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  • 1. Do I need to book train tickets in advance in China?

    2. China Train Ticket pre-booking is available 30 days before departure for online and 28 days before departure for sale at stations. Some sleeper trains as like D type of China train only 20 days ahead and some C type China trains only 10 days ahead.
  • 3. Can foreigners buy China train ticket online?

    4. Passengers can buy China train ticket online through or 12306 which is China Railway official website. Both ways are convenient and handy.
  • 5. Is there a place to keep luggage in China Train station?

    6. There are luggage storage service centers located near the entrance of the most China train stations. The cost for each piece of luggage is about 5-20 yuan per day.
  • 7. What documents do I need to prepare for China train ticket booking?

    8. You need to provide the correct passport number and passport name. It’s important to be careful when you enter information, as if you enter the wrong information, you may not be able to board or refund the train.
  • 9. Which is better, taking trains or planes in China?

    10. Many high-speed trains are supported by each city in China, so you can travel between cities comfortably and quickly by train. High-speed trains save time because you don’t have to pass through security and spend much time to board. It’s also not affected by the weather and are convenient to use Wi-Fi and the Internet during the travel by China train.
China Bullet Train