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The Mark New York
4.7/558 Reviews

The Mark New York

Upper East Side New York|1.54km from 96th Street Library
The hotel is very close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a walk takes place. The rooms are small but beautifully furnished. Two bottles of Evian mineral water are delivered every day. The first day has fruit bowls. Many people in the lobby elevators wear clothes to highlight New York fashion. It was unfortunate that I met an Oolong front desk man and gave me two pre-authorizations. I had to pay a hundred for the prepayment of the house. He brushed a hundred and then brushed for 590 dollars. I didn't point out that he didn't explain this to me. When I showed the text message of payment, he went to the office and said something to another person. Then the person came out and checked that they didn't collect more money, everything was OK, then I asked. What should I do with this money? The man said that he will be able to return it to me. This is a mistake. This is of course a mistake. The lady who came to check did not apologize and said that there was no problem. I am very dissatisfied with this. I didn’t receive more than five hundred dollars in the morning, but I returned a hundred dollars. It was too much. I checked this matter with them when I checked out. They said that they didn’t collect more money. The pre-authorization will be after I left. I gave it back in a few days. They did not collect the money but brushed up the pre-authorization, and did not release the pre-authorization when I left. It was almost a month before I received the automatic cancellation. The rooms in the hotel are very good and good value for money, but for the work at the front desk, remind the Chinese compatriots to pay attention!
The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel
4.5/586 Reviews

The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

Upper East Side New York|1.6km from 96th Street Library
This is my third review of The Carlyle over the years (across probably 25 stays), and, sadly, the first one where I didn't feel I could give the hotel five stars. Although this is specifically about a stay in November 2022, it relates more generally to the renovated rooms at The Carlyle -- and here, the 11/22 stay was our third in a renovated room. Two were in Superior Suites, and one was in a Rosewood Suite. First, the good: The service continues to terrific, and greetings from the staff are genuine and caring. Across the board, when I raised an issue, someone tried to make things better. Housekeeping did not miss a beat. The bedding and linens are top notch. I found the beds in all three rooms terrific. And, the renovations fixed what had been a tendency for the HVAC to be spotty, depending on the room. The renovated systems worked flawlessly. And, the rooms are quiet -- no street noise or noise from adjoining rooms. In the Superior Suites, the bathrooms are small. In one of the two we stayed in, we had a half bath, which made things a bit better. But, if you want a big bathroom, then look elsewhere. I find the baths adequate, and the showers delightful (as they have been across 30 years). Now, the not so good: The lighting the renovated rooms is atrocious. In the living rooms of all three suites, there wasn't enough light to read in the evening, other than in the one chair that they equipped with a reading light. The desk lamp -- while stylish -- gives off about the equivalent of a 40 watt light bulb. Who does that? There are wall mounted sconces -- with the equivalent of 15 watt bulbs in them. One room had a ceiling unit that had 3 bulbs with the equivalent of 40 watt bulbs. Why? The traditional Carlyle had great lighting -- three way bulbs with up to 150 watts in total in each of 3 or 4 lamps in the room. In this version, I feel depressed in the rooms in the evening. And then there's the bedroom. While there are lamps on the end tables next to the bed, they are on one switch. Either both are on, or neither. Why? Why not have them separately switched? There's a spot-like reading light on each side of the bed -- but that's a poor substitute from the warmth of the bedside table light. Why would anyone design a hotel room this way? I suppose if all one does in a hotel room is look at one's phone or computer, or watch TV, the lighting will suffice. But if you want to read? Forget it. And then you get to storage. In each of the three suites there was no storage at all for your things (I've seen reviews that show some rooms having dressers). Each of the living room and bedroom had shelving, but the room designers filled the shelves with design stuff that serves no purpose, leaving those unavailable to the guest. Even the closets lack usable shelving, other than a high shelf above the hanging clothes. The old Carlyle rooms had vast amounts of storage space in large dressers. It's almost as if the room design

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Arthouse Hotel New York City
4/5114 Reviews
Upper West Side
I was here on business and stayed at the Arthouse for four nights. Being born and raised in New York, I wanted to be in a hotel that felt more intimate, away from the hustle of New York. From the moment I walked in, the vibe was perfect. They have a great management team and staff, management consistently present in the lobby, greeting guests and making sure that things are running smoothly. There is a small, intimate bar that opens in the evening serving great cocktails. Service is genuine and on spot. Great location on the upper west side, on a side street - Sarafina's is off of the lobby serving delicious food, steps away from the lobby. Lobby is a great place to socialize or get some work done - beds are super comfortable and the room was very clean...really loved this property and will defnitely be back!
Hotel Beacon
4.5/5112 Reviews
Upper West Side
I was with my family at the hotel Beacon for about 10 days. They gave us a room which was not, because they were more locals with a kitchen, two double beds and a sofa bed with a chair. The staff was noted: Both cleaners(who perform their work in a great deal) and receptionists (who are very handy, very available). Discrete view of a NY area much quieter than the general: front is Fairway, open h24, very comfortable to buy any kind of needs and even Starbucks and a pharmacy. I would return absolutely because it was really an experience This is very positive.
Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel
4/535 Reviews
Me and Harlem go way back. Aloft Harlem used to be my go to hotel before I started staying more on the lower east side. In fact, a Marriott employee who used to work at Aloft directed me to this brand new, just opened hotel. I was excited to return to uptown and stay in this spot! I wanted to love this hotel. I don’t like giving lackluster reviews and feeling like a Karen. But over two nights, the transgressions just piled up. I’m a Marriott ambassador who stays in hotels about 240 nights a year. I never bring up my status. This might be the first time I actually uttered in frustration, “it’s September and I’ve already spent 27,000 dollars at these hotels, why is this so hard?” Upon checkin, it took almost an hour. This is even more frustrating because my first night was business and my company always sends a spending authorization. Two days in a row I checked with the hotel to see if they had received the authorization. They lost the first one. They mismanaged the second one. I always call or chat ahead to ensure a smooth checkin. It was still a mess when I arrived. The room was a “Central Park view.” I should have known better; I don’t know why I believed this title. I know New York geography better than that. I was looking into a building. Central Park facing or in the direction of Central Park shouldn’t be called central park view. I had changed from the city view to the Central Park view before arrival and I guess I’m glad I did because while they were trying to figure out my reservation they mentioned they had oversold the city view rooms. I will say the black out shades do a great job. The bed was fine. Sheets were a little co****. This hotel costs close to what a Moxy costs, so their sheets should be comparably smooth and comfortable. The bathroom was an absolute joke. Maybe not all the rooms are like mine, but mine may as well not have had a door. As you can see in my photos, the door is for “art.” There is a huge gap where you can see everything! Like probably 12 inches or greater of a gap! Who designed this and thought it was a great idea?! Glad I was alone. The air unit is SUPER loud. Doesn’t bother me as much since we usually have a fan on at home, but it was so loud that when it came on, I had to turn the TV up. It will likely bother some people. And you can hear everything through the walls. Oh, and the toilet clogged twice. And one of the days, the hot water was off all day for repairs, though that’s out of anyone’s control. It’s just giving context to a very un-relaxing stay. Back to the front desk mess—I later noted a destination fee on my bill (I had two separate bills because one night was business and one was personal). I don’t mind destination fees—I’ve had them at many Marriott properties. But I was never informed of this one. I even asked at the restaurant, and they had no idea. I finally went to the desk and asked and they explained I should have been given vouchers for each ni
Voco the Franklin New York, an IHG Hotel
4.4/5107 Reviews
Upper East Side
A hidden gem on the Upper East side! Very friendly & welcoming staff, charming updated rooms and awesome location near Central Park & Met. We loved being on a relatively quiet residential street. We had read reviews about the rooms being small and they are quite small but we were able to make our bags/luggage work. The good news is if you are doing a trip to NYC right, you aren’t in your room except to sleep at night! We were gone all day most days walking around the city. The rooms have been very nicely updated with great finishes while keeping the old history. charm. The beds are very comfortable too. We stayed 5 nights & enjoyed our stay at this hotel immensely! We hated to leave but are looking forward to our next visit at the Frankin! Tips: 1) pack on the light side- there is ample space for hanging clothes but avoid large suitcases if you can as floor space is limited. 2) if you drive a large oversized vehicle, be aware that the adjacent parking garage might not be able to accommodate. We drove our Dodge Ram truck and it was too long for their elevator so we had to park about 1 1/2 blocks away (but that garage was very accommodating .) Otherwise, the adjacent garage is super nice and really convenient! 3) make sure to enjoy a breakfast/lunch at the Bocado Cafe on the corner of Lexington and 87th. Delicious food and great service. We ate 2 lunches there and were very pleased- super convenient too! 4) Starbucks and Whole Foods are just down the street as well The hotel staff was FABULOUS! We were greeted so warmly at check in and treated to delicious cookies & water bottles. The staff goes out of their way to treat you like family during your stay and were so accommodating to our every need. Can’t say enough good things about our stay. It’s a unique property with so many positives! We will definitely be lifelong Franklin Hotel patrons bc we love this part of the city and the charm of this wonderful property!
Courtyard New York Manhattan/Upper East Side
3.9/5105 Reviews
Upper East Side
It is still 20 minutes walk from Central Park. Fortunately, the Upper East Side is quiet, much better than the bustling time square. When you come back late at night, there is no tramp to sleep in the street. It is also convenient to go out and take the subway to play uber. The hotel itself is quite old, the room is compact, the bathroom is slightly crowded, the most painful thing is that the old house has a large air-conditioning sound, and the room has to be turned off to sleep at night. Overall worth recommending, Buddhism selection
110th Boutique Hotel
3.9/560 Reviews
Location is everything here. And expectations have to be put straight. The apartment (to be fair, this isn't a hotel) is located steps from the subway line 6 which runs stright to downtown. For 34 USD per week, you can forget on Taxis and Ubers, it will get you anywhere within 30 mins. The neighborhood is a bit shady, but wouldn't say insecure. A large store is within 2 min walking distance, an overpriced bakery is next door. The apartment needs new beds (not just mattresses), and should be ”refreshed” a bit (the bathroom especially). It wasn't dirty, although based on our socks, it wasn't super clean also. We were also one night without heating and hot water, but it doesn't seem like this was owners fault and it was resolved in the morning. The check-in process could be easier, since it isn't like a hotel where you just show up (no reception), but rather you need to call/text few different numbers (which might get expensive if you are from outside of US). Overall, were happy with our stay, for that money and with the Airbnb ban, I doubt you will find better place for that price NYC. However, don't expect a hotel experience.

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For those traveling for business and tourism, Newark Liberty International Airport is the preferred choice when visiting New York. It's easy to reach New York. The city can be reached by plane, train, and car.

Trip.com offers discounts of up to 20% on 891 boutique hotels in New York. The local average price is 342 USD per night. There are a variety of hotels to meet the needs of different types of travelers. There are 68 five-star hotels in New York at an average price of 706 USD per night. There are 218 four-star hotels in New York at an average price of 393 USD per night. There are 255 three-star hotels in New York at an average price of 279 USD per night. There are 195 two-star hotels in New York at an average price of 174 USD per night. There are many well-known chain hotels in New York. In New York, there are hotels under the Ramada brand. Travelers who favor this brand can choose to stay there to enjoy the luxury services provided by Ramada. If the comfort level of your trip is important, there are many choices in New York, such as hotels under the Ramada brand. Arlo NoMad is one of the most popular hotels in New York. If you're still unsure, Trip.com recommends The Roosevelt Hotel, New York City.

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