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New York State

United States
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Popular Attractions in New York State

Central Park
1,348 Reviews
City Park
Central Park is located in the middle of Manhattan's urban forest of skyscrapers. Like an oasis in the desert, this is an refuge of green calm in the middle of the bustling metropolis. The park is dotted with many lakes and stands of trees both large and small. There are walking paths, running trails, bicycle paths, a zoo, sports fields and children's rides. You can stretch out on the lawn and enjoy the warm sunlight, stroll along while eating a hot dog, or go to the John Lennon Memorial - Strawberry Fields. This is a great way to enjoy a quiet and relaxing moment in the busy city.
Statue of Liberty
2,212 Reviews
Set on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty is arguably the symbol of New York City. Originally a gift from France to commemorate the centenary of US independence, it stood as a beacon welcoming generations of immigrants into the United States when nearby Ellis Island was the nation's primary port of entry. Reproduced countless times around the world in struggles for liberty and justice, the Statue of Liberty is a potent reminder of the power of ideas and the foundational myths in US history. Visitors can tour Liberty Island and ascend into the statue provided it is not closed for security or repair. Many people enjoy the free trip on the Staten Island Ferry, which passes near Liberty Island and allows one to imagine what it must have been like sailing into New York Harbor for the first time.
Times Square
1,777 Reviews
Times Square is a New York landmark. The triangular zone is flanked by high rise buildings and clustered with shops, with a plethora of department stores, restaurants, and Broadway theaters in the vicinity. Ablaze with lights both day and night, Time Square is overwhelmed by iridescent neon billboards and LED screens, each broadcasting adverts and promotion films from around the world. Throngs of people speaking different languages pack the streets and engrossing street shows can be seen everywhere. The Square is particularly boisterous during festivals, parades, and firework shows.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
1,931 Reviews
Located in close proximity to the beautiful Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world's five major museums. The Museum has art collections in excess of 3 million, holding invaluable artifacts and a art works from across the world, including Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe, and Asia, and innumerable world-class art treasures such as Egyptian temples, Chinese porcelain, Greek statues, and European paintings. This place is worthy of a whole day's time for an in-depth visit.

Trip Moments

Aliceolivia's unique brand for girls, every piece of clothing is full of heart This brand was established in 2002, and now has nearly 20 years of history, although not as famous Brands generally have a history of hundreds of years, but this is definitely a super-designed brand that a small group of people know and admire. Aliceolivia is a brand specializing in women's clothing, and her designer Stacey Bendet hopes to make her look more attractive and wear comfortable clothes, so she founded the brand in 2002. With the continuous promotion of the brand, Aliceolivia has become a hit with its unique decoration style, especially the Stacey Pants seems to become the cutting edge of fashion overnight, and it has quickly become the retro-style everyday trousers and leisure of today. Synonymous with pants. This time, the alicevlivia brand in New York's fashion week, different from the ordinary fashion show, released their new season fashion in a static exhibition. This time, the new costumes, they continue their daunting print style is really dazzling, the use of large bright colors, people feel that they are in the bright spring of blooming flowers, each set of clothes and scenes are very The heart is dressed up and the details are reflected everywhere. This time the whole design is based on bright colors, making people feel special. Especially impressive in the exhibition is the design of a similar series of illustrations based on green, clothes, bags, shackles and even sports cars. If you drive this car to the street, you should Super attractive to everyone's eyes? ! In addition to these series, alicevlivia is hard to break their "regular" launch of the white elegant series, the whole series is different from the print, making people look elegant and dignified. If you are interested in New York, you may have to check it out. In the Root Studios on the 18th Street, as for the clothes, the country does not seem to see ~
Posted: Sep 14, 2019
Punch the soho area of the United States, is the United States Chobani yoghurt really so delicious? The US Soho district is not an independent community, but the second district of Manhattan Island, which is a combination of West Village, Greenwich and Little Italy. When Soho City is now traveling to the United States, it is the best place to buy things. There are nearly 600 specialty clothing stores or jewelry stores here, so now people usually call it Soho as a business district. The purpose of coming here is to buy Buy and buy. On the Broadway in Soho, there are a variety of specialty shops. You can find them for eating, using, and playing. Of course, in addition to these special store accidents, you cant lose those international big names. For example: prada, chane, LV, etc... This time in the Soho area is a red shop, Chobani yogurt shop. Chobani is a brand of Greek yoghurt. In the past few years, it has been highly sought after in the United States. From a small brand to being snapped up by local people, it has been called the apple of yogurt by local people. So I have this Chobani yogurt shop in Soho. This shop is mainly based on the sale of yoghurt. Of course, there are some other foods for sale. Some people on the Internet say that the yoghurt made directly here is better than those in the box. Tens of thousands of times, this is simply "the yoghurt in the dream!" I am holding this card that I am looking forward to. The result is, do not have too high expectations, yoghurt plus a variety of ingredients taste is acceptable, the legend is really exaggerated, just want to vomit, this is super delicious? Oh, they have never seen China's food profound and profound. Click on the mango passion fruit yoghurt, simmer the raspberry yoghurt, and simmer the nut crispy coconut flakes. These three flavors are very general, maybe you can try other strange tastes, it is spicy yogurt ~ However, this place is very suitable for taking pictures, if it is for eating, it is not necessary to take the road Dedicated to run!
Posted: Sep 18, 2019