Complete Guide to Times Square NYC 2024

Oct 27, 2023


  • 1. What to see
    • 1. Madame Tussauds
    • 2. Ripley's Believe It or Not
    • 3. Times Square
    • 4. Gulliver's Gate
    • 5. Ocean Odyssey
  • 2. Dining options
    • 1. City Kitchen
    • 2. The Rum House
    • 3. Rudy's Bar & Grill
    • 4. Sardi's
    • 5. Joe Allen's Flop Wall
  • 3. Shopping
  • 4. Hotels
  • 5. Transportation
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Times Square New York, an iconic site of the Manhattan cityscape, is a melting pot of world cultures as well as a major commercial and entertainment hub. Sometimes referred to as “the center of the universe,” and rightly so, this place is one of the most popular tourist destinations as well as the world’s busiest pedestrian area.

Popular landmarks in Times Square include the Paramount Building at 1501 Broadway; Astor Plaza, the headquarters of Viacom; Times Square, a significant building of the area; the Times Square church, which is located in a former movie house; and the Times Square Studios. Times Square is also home to a number of high-profile corporate offices including Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley, and The New York Times Company. Often featured in popular cultures such as literature and films and music videos, Times Square is an iconic symbol of the American spirit. Times Square New York is a mini world on its own. It is a bustling business hub, an entertainment space, and a shopping paradise. You can spend your entire vacation here and still have a lot more to see and explore. This place is home to a variety of attractions and activities, ranging from street performers and free concerts to sophisticated Broadway theatres and musicals.

Located between West 42nd Street and West 47th Street at Seventh Avenue and Broadway, Times Square is also home to a number of modern hotels, up-scale restaurants, and entertainment houses.

There are many popular attractions at Times Square New York other than the Broadway shows. There are so many places to visit and see that a single visit will not be sufficient to explore this dazzling place. Below is a list of places you would have fun visiting with your family and friends.

Complete Guide to Times Square NYC 2024

Madame Tussauds is a museum that houses wax replicas of famous personalities from all walks of life. Get a chance to get close and personal with your favorite celebrities at this famous museum. Have fun clicking selfies with renowned artists and your favorite actors.

Address: 234 West 42nd Street, New York, 10036

Business hour: 9 am to 10 pm

Ripley's Believe It or Not! is a place to explore the wild and bizarre world of things. The place houses a number of exhibits and items that will blow your mind. The Manhattan-based museum is the largest in North America and is a must-see place if you are travelling with kids. Prepare to be shocked and rediscover the mysteries of the world.

Address: 234 West 42nd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues, New York, 10036

Business hour: 10 am to 11 pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and from 10 pm to 1 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Times Square, also called New York Times Tower, is a skyscraper built in 1904 and located at 42nd Street and Broadway, New York City. The tower initially functioned as the headquarters of The New York Times. Today, the structure is one of the most sought-after space for advertisement in the world. The exterior of the building is framed with grids and displays eye-catching electronic billboards like the other skyscrapers around it.

The colorful ball that sits atop on Times Square is a significant feature of the building. On every New Year’s Eve, the ball is dropped one minute before midnight, signaling the passage of time and the end of a year. Close to one million people throng Times Square New York to celebrate New Year’s Eve and the night is celebrated with glittering musical performances.

Tourists with selfie sticks, street entertainers, and costumed characters are the usual sights at Times Square.

Address: 1 Times Square, 42nd Street, New York

Complete Guide to Times Square NYC 2024

Gulliver's Gate is a miniature world consisting of more than 25 cities from across the globe. The place houses exceptionally detailed replicas of cities and places from all across the continents. Enjoy the sight of an immaculately crafted Buckingham Palace, a mini Great Wall of China, the Swiss Alps, the Grand Central, and a beautiful Taj Mahal all in one place.

Plan ahead and make sure you assign a few hours to check out this huge place. Children would especially enjoy hanging out at this place. Besides the mini-cities, they also have moving vehicles like trains and airplanes, which the kids would love.

Address: 216 West 44th Street, New York, 10036

Business hour: 10 am to 8 pm on all days

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is an underwater adventure where you can explore the Pacific Ocean through stunning animation, holograms, and touchscreens. Watch the sea animals up close and play with them, all without actually getting into the water. Using cutting-edge technology and huge projection screens, the place offers a virtual ocean voyage, and your underwater experience is bound to feel exceptionally real. This place is ideal for families with children.

Address: 226 West 44th Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue, New York, 10036

Business hour: 10 am to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10 am to 9 pm on the rest of the days

Times Square New York is filled with numerous upscale restaurants as well as casual dining places that cater to all types of tourists and visitors. Below are some of the places you can check out during your visit to Times Square New York.

City Kitchen is a marketplace you can visit for a quick bite. You can pick and choose from a number of food vendors that offer a variety of cuisines. Vendors including Azuki, Dough, Kuro-Obi, and Whitman's serve eclectic meals to cater to different tastes. Food items are reasonably priced, and you can order from burgers and tacos to coffees and doughnuts. The place also offers vegan and gluten-free options.

Address: 700 8th Avenue and 44th Street, New York, 10036

Open: 6:30 am to 9 pm Sunday through Wednesday and 6:30 am to 11.30 pm Thursday through Saturday

The Rum House is a swanky bar where you can head for classic cocktails. Considered as one of the top cocktail bars in New York, this piano bar inside the Hotel Edison serves the best cocktails in a dimly-lit lively space. The place also has live music and is a great option to unwind after a long day of sightseeing in Times Square.

Address: 228 West 47th Street, New York, 10036

Open: 12 pm to 4 am on all days

Rudy's Bar & Grill is a highly rated place that will not burn a hole in your pocket. This beloved bar opened since 1933 is famous for its cheap beer and affordable food, including free hot dogs. You can sip on some cold beer and interact with the locals and the friendly staff.

Address: 627 9th Avenue, New York, 10036

Open: Sunday from 12 pm to 4 am, and Monday through Saturday 8 am to 4 am

Opened in 1927, Sardi's near Times Square New York is a popular continental restaurant known for the thousands of celebrity caricatures that line its walls. The place has a great ambiance which is complemented by choice of good food. Popular among tourists and theatre performers in the Theatre District as a pre- and post-theatre hangout, this place is also often featured in popular culture.

Address: 234 West 44th Street, New York, 10036

Open: Closed on Monday; 12 pm to 7 pm Sunday; 11 am to 11:30 pm on Wednesday and Saturday; 11:30 am to 11:30 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Joe Allen's Flop Wall is another famed Broadway hangout known for its wall of shame that features Broadway's worst theatrical flops. Frequently visited by Broadway actors, this is a popular spot for hobnobbing with an eclectic mix of a crowd consisting of tourists, locals, theatergoers, and theatre actors.

As far as the food is concerned, the place offers a small but solid menu including sandwich and hamburger as well as salad and roasted chicken.

Address: 326 West 46th Street, New York, 10036

Open: Sunday 11:30 am to 11 pm; Monday noon to 11 pm; Tuesday noon to 11:45 pm; Wednesday and Saturday 11:30 am to 11:45 pm; Thursday and Friday noon to 11:45 pm

Complete Guide to Times Square NYC 2024

Times Square New York is like an outdoor mall with shops cluttered all over the place. With brightly lit stores displaying the latest fashion, this place takes shopping to a whole new level. You will find everything here, just about everything!

1. For women's clothing check out Loft, a brand known for its modern and feminine selection of apparel and accessories. Located on Broadway Street, this place offers the best range of accessories as well as feminine blouses and dresses with a contemporary twist.

Address: 1459 Broadway, New York, 10036

Open: Sunday 9 am to 11 pm; Saturday 8 am to 11 pm; Monday through Friday 7:30 to 11 pm

2. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly brand near Times Square New York, look no further than H&M, the Swedish-owned chain retailer offering trendy wears and accessories. Also located on Broadway Avenue, H&M offers modern clothing and fashion jewelry at a reasonable price. This place is extremely popular among the younger crowd due to its pocket-friendly prices.

Address: 1472 Broadway, New York, 10036

Open: Sunday through Wednesday 9 am to 12 am, and Thursday through Saturday 8 am to 2 am

3. Old Navy at Times Square is a budget shopping place for the family with a wide range of clothing and accessories. You can find all your must-have items, including jeans, tees, sweatshirts, and loungewear at reasonable prices.

Address: 1516 Broadway, New York, 10036

Open: 8 am to 12 am Sunday through Thursday and 8 am to 2 am Friday and Saturday

4. Swatch, a leading Swiss watchmaker, is a long-standing chain offering quality watches. If you are a watch enthusiast or simply looking for an excellent timepiece, head to this store and check out their beautiful timepieces.

Address: 1535 Broadway #168, New York, 10036

Open: 10 am to 12 am on all days

5. If you are a makeup lover, head to the massive Sephora store on Broadway, a must-visit store for all makeup lovers. Sephora is a retail chain with a selection of makeup and skincare products. Moderately priced, Sephora products are popular among many beauty lovers. Indulge in some colors and glitters as you strut down the New York street!

Address: 1535 Broadway, New York, 10036

Open: Sunday 9 am to 12 am, Monday through Thursday 8 am to 12 am, Friday and Saturday 8 am to 1 am.

Choosing the right hotel to stay is key to a productive and memorable vacation. Times Square New York offers a plethora of hotels to choose from. There are luxurious high-end hotels for an extraordinary experience, but there are also budget-friendly places where you can have a pleasant stay. Consider the location of the hotel and the basic amenities offered while picking your stay.

1. Hotel Edison, a 3-star hotel, offers a memorable stay next to Times Square. Featuring vintage touches and a ballroom, Hotel Edison is a combination of old-world charm and modern hospitality. Famous for its excellent location, the hotel has been around from the 1930s and is considered a trustworthy brand for generations. For a gourmet lunch, head to Bond 45, an in-house restaurant offering Italian cuisines including homemade pasta. Breakfast is also served at the in-house restaurants.

Address: 228 West 47th Street, New York, 10036

Phone: 1 212-840-5000

2. Another 3-star hotel, The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel offers different categories of rooms and suites of decent sizes. The hotel’s prime location makes it a popular choice among tourists. They can practically walk to many of the tourist attractions in Times Square New York. Rooms are equipped with amenities such as coffee maker, internet access, and electronic safes where you can keep your valuables. The hotel offers a $1 breakfast package so you can grab a quick bite before you head out for the day. Their breakfast spread includes coffee, tea, juice, and quick bites such as muffin, fresh fruits, and pastry.

Address: 790 7th Avenue, New York, 10019

Phone: 1 212-581-3300

3. Once frequently visited by Hollywood stars and well-known personalities from all walks of life, the Knickerbocker Hotel near Times Square New York, is a refined place that has an attractive restaurant and a high-end café. Boasting 330 guestrooms and suites, including Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms, and Premier rooms, this stunning place also offers incredible views and world-class cuisine. At the Knick, chef Palmer churns out beautiful cuisines in an open kitchen for an unparalleled dining experience.

If you are looking for a luxurious experience, opt for this place, and enjoy its premier services.

Address: 6 Times Square New York, 10036

Phone: 1 212-204-4980

Complete Guide to Times Square NYC 2024

4. Kimpton Muse Hotel is a luxe hotel where you can unwind and pamper yourself. The health-centric hotel stocks each room with yoga mats to ensure you don’t miss out on your daily dose of exercise. This pet-friendly hotel is a serene and beautifully renovated sanctuary with excellent services that ensure some quiet me-time. The Muse Bar, located within the hotel, serves cocktails and excellent bar bites. The hotel also serves continental breakfast, including coffee, fruits, and pastries.

Address: 130 West 46th Street, New York, 10036

Phone: 1 212-485-2400

Complete Guide to Times Square NYC 2024

5. W New York - Times Square, another popular hotel with a prime location, offers great ambiance, friendly staff, and excellent room service. Their suites are large with a beautiful view of New York City. This 4-star hotel also has a vibrant lounge where you can simply hang out and relax. Dos Caminos, one of the two restaurants at the hotel, offers Mexican cuisine, while Blue Fin is a modern seafood restaurant. This upscale restaurant with a modern background is frequently visited by theatergoers. It is also popular as an LGBTQ-friendly place.

Address: 1567 Broadway, New York, 10036

Phone: 1 212-930-7400

Millions of people visit Times Square New York each year. The place is well connected by public transport, and it is easy to get to. You can conveniently take the subways or book a cab, which will cost you a little more than the subway ride. If you are new to New York, google map comes in handy while navigating through the maze of the city.

Many companies offer tour services and opting for one of these services is an excellent way to explore Times Square New York if you are a first-time traveler. The hop-on-hop-off New York sightseeing bus tours are excellent for touring the city with a single pass. These tours are often informative, and you can learn a lot about the place through this interactive experience.

The best time to visit Times Square New York is between April and June as well as between September and early November when the weather is calm and pleasant.

Times Square New York is a place you should visit once in your lifetime. This may not be your standard quiet oasis or a languid beach where you can relax in the sun, but it is a place where life happens. Amidst the chaos of the city and the million buzzing people on the New York streets, you will discover the beauty of life as it is. People of different cultures, from all around the world, throng this place. A visit to Times Square New York will give you a better perspective on life, and you will come home enriched and happier. So plan your trip in advance, book your tickets, and fly to the land of dreams!

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