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Tagged with "Florida" Discount Code & Promo Code for July 2020 (Monthly Updated)
Welcome to the hottest coupon codes for! Get the best savings at - discount codes, various Promo Codes, Discount Codes, airfare discount codes, hotel promotion codes and more. Weekend getaway or Christmas trip, book cheap flights and hotels now. makes your travel easy.
TripBlogJul 16, 2020 0 2,643
Guide to Siesta Key Beach: Florida's Finest White Sand Beach
Siesta Key Beach, Crescent Beach and Turtle Beach, these 8 mile stretch of Gulf of Mexico are often described as the “World’s whitest finest sand.” Each one of these beaches offers a slightly different beach experience, but they all share the same vernal blue skies, ocean breezes, and serene sandy beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. These beaches will surely melt your troubles away. At Siesta Key, you are free to explore the beaches as you wish
TripBlogJul 10, 2020 9 32,089
Disney Reopen 2020: Walt Disney World Resort Reopen on July 11
Walt Disney World Resort theme park in coming back on July 11!
TripBlogJul 8, 2020 7 647
Domestic Staycation 2020: Staycation Atlanta, Staycation Las Vegas, Staycation Los Angeles...
Travel, like most things, has been thrown into considerable flux by events in 2020. This has forced us all to reconsider our plans. Rather than multiday long-distance vacationing, the alternative is to reinvigorate the concept of a staycation. Despite there being innumerable ways to staycation, here we’re profiling 10 cities we think fit the bill as excellent staycation destinations. These are places where the combination of open spaces, restaurants, attractions, and scenery give you great bang for your buck. If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to salvage your 2020 travel plans, take a look at the list here for some helpful inspiration. These are 10 great places to staycation in 2020.
TripBlogJun 29, 2020 1 349
Gold Coast Railroad Museum and Zoo Miami: Miami Family Trip
Gold Coast Railroad Museum and Zoo Miami are neighbors and fun for the entire family. Miami residents looking for things to do have lots of choices. In this article we’re showcasing a great two-for-one opportunity. Safari walks and steam locomotives…what’s not to like? Gold Coast Railroad Museum is a lovely non-profit that packs an outsized punch, showcasing more than 40 historic railroad cars, including the former Presidential Railcar first used by Franklin D. Roosevelt. At Zoo Miami, you will see animals interacting with each other as they would in the wild. This humane design enhances the experience and helps visitors learn about the natural world. These two great institutions make for a fun and exciting outing and both have reopened to the public since June 1. Come along as we take a closer look at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum and Zoo Miami.
TripBlogJun 11, 2020 0 352
10 Most Charming Small Towns in US to Visit & Avoid Crowds
As a vacation destination, it isn’t just the big cities that score. Do you know that the small towns in the US from the Hudson River and wine country of California’s best small towns in the US, the Great Lakes, charming small towns of the Arizona desert and to the unique towns that are just waiting for you to discover them? In this article, we will lead you to go and find those nuggets in charming small towns which make very lovable and quality vacations. Let us now discover the top ten of these small towns in the US that are unrivalled in terms of their beauty, cuisines, infrastructure, list of activities, community spirit, traveller experiences and proximity to larger cities. Let’s start!
TripBlogMay 19, 2020 0 786
10 Most Unbelievable Underwater Hotels: Sweden, Dubai, Florida, Fiji
For those harboring a stronger connection to these underwater realms, a remarkable number of destinations are taking undersea adventure to new heights…or rather depths. We’ve all heard the expression “sleep with the fishes.” The hotels we’ve found here for you give an entirely new meaning to that phrase. No longer do you have to picture gangsters in pinstripe suits throwing curiously large packages off the end of some foggy dock. These hotels let you explore beneath the surface without getting wet. From Sweden to Dubai, Florida to Fiji, we’ve scoured the globe to bring you the best. We know you’ll enjoy this look at some truly remarkable establishments.
TripBlogApr 17, 2020 15 1,704
The Best Public Golf Courses to Play in 2020
The best public golf courses to play in 2020! Freshly manicured greens, clubhouse conversation, a walk down the back nine on a sunny day. Few things top a great round of golf. Maybe you’re playing with a bit of a handicap (as this author must confess to), but who hasn’t imagined themselves walking up the 18th fairway in contention for a major tournament? We all know that electric feeling of anticipation as you watch your putt curl in for a much needed birdie! If this sounds like your weekend ideal, we’ve put together a list of some amazing courses. Aficionados will recognize many, but we think this is a well-rounded look at some of the best golf on offer. Fore!
TripBlogFeb 14, 2020 0 284
Top 19 Hippest Mid-Size US Cities
Megacities are the most creative and dynamic places on Earth. These massive population centers concentrate people and infrastructure in ways conduce to economic growth. Yet as we’ve too often seen, however, megacities suffer myriad problems from overcrowding and a lack of affordable housing to environmental degradation. Fortunately, mid-size cities in America have emerged as great alternatives. With a great many benefits and fewer downsides, these mid-size localities are attracting increasing numbers of young people hungry for opportunity. In this list, we profile 20 mid-sized US cities that offer great overall quality of life and appeal to hip and diverse populations. In no particular order, these are the top hippest mid-sized US cities!
TripBlogJan 15, 2020 0 3,497
Spring Break 2020: Top 20 Destinations in America
Spring is a joyous time. Lands cast off winter’s shadow and a remarkable flowering begins. In North America, spring heralds a curious annual migration. College students flock in large numbers from campuses across the cold north to more southerly latitudes. Buoyed by copious amounts of sunshine and (more often than not) alcohol, they shed their outer garments. Clad only in scant attire, they congregate in large numbers on beaches and in resorts. For roughly two weeks typically in mid- to late-March, the spectacle that is Spring Break unfolds in cities and towns from Cancun to Myrtle Beach. If you’re wondering how best to observe the varying levels of debauchery for yourself, we’ve put together this handy travel guide profiling 20 popular Spring Break destinations. Alongside perennial favorites we throw in several places you might not expect. We think you’ll enjoy this look at the top Spring Break destinations for 2020.
TripBlogJan 14, 2020 4 6,204
Hand-feeding Flamingo: A Guide to Sarasota Jungle Gardens
Sarasota Jungle Gardens are essentially a family attraction, but anyone who enjoys interacting with animals would appreciate the place. Sarasota has been a favorite of the natives of Florida since 1939 and homes more than 200 exotic native animals. Sarasota is spread over 10 acres of jungle trails and tropical vegetation. It serves as the perfect habitat with large spaces for the animals and birds to coexist. At the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, they strive to create the perfect ecosystem for the animals to thrive in.
TripBlogJan 7, 2020 0 1,247
Visit Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Meeting The Nature
With over an area of 15 acres, the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens s is a very huge botanical garden located at 900 South Palm Avenue in the Sarasota City of Florida, United States of America. At present, the gardens are present on the grounds which were home to William and Marie Selby. This large botanical garden is home to over 20000 plants which include about 3500 bromeliads and 5500 orchids. Along with the collection of living plants, there is a herbarium that has preserved specimens of mostly tropical flora. To expand this collection, about 150 expeditions have been contributed to the subtropics and tropics.
TripBlogDec 25, 2019 0 384
Nature Gem in Sarasota: Guide to Myakka River State Park
Sarasota is considered as one of the primary gulf coast cities of Florida in the United States. Holidaying in Sarasota lends you an eclectic blend of fine dining, thrills, sandy beaches, and its rich culture. Apart from checking out the world’s largest miniature circus in Sarasota, one must indulge in the lap of nature at Sarasota's State Parks. For nature-loving people, engaging in the calmness of Myakka River State Park in Sarasota County is a delight. The alligator sightseeing, moss-covered trees, oak hammocks, bird watching dominates the interests of the visitors amidst many other activities. People also have some great options nearby for dining to cater to your hunger pangs. If you are a shopaholic, there is a lot of shopping you can do throughout Sarasota. St. Armand's circle near the coast is a must-visit for shopping. Vacation at Sarasota is incomplete without touring Myakka State Park as it is a paradise on earth. It is a heaven for nature-lovers!!
TripBlogDec 16, 2019 1 3,086
Top 16 Authentic Things to Do in Sarasota
Tourists are drawn to the scenic city of Sarasota in Florida by its white sandy beaches, beautiful islands, art galleries, museums, state parks, and magnificent natural beauty. The is located in the State of Florida in Sarasota County. It was once famous due to Ringling Brothers Circus’s winter home, but now visitors know it for its miles of sandy beaches. Popular tourist attractions include the Ringling Museum of Art, Siesta Key Beach, Lido Beach, Ca’ d’Zan, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Myakka River State Park, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Big Cat Habitat, and Mote Marine
TripBlogDec 16, 2019 0 378
Local Must-Go Places to Have Fun
Russia is a country with the largest land area in the world. It is rich in natural and human resources.Stylish Moscow, magnificent Saint Petersburg, the serene, blue and deep Lake Baikal, and the splendid night sky of Murmansk...... These Russian sceneries are all unique in their own way, and they are all waiting for you to discover them.
TripBlogDec 16, 2019 1 254
Top 10 Family Spring Break Destinations for 2020
Looking for spring break destinations for 2020? Spring break is not only for college students but is for the family as well. So, taking out time from the busy schedule of regular days will be so much fun. You can go for an abundance of activities, lots of fun and shopping. We’ve got the best places where you can take your family for a wholesome, yet fun, spring break family vacation. These are the places to wile away your days in peace during your spring break family vacation. Some of the popular attractions where you can explore the beauty of nature are provided below -
TripBlogDec 3, 2019 1 15,430
10 Best Things You Must Try When You Visit Orlando
Orlando is a city in Florida's U.S. state and known as Orange County's seat. Orlando had an estimated population of 2,85,713 as of the year 2018, making it the 71st largest city in the United States, the fourth largest city in Florida, and the largest inland city in the country. Orlando, Florida, is perhaps best known for Disney World and Universal, but it is also known for much more. Downtown Orlando is the central city of Central Florida. It includes iconic skyscrapers, entertainment centers, theaters, art galleries, shopping malls, and parks. There are more than 100 lakes in Florida. Lake Eola is a giant sinkhole in downtown Orlando and at its deepest point, is 80 feet. Orlando was once the main center of the citrus industry in Florida.
TripBlogNov 28, 2019 0 1,020
The Ultimate Guide to Universal Orlando Resort
Universal Orlando Resort was founded around 29 years ago nearly in 1990. The headquarters are in Florida, United States. The owner of this resort is NBC Universal. The resort was earlier known as Universal Studio Escape which is now popularly known as Universal Orlando. The responsibility off the resort related to operations and other maintenance lies with Universal Parks & Resorts. The resort is mainly for people who are interested in fun activities and entertainment. It is not specific for any gender or age group and activities in resort can be enjoyed by people for all walks of life. Mainly the resort consists of theme park and entertainment resort complex.
TripBlogNov 19, 2019 0 716
9 Restaurants in Orlando You Must Try
Orlando is a city in Florida's U.S. state and known as Orange County. Orlando is well known for its Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Orlando is a beautiful city, and the best time to visit Orlando is during the March month till May month. Orlando is home to the most exciting food scene in Florida - one that plays in newly opened restaurants in its theme parks, yes, but more so in the neighbourhoods and districts around the vibrant city centre. From a jewel box omakase restaurant with just nine seats secreted away in the Audubon Park Garden District to sizable excellent dining games in the city's many luxury hotels and a ramen hot spot in a nationally recognized co-op food hall, ready to be delighted. Here are our choices for the restaurants you don't want to skip, anything that brings you to Orlando and the best restaurants in Orlando is slightly different from those you might find across the country.
TripBlogNov 12, 2019 0 301
LGBT Travel Ideas: Top 12 Gay Friendly Cities
Do you know that globally, 77 countries have anti-gay stances? These countries have declared homosexuality as an illegal and punishable offense. Out of 77 countries, 12 countries have death sentences on the list. That is why it is important for LGBT travelers to be safe and feel welcome to visit travel destinations with no fear of being caught up in the anti-gay movements. Should sexuality then be a factor in choosing travel ideas or destinations? There is no answer to this grey area where ethical and moral issues rule the roost. We try to present you with travel ideas of the top twelve cities that are LGBT friendly. Here we present the travel ideas from the gay perspective with things to do, places to visit, and destinations to make your vacation a safe trip.
TripBlogNov 12, 2019 0 2,530
A Taste of Cube: Miami's 10 Best Cuban Restaurants
Miami’s Cuban food is a blend or rather a marriage of traditional recipes with American techniques and ingredients that just tickle your taste buds. What you get as an end result is a distinct and unique style and taste that honors not just the human palate but is an ode to the string of spices and flavors. From the quintessential Cuban sandwich to the barbecue sauces sprinkled liberally on the food- the best Cuban restaurants in Miami live it up to the reputation. Come and enjoy the food in the top Cuban restaurants in Miami to leave with a belly full of meat, croquetas, sauce, pork and much more. You have come to this city and wish to taste the authentic and delightful Cuban cuisine and wish to know where to find the best Cuban restaurants in Miami. Alternatively you live here and you have realized that the city has a proud Cuban vibe to it.
TripBlogNov 5, 2019 0 1,044
Top 7 Dim Sum Spots in Orlando
Orlando is a city of theme parks and placed strategically around the multitude of theme parks are the best restaurants in Orlando. Top among the must-try foods in Orlando, quite surprisingly, is Dim Sums. Dim Sum is an intriguing style of Chinese cuisine, commonly noted as being Cantonese. They are bite-sized portions of food served on a small plate or mostly in bamboo steamer baskets. Various types of steamed buns, noodle rolls filled with meats, wheat, and rice dumplings, and even custard filled sweet cream buns are what constitute a dim sum meal.
TripBlogNov 5, 2019 0 4,441
The Best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Type of Couple
With the wedding season imminent, searching the right and best honeymoon destination is an important decision to take. With so many beautiful countries, cities and places to visit, the best honeymoon destinations are something that invokes a feeling of love and affection, in addition to having a good mix of activities and places to see. Different people look for different things when it comes to choosing a destination and couples who are trying to figure out honeymoon ideas. There are places where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches and mountains among other things. You’ll be able to enjoy activities like trekking, hiking or scuba diving if you choose to go on an adventure-heavy trip.
TripBlogNov 5, 2019 0 1,389
Ten Global Parent-child Travel Sites
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium #Super large water vat crossing two floors # It is amazing to see three whale sharks (each shark has the length of over 8 meters) swimming around the sea water of 7500m3. Moreover, there are the world's biggest Manta Ray and shoals of colorful fish, and one seems to enter the mysterious deep sea world of Okinawa.
TripBlogOct 31, 2019 0 553
10 U.S Cities Perfect for Long Weekend Trips When You Work Full Time
It is good to take Vacations once in a while and take an opportunity to connect with friends, family, or oneself. For people who cannot take long vacations, the holidays coinciding right after a weekend are a welcome boon. The long weekends are the best time for Weekend Getaways and to unwind self. Nothing can beat getting away and explore places you have never seen before and bond with your family, friends, and your partner.
TripBlogOct 21, 2019 0 445
12 Best Vacations Choices for Spring Break in the USA 2020
The USA is the destination country and the dream country for many aspiring career seekers and families looking at settling down. But apart from these reasons, there is also another very important reason. It has the 12 Best Vacations Choices for Spring Break in the USA 2020. This is reason enough for many tourists and travelers to visit the USA. From adventure-seekers to culture mavens, and beach bums to nature lovers, there are tons of great ideas for family-friendly getaways for the spring. It's an excellent opportunity for families to start putting away their winter gear and embrace the warmer times ahead. To help you plan an exciting vacation in this fantastic country, here is a list of some of the must-see 12 best vacation choices for Spring Break in the USA 2020.
TripBlogOct 21, 2019 0 549
20 Best US Destinations for Winter Sun
Looking for some precious winter sun across the US? When the trees are bare and the days to wear your t-shirts are gone with nights getting longer and days getting shorter. It’s time to escape to warmer locations where the sun still shines and will surely drive your winter blues away. You will be amazed to know that there are many warm sun destinations in the U.S that you can plan for spending your winter holiday. So, here’s a list of top 20 locations offering winter sun and providing you escape and winter getaways in the US.
TripBlogOct 15, 2019 0 281
Top 9 Family Spring Break Destinations for 2020
Yosemite National Park is one of the favorite spring break destinations in the United States. It gives a prominent overview of all types of granitic landforms that reflects a distinctive geological history. This park lies in the heart of California offering a wide range of flora and fauna. It represents the effects of glaciations for millions of years thus leaving a unique granitic rock bed with distinctive landscape. This glaciated topography offers the one of the best spring break destinations with a scenic and natural backdrop of mountain meadows, numerous giant grooves forming a diverse landscape. It has five of the world’s highest waterfalls amidst numerous alpine meadows, lakes and granitic landforms. Some of the popular attractions in the park where you can explore the beauty of nature are provided below -
TripBlogOct 15, 2019 0 451