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She County

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About She County

She County is located in the southeastern part of China’s Anhui Province. One of the birthplaces of Huizhou culture, including the national and refined art form of Peking Opera, it is also the birthplace of both the Huizhou merchants and Huizhou cuisine. The ancient city of Huizhou is located on the north bank of the Lianjiang River in She County. Its construction first began in the Qin Dynasty. The city's gates, paifang, and the unique style of governance give visitors the opportunity to experience the customs and style of the capital of ancient Huizhou. Additionally, there are natural scenic spots with beautiful sights, such as the New Anjiang Landscape Gallery Scenic Spot and the She County Xiong Village Scenic Spot.

Popular Attractions in She County

Huizhou Ancient City
1,077 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Huizhou Ancient City is located in Ji County, on the north shore of the Lian River. Originally constructed during the Qin dynasty, it became the site of the Huizhou government after the Tang Dynasty. Come here and you can enjoy the
Bao's Garden of Tangyue Arch Group
1,429 Reviews
Bao's Garden is a group of ancient arches, ancient temples, ancient dwellings and Baojia Garden. The stone archway with the core of "loyalty, filial piety, festival, and righteousness" is arranged in order from the two ends to the middle, and is semi-curved. The seven arches are solemn and majestic, and they are connected in a line. Dunbentang, commonly known as the male scorpion, sits north facing south, three into five open rooms, Wufenglou foyer, the structure of the whole ancestral hall is simple and clear, and the Confucian philosophy and cultural connotation are revealed everywhere.
Xin'an River Landscape Gallery
733 Reviews
Xin'an River Landscape Gallery is the water regions of Xin'an River from Hangkou Township to Shendu Town. It can be visited on foot or by boat. There are Huizhou villages on both sides. The rapeseed blossoms are more beautiful between March and April. Combining motor cars, transportation boats and walking is the most versatile way to visit the Xin'an River Landscape Gallery. You can learn more about the local customs when you travel on foot. When you travel by boat, you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river more extensively.
Yuliang Dam
112 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
Built in Tang Dynasty, Yuliang Dam is made of sturdy stones. It is known as "Jiangnan Dujiangyan Irrigation System", and is one of the rare ancient rock-rolling dams in China. Yuliang Dam is located in Yuliang Old Port, which is an important wharf and transfer station in the ancient Huizhou. It is said that this is the original place where Huizhou merchants began to run their businesses. Later, they had monopolized the spice in the southern provinces in the Ming and Qing Dynasty for over 300 years. Now, the Yuliang Old Street basically maintains the original atmosphere.

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Trip Moments

Xin'anjiang is known as the Oriental Danube River and is the mother river of Huangshan. Xin'an Jiangshui Gallery is the most representative natural scenery in Huizhou. It is more than 100 miles away. Because of the rolling terrain, the hills are rolling. Therefore, Xin'anjiang is like a jade belt, like a silver dragonfly walking through the mountains. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that there is no mountain and no water to live in Anhui, so the residential houses here combine the essence of nature and the essence of landscape and aura. You can see the ancient villages on both sides hidden in the city, the rape blossoms in the mountains and the mountains. The pear flower is in full bloom, and the powder wall of the ancient dwellings is beautiful. In the ancient village, there is a rotten pastoral, green brick and ancient alley. The villagers here are planting rapeseed, raising river fish, rejuvenating vitality and vitality. In the course of the shipwreck tour, you can enjoy the large-scale live performance of Heavenly Life and the Winds of the Ancients. The performance is based on the ancient Nine Surname Fishing, which shows the wonderful experience of the nine surnames fishing in the traditional way and fishing gear. In the picture, the fishermen of the nine surnames perform small scenes such as fishing in the basin, fishing in the net, squid fishing, osprey fishing, and giant net fishing. Transportation: From Huangshan Bus Station to Shendu Port, there are cruise ships to visit the Landscape Gallery in Shendu Port. Self-driving and bicycle routes: Shendu-Mianxi-Xinyang Village-Mianxikou-Miantan-(Ferry Boat) Litan-Yu Tourist Park-Miaotan Dam-Nanyuankou-Ji County. Reversible in Mintan, the ferry has a scenic ticket office. Time: Recommended time of play 4 hours tickets: 50 yuan / person
Posted: Dec 28, 2018
Where do you go by car on weekends? Recommend a small and beautiful place to take pictures - Yangcheng Tulou. Where is the yang production building? Located between Xin'an River and Huangshan Mountain, it belongs to Huizhou. After the opening of the Hangzhou-Huangzhou high-speed railway, it took only 2.5 hours to take the high-speed rail Shanghai to Huangshan. It is more convenient to use the self-driving pot friends in the past! Yangcheng Tulou is 2 hours away from Hongcun. Different from other buildings in Huizhou, the appearance of the houses in Yangyang Tulou is khaki. It is like a hill village built on the mountain, which has a history of more than 400 years. If you drive by car, you can drive the private car directly to the village before 7:00 in the morning, without buying tickets. After 7 o'clock, you must stop at the scenic spot service center on the mountainside. Tickets are 30 yuan/piece. Then take the trolley at the attraction and send you up, cost 30 yuan / person. Of course, the owner of the hotel suggested that we still take the car. The road to the service center is also a winding mountain road, but the road is still wide, and it is not difficult to get around. The mountain road from the service center to the village is really narrow, shaking and difficult to open, and it is difficult to meet the car. For safety, take a ride on the attraction car! After all, when the small car we went up, the drivers skillful turn-turning technique was also scared that we quickly tightened the belt. How to get there by self-driving: Baidu map search Yangcheng Tulou instantly arrives How to get there by self-driving: You can take the Hanghuang high-speed train to Jiande station, then take the bus to Xinanjiang, the local bed and breakfast farmhouse has Schedule a half-day tour of Yangshuo.
Posted: Jan 16, 2019
When I first came to Anhui to do a tourism sharing meeting, I saw this place on the tourism propaganda film. Before this trip, I made a special Raiders. It is a pity that there is no arrangement in the itinerary, but I am still not coming to my heart [shy] If you dont live in the mountains, you cant shoot the clouds, but its already beautiful enough, isnt it? Shitan Village is the first of the best photography spots in Huangshan. This is the most beautiful rape flower I have seen this year! : The flowering period of rapeseed is from mid-March to early April : There are four photo-taking points in Shitan Village, the most beautiful, and there are Hushan, Beishan and Persimmon. If you want to take pictures of the sea of clouds, you must stay in the mountains for one night and shoot up the mountain before sunrise. The price of the farmhouse in the village is about 60-100 : The plane goes to Huangshan Tunxi Airport, and the car/car rental guides to Shitan Village. : Take the high-speed train to Jixian County, take the CMB bound for XiaKeng Town at Jixian Bus Station, and then transfer to Ciba to Shitan Village. : Due to the rugged mountain road, the road to the top of the mountain is not allowed to enter private cars. After going to the parking lot of the village, you can choose to hike uphill for 1-2 hours or the van in Baocun to go up the mountain. You can take up to 6 people per car, and you can ride a car for 60 yuan one way. Because I was afraid of their hardships with my parents, I packed the whole car and stayed at only four shooting spots in the village. The price of the chartered car was 1.5 hours and the price was 200. It was very convenient.
Posted: Apr 1, 2019