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Stony Brook Villa Resort Sanya
4.4/51871 Reviews

Stony Brook Villa Resort Sanya

Yalong Bay/Tropical Paradise Forest Park/Bohou Village Sanya
This is one of the most beautiful properties I’ve stayed in in Sanya. Gorgeous, tropical, palm filled walkways, palapa gazebos and bridges that span koi filled rivers and ponds … I honestly felt I had been transported to Bali. The property is humongous and consists of an impressive lobby of dark wood, and many private villas all decorated in South East Asian decor. My massive room with its impressive view of the jungle below, was at the back of the property (reachable by walking or shuttle cart), on the 6th floor of one of the two tall buildings. It was lovely to soak at night in the December air in the private balcony tub and then crawl into the very comfortable queen bed with its nice linens and feather pillows. Another great feature of this room is that it had a small kitchenette with a full sized fridge and freezer and separate sink. This came in really handy as most restaurants (there is one on the property) were about a 10-15 minute walk away and I spent most of the time at the property near the pool having stayed at the beach a few days prior to this. The pool itself is also gorgeous, well maintained and equipped with very comfortable loungers situated under shaded palapas among palm trees.The only downside of this hotel I would say is a not-so-nice smell of sulphur (?) that comes and goes depending on where you are on the property. While I don’t think it would prevent me from coming again, it’s definitely something to be aware of if you’re scent sensitive. Thank you to the friendly helpful staff at the front desk for an enjoyable stay at Stony Brook!

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Family friendly

Golden Phoenix Sea View Hotel
4.7/56877 Reviews

Golden Phoenix Sea View Hotel

Sanya Bay, Coconut Dream Corridor / Sanya Phoenix International Airport Sanya|2.03km from city center
I loved my stay at this Hotel. It’s really great for families, there’s an indoor ply space for kids and a life guard at the pool. The hotel is right next to a Pizza Hut and Burger King as well as many local Chinese food restaurants and fruit shops down the street. Its also near a pharmacy and many small shops selling sand toys, swimming clothes, sun hats etc. The beach is right across the street, I walked 5 minutes to the beach and watched the sunset every day. The amenities are nice, the pool is nice and there is a life guard but you can’t really see the ocean from the edge. The gym is nice too but doesn’t open until 10. If I would change anything about the hotel it would just be the gym times. The breakfast is really great! Lots of western and Chinese options, even has many options for vegetarians. The hotel is super clean and the staff is very friendly. The beds are soft and comfortable and the water pressure in the shower is nice. Everyday our towels and water bottles were replaced. Sanya Bay is right in the middle of most tourist attractions. The hotel is 20 minutes from DaDongHai and 45 minutes from Yalong bay and Nanshan cultural tourism center. The vibe is very good. Very lively at the beach with lots of children playing and Aunties and Uncles dancing in the morning. If you’re staying at Sanya Bay this is a good choice!

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Coconut Dream Corridor

Hermit Crab Homestay (Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor)
4.7/5627 Reviews

Hermit Crab Homestay (Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor)

Sanya Bay, Coconut Dream Corridor / Sanya Phoenix International Airport Sanya|0.32km from Coconut Dream Corridor
Just across the road downstairs is the Coconut Dream Corridor. It takes a few minutes to walk to the wedding photography base. The sunset is beautiful in the evening. The customer service is very good, you can store your luggage, the refrigerator, washing machine and kitchen utensils are complete, and the kitchen is free to use. There are clothes drying racks and even a children's toilet, a sand digging tool, a stroller and a bath bucket. Anyway, it feels like it's all good. We thought about it. There is also a swing on the balcony. You can see the sea from the balcony. It is so beautiful. Take a look at the pictures. The tatami is perfect for children to sleep alone. I slept on it for two nights without having to worry about rolling off the bed. It is a separate space and the tatami is very large. An adult and a child can sleep together without being crowded, which is very reassuring. There is a row of restaurants in the community downstairs. We ate spicy food. We also ate at Lucky Manman’s Sichuan-style seafood restaurant. Yiheng Night Market is within walking distance, very convenient, the best value for money, 10-star recommendation👍The customer service lady will not disturb you at will, focusing on being free, convenient and uninhibited. There is no logic in what I write. I just write wherever I think of it. That’s probably it.

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Pearl River Garden Hotel  Sanya
4.8/53359 Reviews

Pearl River Garden Hotel Sanya

Dadonghai Beach/Luhuitou Square/Serenity Coast Sanya|0.26km from Dadonghai
It’s a great hotel. I booked here because of the rainbow bridges direct access to the beach - the booking is non refundable. Perfect location. Porters and kitchen staff and chef are polite and delightful. I booked a hotel package . Which included a yacht trip . Also upon checking the website it said languages spoken Chinese and English. Upon check in it was lovely that they allowed us into the hotel room earlier than 3pm . The welcome was a bit cold. No smiles just nervous dealing with English speakers . It was not told to us upon arrival about the construction and no access to the rainbow Bridge from the hotel which leads to the beach . In the room there was a note of apology in Chinese . Seeing that the main reason for us booking here was direct access to the beach it not already dampened our reservation/ which is no fault of the hotel if it’s government regulations. However prior to check in I believe an email should have been sent stating that . As the Bridge is the main attraction. So if you’re booking there now bear in mind construction and no easy access. Beach rules no entering the water after 6 pm even though sun is still up : The hotel doesn’t provide tea cups for the tea they provide in the room . We needed to use glass cups which is used to drink cold liquids . Foreigners make tea using g boiling water so we need a cup with ceramic handles at least . When I asked for one from the kitchen I didn’t receive a reply from The reception desk and I was told by house keeping there was none . The dilemma with the inclusive day yacht trip was only resolved due to help . They treated us well after the complaint of them not being able to compensate or include us. The trip was pleasant . The breakfast buffet and staff are pleasant . The dinner buffet was great and the kitchen staff very accommodating and welcoming. The beach umbrellas were no in use . No beach towels provided . No bedroom slippers except the rubber ones for shower/ beach .

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y HOTEL~Sanya
4.8/580 Reviews
Sanya Railway Station/HT Duty Free/Sanya Romance Park
The hotel that planted grass for a long time finally came to pull the grass this time, and it did not disappoint. As soon as I entered the hotel, I was cured by its unique design and warm service. From the north to Sanya, I didn't choose to go to the noisy seaside, but to the y HOTEL in the valley. It was very quiet and comfortable. Although I experienced it here for one night, I have been greatly soothed. The whole hotel has 8 rooms, so the biggest feeling is ”quiet”. The large room also has an outdoor courtyard. The exclusive space is really comfortable and the privacy is superb. y CAF Free Drink of Freshly ground coffee: Finally achieved coffee freedom, haha Enjoy a selection of welcome fruits and snacks: Hainan characteristics are delicious Minibar drinks (refilled daily): There are plenty of types Toiletries: The hotel taste is really good, the Aesop products are provided, and it feels great value at once.
Sanya Haosheng Zhuya B&B (Haitang Bay Duty Free City Store)
4.7/510 Reviews
HaiTang Bay/CDF Mall/Hou Hai
Very satisfied, the room is very good, the environment is also very good, Linwang Night Market is not far away, next to the duty-free shop, this time we brought the cat out to travel, many hotels in Sanya do not like pets, their home is very pet friendly, next to the style street, eating is very convenient, We look forward to our next meeting.
Chengwai Youxingguang Inn
4.7/5162 Reviews
Sanya Bay, Coconut Dream Corridor / Sanya Phoenix International Airport
The room was very comfortable and the service was very warm. At the beach, the steps are down, and you can also self-service laundry. It was raining and I told the small conch to pick us up at the interface. The restaurant food in the accommodation is very cost-effective and tastes very good. Stayed for two nights and was very happy to play in Tianya Town these days. It is very close to the West Island and the ends of the world.
4.6/5293 Reviews
HaiTang Bay/CDF Mall/Hou Hai
The newly opened hotel in February occupies a large area. It is composed of four grades of hotels. The grades are in ascending order from boutique, classic, treasure, and premium. The public facilities in the park are public. Breakfast is different in each hotel. The overall park is not very mature yet. The plants are small and have not grown up. Some facilities are not open, especially the corridor on the first floor, which has not turned on the lights. It is still very dark in the daytime. I am a little afraid of going wrong because it is too big inside and the patio design is messed up. When it rains and the whole ground is wet, you have to pay special attention to safety. At night, the walls and ceilings in the corridor are full of geckos. When I walk by, my scalp is numb and I dare not look at it. I am worried about opening the door and getting into the room🥲 This time I stayed in a premium one-bedroom pool villa. From the moment I checked in, I received a VIP reception from Xiao Ou on WeChat and also gave me two Maotai ice creams. There were not many guests, but Xiao Ou still responded to our requests and the service was very good👍🏻 Help us get it Go swimming in the lazy river to cheer up and go out to remind you to bring an umbrella when it rains. The buggy is always on call and you don’t have to wait. It’s pretty good. You can just sit and go to the self-service laundry room over there to wash your clothes. The room equipment is from Bvlgari. The space is large and the layout is reasonable. It just feels too much like entering a developer's model room. Fortunately, the swimming pool has a massage function and the water circulation is OK. The waiters took the initiative to help clean the fallen leaves inside and their attitudes were very good. The quality of the breakfast is a bit poor. It is really not up to the level of a five-star hotel. Any hotel in Haitang Bay can be compared. There are too few choices. There is no freshly squeezed juice tea, only black tea, and no other optional hot dishes. The seafood stir-fried crabs are actually frozen and very stale. The meat is all pink and the clams are small and the sand shrimps don’t feel alive. It’s hard to describe. The chef’s selection of dishes is made to order every day, but each person You can only choose a limited number. The waiters are very proactive and lively. Although there are very few guests these two days, the quality really needs to be improved to be worthy of this positioning. Because there are few guests, everything is reserved. The outdoor public swimming pool on the second floor is very clean. There is also a surfing area and locker room where you can take a shower. It is very clean. The lifeguard is also very responsible. Although there are only two of us guests, he still checks regularly. It feels like the training on equipment safety testing and water quality recording is in place. The water flow in the lazy river is not fast. I floated three times, haha, but you must wear sun protection when you go there! There are some fallen leaves in the swimming pool on the first floor. Swimming rings and paddle boards are free to use, which is quite good. I look forward to having a better design of the hotel’s garden landscape and improving the catering in the future. I am very satisfied with the service level. Every employee I encounter is full of enthusiasm and strives to solve various problems. I hope it will continue~
4.8/543 Reviews
HaiTang Bay/CDF Mall/Hou Hai
I chose to play in Haitang Bay with mz. At a glance, I was attracted by the decoration style of Dongfeng Meisu! The consequences of coming did not disappoint us. The location is not biased. It is very close to Linwang Night Market and Ever Night City. As soon as we entered the house, a curly-haired lady received us. Miss sister was super nice and helped us carry our luggage. The bedding was very comfortable, the pillows were soft and smelly, and the sleep experience was also very good! Also very clean!
4.2/5136 Reviews
HaiTang Bay/CDF Mall/Hou Hai
Quiet in the middle of the noisiness, good surrounding environment, next time you come to Haitang District, it is the hotel of choice. The hotel facilities are very complete, the parking lot is large and it is convenient to park, and the comprehensive index is very good.

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Sanya Travel Recommendations and City Info

Looking for hotels in Sanya? is a great place to start. If you want to stay at the best hotel in Sanya, is here to help! Located in China, Sanya is a well-known and vibrant city. While traveling to China, Sanya is one of the most popular destinations. Cities near Sanya include Baoting, Lingshui, Wuzhishan, and so on.

For those traveling for business and tourism, Sanya Phoenix International Airport is the preferred choice when visiting Sanya. Besides flying, taking a train to Sanya Railway Station is one of the other major methods of transportation. offers discounts of up to 20% on 447 boutique hotels in Sanya. When looking for hotels in Sanya, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 45 USD. There are 121 five-star hotels in Sanya at an average price of 98 USD per night. There are 68 four-star hotels in Sanya at an average price of 52 USD per night. There are 79 three-star hotels in Sanya at an average price of 44 USD per night. There are 141 two-star hotels in Sanya at an average price of 30 USD per night. There are many well-known chain hotels in Sanya. Howard Johnson is the most popular brand among tourists. Those who favor Howard Johnson can choose a hotel under its name. Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay in Sanya is a favorite among users. If you're still unsure, recommends Crowne Plaza Resort Sanya Bay.

In the city center of Sanya, you'll have easy access to Haiyue Plaza, Jiefang Road, First Market. You can choose attractions in Sanya that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Xiaoyue Bay, Daxiao Dongtian, Nanshan Temple. The most famous attractions locally are Yalongwan Scenic Area, Phoenix Island. If you're interested in museums and cultural landmarks, it's recommended to visit Sanya Folk Custom Museum. For those interested in the outdoors, attractions like Luneng Sanyawan Sports Park, Haohanpo Mengquan Park are excellent options.

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• January to March: 25.39°C during the day, 21.84°C at night

• April to June: 29.97°C during the day, 26.86°C at night

• July to September: 29.89°C during the day, 26.87°C at night

• October to December: 26.63°C during the day, 23.03°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 13.67 cm

• Summer: 120.3 cm

• Autumn: 233.2 cm

• Winter: 117.3 cm

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