent Hotel After the end of the year, I want to travel again and again, it is the season of spring blossoms, going to Yunnan must be a good choice. If you look tired of the scenery of Lijiang in Lijiang, it is better to go to Shangri-La for a night at Yunyun Tent Hotel and enjoy the paradise-like life~ We are driving from Lijiang, it takes about three hours to drive, if you live alone, It is quite inconvenient to drive by yourself. You can contact the hotel to send a car to Lijiang. Because the location of the hotel is remote, it is not particularly convenient to eat, drink and have fun. It is a complete holiday, but it is also relatively clean. The opposite side of the tent is Haba Snow Mountain. It is still very hot at noon in this high altitude area. So this season has to pay attention to the breakfast temperature difference, don't catch cold! When its time to waste the sun, its the biggest luxury! Since the tents are not too many, there is no need to worry that people will be disturbed. At present, the big tent is 1800 one night and the small tent is 1500 one night. If you want to stay, remember to make an appointment in advance. If you have a limited number, it is very easy to leave the room! Nearby attractions include Tiger Leaping Gorge and Baishuitai. Baishuitai is also known as the Chinese version of Pamukkale. We were also driving by car at the time. It was pretty good when the light was good!
Yunnan Golden Monkey National Park
In Shangri-La's golden monkey, this fashion monkey paper doesn't even eat peaches! Yesterday, I stayed in the log cabin of the Golden Monkey National Park, so I dont have to get up early in the morning. I can go to the golden monkey with a walk. Is there a sense of sight between the national treasure and the national treasure? ! Seeing these sexy sausage mouths of the country's rare wild animal gilt monkey, I feel that people are better than us, white and red! They are jumping on the tree or sitting on the branches and lazing in the sun, so happy! is different from the color of other golden monkey hairs. The color of the golden monkey is black and white. These monkey papers are unique to China. There are only about 3,000 in the world, only distributed at the junction of the three provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan. Among the Yunling Mountains in the Hengduan Mountains in the southern margin of the Himalayas, there is a narrow area between the Lancang River and the Jinsha River. The activity ranged from 2,500 meters to 5,000 meters in the mountains, 80% of which lived in the Golden Monkey National Park in Weiqing Yi Autonomous County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The food is mainly pine, moss, not peach. peach! BTW, there are five species of golden monkeys in the world, namely, the golden monkey, the golden monkey, the golden monkey, the golden monkey, and the golden silk of Myanmar. If you want to see the wild golden monkey living in the park, you really need to have a sincere heart! You need to take the scenic battery car from the gate of the national park, get off at the nearest place to watch the day, and then walk for nearly half an hour. Go deep into the forest to get the golden monkey! is particularly rich in plant species, pepper, Yunnan rhododendron, purple medicine scorpion, green thorn tip, Yunnan hornbeam, white back willow, Sanchaowu medicine, Dabaihua rhododendron, Lijiang Mountain Jingzi, long eared willow, pod fern, thorn leaf holly, Yunnan bubble tree, Tibetan papaya, Huaying, Yunnan hemlock... especially suitable for friends who love the museum! I only know that the lacquer tree was originally a monkey diarrhea!
Panda Love Travel
Guishan Park
[The world's largest prayer wheel] The Kameyama Park in the middle of the ancient city was built in the Kangxi period. It is known as the world's largest prayer wheel. It has a 5-storey height and contains 1.24 million mantras and mantras. . If you want to turn, you need a lot of people to pull the rope on the armrest together and work hard. Every turn of the week is equivalent to the silent reading of the Buddha's number of 1.24 million, and after three weeks of conversion, you can pray for blessings and good luck. is really a way to save trouble. standing on the high platform next to the prayer wheel, overlooking the whole city of Shangri-La, but to stand here, you need to climb a lot of steps, feeling more difficult than climbing to the top of Songzanlin Temple, two times in the middle The heart is so bad. This "Shangri-La Thangka Painting Academy" in January 2014, the catastrophic fire in the ancient city made the painting school disappear overnight, burning more than 200 Gutangkas that could not be valued, and suffered heavy losses. Now it is reborn on the ruins. Draw Thangka uses minerals and natural ingredients, so it will not fade, such as gold, silver, coral, pearl, malachite, cinnabar and other precious mineral raw materials, and saffron, rhubarb, Plant materials such as blue dragonfly. We have lunch at the restaurant called Nanshan Art Inn in the ancient city. There are chicken pot and yak hot pot, the bottom of the pot is quite rich, the soup is rich and fragrant, with the famous drowning in Yunnan, fresh leeks, but this is not the best, tell you The method is to use rice soup to make rice, and it is best to add water, without the meat at the bottom of the pot, and without the leek.
Knight Rider