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Things To Do in Liping

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D34***16Peaceful town with unique architecture. Visiting the terraces is a must, walk up to really experience it, but if its too hot you can take the bus for 20¥ round trip
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fredayuan1963Very very worth, through Zhaoxing Yaozhai, down to the terraces, find the repaired panshan walk to, take about 3 hours, through Xia Ge Yaozhai, to Tang'an Yaozhai. Those who plant the rice straw in the terraces along the way...
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Historical Architecture
130***19Zhaoxing is the largest Yao village in Guizhou, and transportation and accommodation are very convenient. The village is not big, there are five large house family living in five areas, local called the group, divided into benevolence group, Boxers, Littuan, Zhituan, Xintuan five groups, each group built a drum tower, the drum tower is the symbol of the Dong nationality, is also residents' discussion, chat place, who children have the first exam, All the awards were announced on the drum tower list. Five drum towers were built by villagers, and the styles were different, each with a flower bridge and stage.
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Historical Architecture
Featured Neighborhood
yylatpkuLiping Street is located in the center of Liping County, two names, one is high in the middle of the street, the shape of a straddled pole. The other is the street buildings all darts, the whole street is everywhere with the straddled corners. Liping County is one of the oldest counties in Guizhou, in the Ming Dynasty is an important capital city in Guizhou, with Zhenyuan, Guiyang, Anshun and other famous. In the center of Liping County, there is a leisure square built on the basis of the courtyard of the year. Liping Guojie is the core of Liping ancient city scenic spot, has been hundreds of years of history, the ancient street architecture is full of Chinese everywhere architectural style, mainly in the Hui, Guo style architecture. Liping conference site is also located in Guojie, and can visit with Guojie. At present, Liping ancient city scenic spot is still in the restoration and construction, especially the original Liping Mansion, the momentum is magnificent, it is expected to open to visit in 2022. At that time, the playability of Liping ancient city scenic spot will inevitably improve a grade.
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Historical Architecture
精光葫芦娃Liping Conference Site: located at No. 52 Erlangpo, Defeng Town, Liping County, Guizhou Province, is an ancient building in the Qing Dynasty. It covers an area of nearly 1000 square meters, and is surrounded by a fire wall about 20 meters high. In January 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission website published the National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot List, and the site of the Liping Conference was selected as the Chinese Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot List.
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_cf***44Southeast of Guizhou is the Miao and Dong Autonomous Region of my country. There are beautiful mountains and green waters. If you live in a big city for too long, you will not know what the real nature is like. Liping is a place where the Dong people gather. Now there is convenient transportation. As long as you want to go there, you are always welcome there. All kinds of ethnic crafts, snacks; ethnic minority costumes with ethnic characteristics will dazzle you. Don't wait anymore, Liping must be a cultural tourism destination you will never regret when you go.