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Hotel Nanpuso
4.2/518 Reviews
Hakone Yumoto
Stayed at Nanfeng Village for 4 nights and objectively evaluated this hot spring hotel: 1, reservations, the type of room is very dizzy, the annex has a room type and foreign style with a toilet and shower 38 flat. 2, transportation, the hotel does not have a special car transfer, to the soup to sit down 100 yen bus 10 minutes to the end of the station, the bus stop is 100m away from the soup station is easy to find. 3, the room, the view is very good, because the old house has a little taste, live for a long time and did not feel, there is no problem with the shower dressing room toilet is too small, I am one meter eight girlfriends one meter seven two enough. Don't live on the first floor, the first floor is a bit close to the parking lot. 4, accommodation, you can hear the sound of small river water at night, I still enjoy it, after all, the city has lived for a long time, the window is behind the style and there are curtains, tatami can also make a bed, I sleep tatami for four nights very comfortable. 5, hot springs, few people, I went on May 11, two hot springs men and women time period rotation, hot springs are not big, soaked for four nights each time to go to two people, people are really very comfortable, one person lying in a pool Blowing the evening breeze, my girlfriend said that there are a lot of people there, and there are aunts who are in groups of three. 6, meals (with photos), breakfast buffet dinner package, the taste is very good, breakfast buffet more than a dozen dishes each dish tastes very good Japanese-style Western style, dinner size is large, taste can also be, every night optional It's different. If the request is Michelin standard, it won't be reached here. 7, overall, staying down feels good, cost is also very high, if you come to the hot springs do not require luxury, the standard is around 1500, I strongly recommend to try Nanfengzhuang.
Kinnotake Tonosawa
4.7/541 Reviews
Hakone Yumoto
The hotel is very good! The location is very concealed, the hotel entrance is a similar hill, the hotel itself built a bridge, directly to the hotel entrance. The hotel environment is very good, the room is also very good, although the outdoor hot spring is a bit small, but two people are still enough. The dinner at the hotel restaurant seems to be Kaiseki. Be sure to book in advance! Be sure to book in advance! Be sure to book in advance. There are Japanese and Western style breakfasts, which are also very good. All in all, five stars are well received.
Hakone Suimeisou
4.6/544 Reviews
Hakone Yumoto
Hotel Hakone Suimeisou is a perfect blend of old tradition and modern Japan. This hotel provides an excellent experience of Japanese hospitality. It is in the most convenient location and serves as a take-off point to the rest of the Hakone region. The Hakone Yumoto Station is only a few minutes walk and there are so many places to eat and shop within the area. The hotel is designed as a traditional Ryokan inn and provides traditional Japanese hospitality with rooms that are clean and well-designed. Make sure to experience the full service by availing of the breakfast and dinner service in your rooms. There are bountiful seafood dishes that are provided for each meal. Take advantage as well of the onsen (natural hot spring) facilities. There are touches of modern amenities in the hotel to make you feel comfortable. I commend the staff for their excellent service and will definitely come back in the future.
GuestHouse Azito
4.4/513 Reviews
Hakone Yumoto
The accommodation fee is cheap within walking distance from Hakone Yumoto. The double bed was large enough. I received a drink free ticket to drink at the bar on the first floor and talked with the inn. I was told the information around. If you are accustomed to overseas guest houses and hostels, it is thought that the cost performance is high, but if you expect a general Japanese hotel or inn, you may feel unexpected
4.7/51 Reviews
Hakone Yumoto
Very good stay experience, there is nothing wrong with your point. The hotel has a total of 8 rooms, the rooms are very large, and each room is equipped with a butler. Come back to the housekeeper every day to help you pick up things to the room, then prepare refreshments and ask you to prepare some dinner. Dinner is a Kaiseki cuisine, a lot of roads. However, it is necessary to remind families with children that children are too small to eat Kaiseki, and we all buy food from outside. If you prepare your child separately, you will pay an extra 10080 yen a day. Let's talk about hot springs, bring hot springs in the room, come back and put in water. After dinner, you can soak, or you can go outside public. I have no one to go to the public soup pool for three consecutive nights. In short, not bad money can go to experience, definitely worth it
4.3/592 Reviews
Hakone Yumoto
The view from the open-air bath and the feeling of liberation are very pleasant. Especially in summer, it is best to take a nap in a mist shower with a little cool feeling while basking in the sun. Care for the misplacement of cars during narrow and crowded times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hotels near Hakone Yumoto are the most popular?

    Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, Yoshiike Ryokan and Hotel Okada are some of the most popular hotels.

  • What are some accessible hotels near Hakone Yumoto?

    Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, Tenseien and Hakonenomori Okada are popular accessible hotels.

  • What popular hotels near Hakone Yumoto have restaurants?

    If you like the idea of sampling local flavors while traveling, consider staying at Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, Yoshiike Ryokan and Hotel Okada . There are plenty of restaurants that serve local dishes near these hotels.

  • What's the average price of hotels near Hakone Yumoto this weekend?

    According to Trip.com's data, the average price for a weekend night at hotels near Hakone Yumoto in Hakone is US$470. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • What's the average price per night of hotels near Hakone Yumoto

    According to Trip.com's data, the average price per night at hotels near Hakone Yumoto in Hakone is US$482. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • What hotels are recommended near Hakone Yumoto?

    If you're having a hard time choosing a hotel, consider staying at Kyougu Bietsu, Shiki wo Ajiwau Yado Yamano Chaya or Kinnotake Tonosawa , these hotels have great reviews. Be sure you book early!

  • Which hotels near Hakone Yumoto are good for couples?

    Hakone Suimeisou is a popular hotel for couples.

  • Which hotels near Hakone Yumoto have gyms?

    Since staying fit is important to a lot of guests, it's no surprise that gyms can be found in many hotels. Yoshiike Ryokan, Hotel Okada and Tenseien are some popular hotels with gyms.

  • Which hotels near Hakone Yumoto are good for business travelers?

    When it comes to business trips, choosing a hotel with convenient transportation links is important to many guests. Tenseien, Hotel Okada and Hakone Pax Yoshino are popular economical hotels.

  • Which hotels near Hakone Yumoto have free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, Wi-Fi is an essential. Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, Yoshiike Ryokan and Hotel Okada are all popular hotels that have free Wi-Fi.

  • Which popular hotels near Hakone Yumoto have pools?

    Summer is a great season to take your kids or family on a trip to Hakone Yumoto in Hakone. Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, Yoshiike Ryokan and Hotel Okada are some popular hotels with pools.

  • Which popular hotels near Hakone Yumoto have parking?

    If you're planning on driving to Hakone Yumoto in Hakone, why not stay at Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, Yoshiike Ryokan or Hotel Okada ? These are all popular hotels with parking lots.

  • Which hotels near Hakone Yumoto are popular with budget travelers?

    Whether you're traveling for business or going on a vacation, K's House Hostels - Hakone Yumoto Onsen, Hakonowa Hot Spring Inn and Yusakaso are popular hotels at great price points.

  • What hotels near Hakone Yumoto offer breakfast?

    A delicious breakfast is a great way to kick start your day. If you want to stay at a hotel with breakfast near Hakone Yumoto in Hakone, consider Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, Yoshiike Ryokan or Hotel Okada . Be sure to book these popular hotels in advance!

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Number of Reviews 6,470
Lowest PriceUS$41
Highest PriceUS$2,583
Average Price(Weekday Night)US$420
Average Price(Weekend Night)US$475

Hakone Hakone Yumoto Hotel Guide

On Trip.com, it's easy to search for hotels in Hakone. Book your hotel on Trip.com for an amazing travel experience. While traveling to Japan, Hakone is one of the most popular destinations. You can stay 3-5 days at hotels in Hakone without running out of things to do.

Hakone does not have civilian airport. You can fly into a nearby city and come here using another method of transportation. Although there aren't any airports or train stations, visitors can come to the city via bus or other means of transportation.

Trip.com offers discounts of up to 20% on 170 boutique hotels in Hakone. Hakone has high quality and low-priced hotels. You can spend one night at a nice hotel for only 239 USD. There are 10 five-star hotels in Hakone at an average price of 450 USD per night. There are 56 four-star hotels in Hakone at an average price of 311 USD per night. There are 69 three-star hotels in Hakone at an average price of 204 USD per night. There are 28 two-star hotels in Hakone at an average price of 137 USD per night. Hakone has many well-known chain hotels which are suitable for both business trips and vacations. Those who favor Hyatt Regency can choose a hotel under its name. In Hakone, there are hotels under the Hyatt Regency brand. Travelers who favor this brand can choose to stay there to enjoy the luxury services provided by Hyatt Regency. A popular hotel in Hakone, Hakone Kowakien Ten-YU is also one of the highest rated. If you're still unsure, Trip.com recommends Hakone Ashinoko Hanaori.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Hakone, such as Hakone History Museum, Hakone-yumoto-eki, Hakone Yumoto-onsen Hot Spring. You can choose attractions in Hakone that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Kuzuryu Shrine, Hakone National Park, Togendai Station. The most popular attractions for tourists in Hakone are Sengokuhara, Owaku-dani Valley, Kowakudani Hot Spring.

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