Top 10 Maofeng Qinyuan Hotels

Top 10 Maofeng Qinyuan Hotels


302 Reviews
No.1 Yingri Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
41.4km from Baiyun International Airport
790m from Science City
1.8km from Shenzhoulu
16.5km from Downtown
41.5km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
1.6km from Shenzhoulu
"The staff service is very good. There is a large park nearby. The environment is very nice and quiet. It is very suitable for business trips. The breakfast was great, with many varieties, and it was delivered to your door during the epidemic, which was good. The laundry room and gym are super nice. The hotel is very clean and new. I recommend it to everyone. I will stay at this Mulian Villa in the future! correct! The parking lot is super large and it is safe to park at the door! give it a like!"
"Came to Whampoa to participate in the marathon and entered this hotel. The hotel is part of the complex. The rooms are quite new, the facilities are okay, and it is quiet. Also, because of the marathon, we are given the treatment of late check-out. The only thing that can be said is the insufficiency. Cleaning the exterior wall and window cleaning should tell the residents in advance."
"The service attitude is very good, very quiet, next to the sports park. The hotel is newly opened, so the facilities are relatively clean, the front desk is very polite, the room was not cleaned, and the room was upgraded for free."
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1201 Reviews
No.1 South Jingfeng Street, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
46.9km from Baiyun International Airport
3.3km from Zhongxin
43.6km from Downtown
46.9km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
"On Friday, we first drove to the shop to find out that there were not many people. We quickly got the room. It was very convenient for parents to take the building to the hotel on Saturday. The parent-child twin room is very popular. The ticket package is also very suitable for parents. Activity, DIY sent the bag home and the children are also very happy to draw. Buffet breakfast is very rich, dinner buffet on Friday is better than Saturday and there will be a suitable child's screw face (my child is 3 years old), we also feel delicious, there are no suitable staple food for children on Saturday, it is recommended You can do more food for your child's food. I regret that I didn't know what I had eaten. I started to have a stomachache on Friday night. Afterwards, I guessed that it was ice cream. I only ate it in my family. People who didn't eat would be fine. Fortunately, I had my own medicine. Saturday night. The buffet also makes the family pay attention to the ice cream, and they will not be able to eat them. The hotel's swimming pool is the largest playground in this hotel. The environment is good. It is necessary to bring a swimming cap before swimming. During the summer vacation, the swimming class teaching in the community is also carried out in the swimming pool. If you can't swim, we can also steal the teacher and send the water gun. Can play very well. The overall elimination of stomach pain factors, the child's family this trip is still satisfactory, and when the shop is left, the child is also very caring."
"Five-star rating: The room is large and the scenery is good; the waiter has a good service attitude. Special praise for Xiao Pan, because my mother left the bag in the bathroom with mobile phone documents and other cash, my mother found out after the home, the elderly are very anxious. Fortunately, the handbag was handed over to the front desk. Xiao Pan’s attitude was very good, helping us to send things home, reflecting the thoughtful and caring service of the five-star hotel. Five-star rating [strong]"
"Hi!)I stayed at this hotel for a few days to finish my work on my personal blog for YouTube channel ) it is a calm place for good work and peace of mind. The hotel staff is excellent, the service is top notch. Very high quality breakfasts.Also, I would like to note the work at the reception, especially (谢浩辉) excellent knowledge of English and help in everything that may be needed.💟 Thank you , Everybody! "
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Very Good
1430 Reviews
North of East Section of Shanqian Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
24.5km from Baiyun International Airport
32.2km from Guangzhou North Railway Station
46.3km from Yuantan Railway Station
46.3km from Downtown
33.2km from Guangzhou North Railway Station
23.4km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
"Starry night tent experience To Traffic 🍀: 1 hour from the city to arrive. It is recommended to avoid Friday-Saturday if possible. First, no traffic jams, and second, there are slightly fewer people. To Check-in 🍀: The normal check-in time is after 15:00. If you arrive early on the same day, you have to check in in advance because you happen to have a room. The breakfast and the opening hours of the hot springs will also be explained clearly, which is more humane. After taking the room card, there will be a battery car at the door to the room To Environment 🍀: The hotel has a relatively wide land area, and the facilities for play are relatively single, mostly concentrated near the lobby. However, the garden is surrounded by greenery and jungle, with lush branches and relatively fresh air, which is definitely a good place to relax. To Staying in Room 3006 this time was like returning to nature, but I was surprised to see fireflies. The tent room is stylish and elegant, and the bedding is extremely comfortable. However, there is no small refrigerator. In the early morning, there are people outside chatting and laughing in the outdoor game. They can't sleep at ease, and they are woken up by wild cats many times in the middle of the night. People with high sleep requirements should choose carefully."
"I was a little worried when I first saw so many bad reviews later on. But I feel very good after the check-in experience~ When it was just right, there was no one in the big swimming pool and hot spring. The feeling of chartering is simply not too good! The greening of the environment is excellent, The body and mind are really relaxed here~ As long as a phone call, there is a battery to drive you to the area you want to go, Very thoughtful~ The breakfast and dinner buffets are not as good as the legendary big names, but they are quite outstanding. Although far away from the business district, it’s not boring at all in the hotel’s park. Soaking in hot springs and swimming are both fun~ The moon at night is also very charming, You can still see fireflies on the way back to the room! Spent a beautiful weekend~ Ps, the bed is a bit too soft, I felt a piece collapsed in the middle, Waking up, the whole waist was sore, And the room facilities are still some years old, The curtains cannot be opened, The toilet board did not slow down, But overall it's pretty good~"
"Stayed at Mulian Villa for the fourth time. This time I stayed at Room 2210 of Huadu Lake Villa. You have to call the front desk to tell the staff to come and open the gate when you release the water in the swimming pool. After a heavy rain, the water was full and the water was clearer, so you can swim. But it will automatically drain at night. I got up early the next morning and there was only a small pool of water, so that I couldn’t swim in the villa the next day. The product is good, but the price is also there. It takes a few calls to remind the shuttle bus. Arrived, it may be due to the crowded traffic arrangements during the summer vacation weekend, but I have to wait for the bus to pick up and drop off with my suitcase."
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1551 Reviews
No.18 ShuiXi Rd, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
40.0km from Baiyun International Airport
830m from Shuixi
1.6km from Luogang
28.2km from Downtown
43.0km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
1.3km from Luogang
"Location: In the center of Luogang District, next to Venture Park, Civic Square, Huangpu District Government, a prime location, no traffic jams; Parking: sufficient parking spaces on the ground and underground; Food: The hotel has a Chinese restaurant and a Western restaurant. The dining environment is great, the breakfast buffet is good, there are few people, and the service is good; there are not many places to eat near the hotel, and there are many restaurants within a five-minute drive. Wanda Plaza is also within this driving distance; Live: The room is clean and tidy, there is no peculiar smell, and the windows are facing the garden; Play: There is a swimming pool and gymnasium on the third floor of the hotel, the swimming pool is not big; there are shower rooms and steam rooms, the facilities are very good. There is nothing inside the hotel for children to play. The Pioneer Park and the Civic Square next to it are very green and have a large area. They are very suitable for strolling children. There are very few people and they are very comfortable. You can drive to the "Science City Plaza" in five minutes. There is a shopping mall next to it, and the Cantonese cuisine inside is very authentic; Summary: I took my family here on May 1st. I was very comfortable, mainly because there were few people. I was tired of the crowds during the holidays. It's very quiet here, there are not many people and cars, and the park next to it is not too comfortable for families with children! You can also go to Science City Plaza for popular science, and there are many places to eat (by car); this time it rained, so some places were not there, I will come again."
"Taking advantage of my birthday on the weekend, I booked a hotel to relax. I struggled for a long time in the hotel with the prosperous river view of Zhujiang New Town and the suburban air and greenery. Finally, I chose the latter because of my children. DoubleTree by Hilton Huihua is actually the equivalent of a hotel at your doorstep. I usually go to have morning tea or family dinners occasionally. Next to the hotel is the Chuangye Park with first-class greenery, but I have never stayed. Stayed this time, very satisfied. The layout of the suite is well-designed, convenient and easy to use, children play in the room, adults read books outside, two toilets are not worried about being occupied, the large bathtub in the bathroom is enough for children to play in the water and take a bath, and there is a connecting living room and room. Super large balcony, anyway, the hardware facilities are pretty good. "Birthday" was noted when booking the room, so the hotel sent a cake and simply arranged the room. The downside is that there are relatively few options for ordering meals in the room, but the speed is fast enough to make up for the shortcomings. At the gym, the swimming pool was not at a constant temperature and cooled down, so I didn't go there. The women's locker room has a nice and well-equipped environment. I really want to enjoy it if I don't bring a baby."
"The hotel is located next to Luogang Government, less than 10 minutes by taxi from Wanda Plaza, convenient parking, a beautiful lake, and a small swimming pool (enough water for children); breakfast is good, room service is good, and I stayed continuously For two nights, the little brother changed towels and tissues in time and was very considerate and polite; the main reason was that the hotel was close to the work place of his family, so he chose to stay. The same voucher, but the afternoon tea is different for the two days. Juice can be provided on the first day (I drink boiled water when the baby drinks juice). The shelf for the snacks is beautiful in cages. No juice is provided on the second day (I ordered two glasses of boiled water). ), I used a very simple plate of snacks, I am annoyed, why the afternoon tea is different."
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1537 Reviews
No.28 Ningcai Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
41.4km from Baiyun International Airport
1.0km from Science City
1.3km from Xiangang
17.3km from Downtown
41.4km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
1.2km from Xiangang
"For business trips, there are not many options in the vicinity of the Science City. The booking on Ctrip can be upgraded for free, and you can also check out late, which is very good. Specifically, the first is that there is a balcony, which is not available in most five-stars in the city. You can open some windows when you sleep at night. There are screens that are not afraid of mosquitoes. The second view is good and the air is good, the opposite is the mountain, the garden is the swimming pool, the eyes are green, and the lungs and eyes are washed. Late check-out is very friendly for business guests who need to travel to and from the city center! The gym has a wide view and is transparent, and the children's amusement facilities near the restaurant are very eye-catching. At breakfast, I saw a lot of customers with uniform tooling, it is estimated that they are all business travelers. The only downside is that there are not many varieties of breakfast. Although it can meet my personal needs (coffee, porridge, rice noodles), it is still slightly inadequate compared to other five stars. Maybe the hotel has been around for a long time, and if it can be refurbished, it will definitely attract more customers."
"It is inconvenient to leave the pandemic and find a hotel on the spot to spend the summer vacation. The elderly and children have a family fun. Unexpectedly, I found this hotel very good and cost-effective. It was only a short walk from the subway entrance. I spent two days in the hotel and walked around the new look of the Science City. Nearby Utopa and Wanda Plaza were just a matter of eating and shopping. Two double bed balcony rooms 135 sleep spaciously, enjoy the swimming pool, bathtub, buffet, and the hotel service is also satisfactory. The children’s happiest thing is to ask the robot to send things to the room automatically. Every day, I have to play with the robot. Thank you for the hotel for spending a perfect holiday with us."
"The environment of the hotel is very good. The surrounding area is Jianling Mountain Park~Sports Park. The landscape of the room I stayed in this time is green. In the morning, I can hear the birds chirping, and I feel good on vacation. The hotel's service is very good, check-in, room cleaning, catering services are all in place. Open-air swimming pool + hot tub, meeting the needs of children for soaking in water. The child had a great time. The buffet service was arranged in an orderly manner, and everyone had a relaxed and happy meal. In the future, I will choose this place for a leisurely vacation in the city. Special thanks to Miss Garfield for her hospitality service, full score!"
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20 Reviews
Room 202-1, Comprehensive Building G, Kexuejia Zhijia, No.1190 Tianyuan Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
35.6km from Baiyun International Airport
10.8km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
940m from Botanical Garden
15.8km from Guangzhou Railway Station
3.2km from Changban
11.1km from Downtown
10.2km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
15.2km from Guangzhou Railway Station
39.7km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
"The hotel is in the South China Botanical Garden, the park environment is very good, comparable to New York Central Park! The hotel is surrounded by green trees, and there is a bauhinia outside the window of the room, which is very beautiful with pink and purple trees. We went to the hotel at noon, took a short rest and then went for a walk. There were yellow campanulas, bauhinia, camellia, magnolia, rhododendron and other flowers in the park. Metasequoias and cedars are also very distinctive. The hotel's service is also very good, parking shuttle, free parking, delivery of Tremella syrup in the evening, exquisite and delicious breakfast, with Starbucks coffee. The bed and pillows are very comfortable, and a good night’s sleep. There was a small problem with parking charges when I left. The hotel staff immediately came out to communicate and resolved it smoothly. It is worthy of praise. Ctrip's customer service staff responded quickly and dealt with the problem in a timely manner, and also like it 👍. Will come again later."
"The hotel is small and beautiful, very quiet, and the staff are very nice, because the hotel is located in the botanical garden, the environment is very good, it is great to get up and early in the morning to run in the botanical garden or take pictures on the large lawn. In the morning, you can see unusual birds in the park. It is really fragrant. The hotel is not far from the subway station and the traffic is very convenient. The only downside is that breakfast is a bit late at 8 o'clock, and we waited until 8:30 to have breakfast, and we almost didn't eat it in a hurry."
"The advantage is that it is located in the botanical garden, the environment is very good, and the newly opened facilities are very new. But the hotel room is a bit small, I feel sorry for the room charge of more than 1,000; the restaurant that can eat dinner is only a high-end Chaoshan restaurant (588/person), and it is very inconvenient to order takeaways. They can only be delivered to the northwest gate of the Botanical Garden and then take the hotel Take the sightseeing car out."
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691 Reviews
No.3327 Kaichuang Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
39.4km from Baiyun International Airport
840m from Jinfeng
2.6km from Huangbei
20.7km from Downtown
39.5km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
1.5km from Huangbei
"The room was on the 9th floor. It was very noisy at night, and the cars downstairs could be heard clearly. It's really not that I have a nervous breakdown, I really got somehow made me fall asleep until three o'clock in the morning. The curtains couldn't be tightened completely, and I felt that there was a meeting the next day, and it didn't matter. The bedside lamp was very dim and it was not suitable for office study. In the end, we went to the Starbucks downstairs and sat down together. I think the price-performance ratio is quite low when booking this room for more than 400 years."
"The company organizes conference training here, after the conference. In the afternoon, I booked an hourly room to rest on the Internet. The room was clean and tidy, and the bed was very comfortable. And it’s very quiet. When I sleep until dinner, I have Sichuan and Hunan cuisine, KFC, Star Daddy, K song club, etc. downstairs. It’s very convenient and awesome."
"I always live in Vienna on business trips. In addition to the decoration style, each room has independent windows. The whole appearance is like a big ship. The room layout is square, quiet and soundproof."
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454 Reviews
No.67 Linghu Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
25.8km from Baiyun International Airport
33.5km from Guangzhou North Railway Station
47.6km from Yuantan Railway Station
50.2km from Downtown
34.5km from Guangzhou North Railway Station
24.7km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
"Knowing that there will be a big traffic jam on the 5.1 highway, I chose not to leave Guangzhou, so I did not choose the RV hotels in Foshan or Zhuhai, but the round-trip traffic was still a bit congested. Geographically: The King Hotel is on the top of the mountain, the RV camp is halfway up the mountain, and the Princess Hotel is at the bottom of the mountain. The first time I feel about the motorhome: I think the motorhome is still very innovative! But if a person walks normally in the RV, the people sitting in the RV will feel that the RV is shaking, which is probably a common problem of the RV. The air conditioner in the master bedroom is blowing at the head of the room, which can easily cause headaches. There are three shortcomings: 1. I feel that the security of the camp is poor, because there are really many tourists in the ecological park! But after all, it is the price of a 5-star hotel. I really hope that there will be more event venues and event facilities that can only be owned by residents! From the whole afternoon when I stayed in, to 8 o'clock in the morning, or 12 o'clock in the morning, I felt that more guests entered the camp from time to time. Some visited the camp rooms, some came to the camp to take pictures, and some tourists came to the camp and the guest rest area took more than an hour to sit and drink... It is recommended to set up a security guard at the entrance of the camp to prevent foreign vehicles from entering Camp. Visitors from outsiders need to register and time limit. 2. There are only 3 starry sky family cars, which are more expensive than couple cars, but the front position is narrower than that of many couple cars, and they are too close to the common rest area in the middle of the camp. Don’t worry about kids playing outside! 3. The little train is outsourced. When the little train entered the Princess Hotel, he communicated with the security of the Princess Hotel for 10 minutes. It's strange, it's not the first day of operation, how can it be so chaotic? In addition, the announced train number information is not updated! Has a slight impact on my schedule. Advantages: 1. I really like the two-bedroom and one-living room design of the Star Family Caravan, without having to squeeze a bed with the baby! 2. The service is generally good: the sanitation aunt in the RV area has a good attitude! Several front desk service attitudes are also good! The security guards at the entrance of the King Hotel also had a very good attitude and they were very enthusiastic. The above services can reach 4.5 points or more. But the waiters in the restaurant feel that there are many newbies, and the service can't keep up. The food is also very average, and the restaurant can only be 3 points at most. [By the way, put the aerial photos taken by ourselves. The King Hotel has room for improvement and I personally think it is worth coming again! 】"
"The family room booked, I don't know if it was due to the system or something, and it became a couple room. Fortunately, the hotel staff also actively dealt with it, and finally stayed in the RV (mainly children like it). A good experience, but there are several problems: 1. The air conditioner filter is too dirty, the hotel service is actually in place, the air conditioner is turned on in advance, but the sound is loud, I removed the filter and washed it myself; 2. The bathroom does have it Odor, it is recommended to see if there is any problem in the design; 3. The RV is a bit tilted, it is recommended to adjust it, it should not be difficult to look at the bottom of the car; 4. Sleep at midnight for some reason, the air conditioner is not adjusted, and the door is open during the day I also feel it becomes hot when I sleep at night. The breakfast buffet is actually decent, I haven't tried the others. Regarding lunch and dinner, it is recommended to go to Huashan Town to solve it. Because within 15 minutes from the gate of the park to the town, the farm under the mountain can wait for more than an hour to serve food, and it is not a special dish, so there is no need to spend so much time. Finally, the view of the King Hotel is still very good, but the weather is too hot to visit."
"This time I chose to stay at the RV camp of the King Hotel. The hotel is on the mountain and the RV is halfway up the mountain, surrounded by an ecological park. The most intoxicating thing is the ecological park. The air is fresh, the sky is clear, the wind is sunny, and the environment is beautiful. It is suitable for traveling with parents and children, walking leisurely, letting go of the soul, and feeling people and nature. The waiters in various positions here are also good, warm and thoughtful~ Will come to live often in the future~😘"
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760 Reviews
No.99 Lanyue Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
41.7km from Baiyun International Airport
980m from Xiangang
1.4km from Science City
17.9km from Downtown
41.8km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
1.1km from Science City
"It is a better hotel among major international brands near Science City. I originally planned to book Hilton, but the Hilton is too old and the Double Tree breakfast is not delicious. In the end, it was a holiday to live in for breakfast. There are not many IHG-branded hotels, but the service is very good. The breakfast is very rich, with both Chinese and Western dishes, no matter what taste you like, you can satisfy. The hotel is very quiet and it feels like being in a forest, giving people a very relaxed mood. The disadvantage is that the bathroom of the superior room only separates the bathroom from wet and dry, and does not separate the three. It is impossible to avoid some small embarrassment when two people move in. Of course, it is also possible that I booked a double room, but a twin room might be different. In addition, not all room types have bathtubs. Everything is subject to the room type introduction. Don’t read Ctrip’s reviews. Some rooms may only have bathtubs when the room type is upgraded. The hotel is generally well received, and the stay experience is very good!"
"Location: The hotel is in Huangpu District. Because it is relatively close to the meeting place, I decided to stay here for the first time. The location is relatively easy to find. It is about 45 minutes' drive from the airport. Environment: The backyard of the hotel is similar to a small garden, planted with many characteristic green plants in South China. Walking inside, I feel very good. Room type: The room is quite satisfactory, and a room type has been upgraded intimately. Service: The service staff are more professional, and the emphasis is on Lisa of the western restaurant. The sincere smile and caring greetings give people a better impression of the hotel as a whole, and are also the motivation for many people to choose to stay again."
"A great experience, all five-star praise, the front desk service is very enthusiastic, the girl with the word “Shu” in the name is very attentive and quick to check in. The room is in good hygiene and check in. The bed is very comfortable and the pillows are clearly marked with soft and hard pillows. The view outside the window is very good and full The fresh air and negative ions don’t have much to eat around. I have to go to Wanda one kilometer away. You can eat it. It’s convenient to take a taxi and walk. Overall, I’m satisfied with the stay."
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912 Reviews
No.129 Wenjian Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
41.1km from Baiyun International Airport
34.2km from Downtown
41.2km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
"The Narada Hotel Huangpu is 20 kilometers away from the city center and a 50-minute drive away. It overlooks the reservoir, quiet and fresh, and full of green plants! There are not many varieties of breakfast, so the Lanzhou beef noodles are popular. The children’s playground is more suitable for young children, of course, when you are bored, you can also play with naive children. The fun time is spent mainly by the light-transmitting swimming pool on the top of the negative floor. Children in a pool, water guns and swimming equipment are tumbling, and the adults can just select representatives to watch the battle. On a hot day, adults either go into the water to be the king of children, or soak in the room to drink tea, look out from the distance, and wait until the sun goes down and the heat dissipates, that is, use all platforms and network resources to find food spots. In the afternoon, follow the diagram and follow the mountain road by the reservoir side of the bicycle road to the dense forest and the rare place. The farmer’s meal recommended by relatives and friends has been closed. The kind and unfamiliar uncle points to the cloud deeper and said: the only remaining delicacy in the mountains needs to be more dangerous Go high! Everyone is depressed! Go down the mountain and encounter the queue of cars to the "Linghuxuan Restaurant" at the entrance, and try it at the last table in the queue. An unexpected surprise! I want to try something new at night, but I can’t find it all over the place. The recommended reservoir fish farm has called the boss and the other party complains: I’m in a bad mood recently, and I want to take a rest for two months! Come again next time! [Muface][Muface] So again rushed to Linghuxuan to place the last order before closing the stall! Question: Then why did you come here on vacation? amount! Without going out of Guangzhou, the road is close, the scenery is beautiful and you can swim! Of course, the most important thing is that Figure 9 tempts people to this point! ——Actually, this reservoir dam and observation bridge, which are not part of the hotel and are supervised, cannot be entered [covered face][covered face] If it hadn’t happened to be locked and the security brother would not be forced to expel them, you wouldn’t be able to take pictures in the dam. ——The investment attracting ability of the Development Zone Holding Group is too strong, relying on a picture to attract countless fans! clothes! Recommended!"
"The sudden epidemic disrupted our family’s summer vacation plan. The principle of tourism is to try not to go out of the province, and it is best to not go out of the city. After a few days of careful screening on Ctrip, I was surprised to find that it was located in Huangpu, Guangzhou, which only opened last year. Narada Hotel is very much to my liking. I took advantage of the non-weekend time to stay decisively. The overall experience is really satisfying! I bought a two-day pre-sale package, including double breakfast, afternoon tea, free fruit snacks in the evening, unlimited number of indoor swimming pools, sports center, and children’s playground. The needs of the whole family are taken care of. Environmental hygiene and supporting facilities, especially the high-quality service attitude and food products, make the experience very comfortable, and it can be said that the price/performance ratio is very high! No. 1 housekeeper Liu and Miss Sister are super awesome. They helped me upgrade to the lake-view room with the best view for free in advance. They gave thoughtful guidance in terms of eating, drinking and playing. Our family spent two nights comfortably, and I will come again if I have a chance. Here, like Liu He, and like our Greater Guangzhou👍!"
"The location of the hotel is excellent, the overall environment is good, and the architecture is distinctive. Before check-in, the housekeeper Liu and the ambassador contacted and added WeChat in advance. At the beginning, they did not have very special expectations, but the experience was very good when they came to check in. The room has a private balcony where you can watch the sunrise and sunset. The surrounding green mountains and green waters seem to be in a scene In the beautiful landscape paintings, thanks to Ambassador Liu He’s arrangement, the rooms are clean, bright, well-equipped, affordable and cost-effective. I also went to experience the restaurant, the food is rich in variety, there are many choices, it is worth a try. When I come back to the room at night, I will arrange sugar water. This is really amazing. The sugar water is very good. For me who like to eat sweets, it is really great. Thank you for all your dedicated service, especially Ambassador Liu He. The overall experience of staying in is very good. Thank you. Next time I come to Guangzhou, I will still choose Narada to show my heart."
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Top 10 Maofeng Qinyuan Hotels & Weather

Oct 16, 2021
17 ~ 25℃
Oct 16, 2021
17℃ / 25℃
Oct 17, 2021
16℃ / 23℃
Oct 18, 2021
18℃ / 26℃
Oct 19, 2021
20℃ / 27℃
Oct 20, 2021
17℃ / 28℃
Oct 21, 2021
Moderate/Heavy Rain
15℃ / 24℃
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Guangzhou
Oct 16, 2021 Guangzhou Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 75%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:24/18:01
Guangzhou Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low
The climate of Guangzhou is warm and humid the whole year round. From April to June is the wet spell where there is a heavier rainfall and so be advised to bring your rain gear along. Come summer which is from July to September, the days become hotter and the sun is strong and you have to protect yourself against getting burnt. During this period, occasionally there may be typhoons and torrential rains so make sure to check the weather report before going outdoors. October to December is the best time to visit Guangzhou because the weather is mild and comfortable, and many fairs, festivals and sales events are held during this period.
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