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About Ninglang

The Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, known colloquially as Xiaoliangshan (“the Lesser Cool Mountains”), is located in northwest Yunnan Province where the high plain of northwest Yunnan meets Sichuan. The area contains rich natural resources and an outstanding environment, uniquely endowing it for tourism. The most famous local tourist site is the beautiful Lugu Lake. The unsurpassed beauty of the lake and mountain scenery and the mysterious indigenous Mosuo people attract tourists from China and abroad, who are anxious to explore its secrets. The county offers many additional natural and cultural sites such as the Yongning (“Eternal Peace”) Hot Springs, Qinglonghai (“Azure Dragon Sea”), and the Zhamei Temple.

Popular Attractions in Ninglang

Lugu Lake
4,738 Reviews
Lugu Lake is located between Ninglang County of Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County of Sichuan Province. It is named as such because it is shaped like a gourd. The lake is about 2,600 meters above sea level and locals see it as a beautiful pearl shining among the hills of the Northwest plateau. The Mosuo people living on the lake are one of the key highlights of the attraction. They are one of the few matriarchal societies remaining in modern world as women play the role of production and management, holding the principal position in society. There is no marriage, men stay in the women's home as mates called 'Axia' and the intimate relationship lasts as long as they like. While on board a local boat, you will notice that the lake is crystal-clear with swarms of seagulls flying over the water. The surrounding scenery is like a painting that is worth seeing at least once a lifetime!
Yongning Bazi
22 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Yongning Bazi is located in Yongning Township, northwest of Hugu Lake. The whole scenic spot consists of three parts: Yongning Bazi, Hugu Lakeside and Jinshajiang Gorge. The Yongning Bazi is surrounded by mountains and has a beautiful natural landscape. The Kaiji River flows through the center of the basin, and the ditches and rivers on both sides of the river are horizontal and vertical. The land is fertile and rich in resources. It is called Jiangnan on the plateau.
Lugu Lake Viewing Platform
537 Reviews
Observation Deck
Lugu Lake Viewing Platform is located by Ninglu Highway, on the southern bank of Lugu Lake. Here, you can admire and take pictures of the panoramic view of the lake. Many great photographs of Lugu Lake are taken from this viewing platform. Its location provides a broad view of the scenery, and allows you to see panoramic views of Lugu Lake spread out before your eyes.
Lige Island
616 Reviews
Lige Island is located on the northwestern part of Lugu Lake. Actually a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides and backed by Goddess Mountain, it has some of the lake's most beautiful scenery. Lige Island is home to more than thirty families of Mosuo. The Mosuo are a matriarchal and matrilineal ethnic group famous for practicing “walking marriages”, or bonds based on mutual affection, where the woman allows the man permission to court her. Within a given family group, the grandmother holds the highest status. On clear evenings, Lige Village holds a Bonfire Party. At least one person from each of the Mosuo households joins the festivities wearing gorgeous local clothing and jewelry. The great square at the center of the village is full of people singing and dancing around the bonfire.

Ninglang Tours & Tickets

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Trip Moments

Wuhu super cost-effective B&B B&B name: Wuhu Luchai B&B B&B Address: Ninglang Putuluo Village Pier B&B Price: 138 yuan / night for 7 days with discount booking platform: Trip reservation / hc / / hc / 1 room 1 bathroom, separate bathroom, viewing terrace / hc / distance Luo Pier is within walking distance, about 300 meters from the lake, facing the Gem Goddess Mountain, surrounded by shared bicycle rental points, convenient to travel. The inn is quiet and beautiful. Its just a few minutes drive from the lagoon the owner is very easygoing. Im afraid that Im on the first floor, Ive upgraded the second floor room for free, and the view is a lot better There are many restaurants around , and there are several small supermarkets. It is more convenient to eat and eat.
Posted: Sep 24, 2019
[Daughter Country Inn recommended | a lazy little fairy in Yunnan] I know, five years away, Wuhu is still so beautiful and moving. At 4:30 in the afternoon, the boat was stopped. The villagers pulled the colorful pig trough back to the dock and docked them. No one was watching, and there was no charge for taking pictures. Although the lake on the drowning does not look like a blue on the lake, but the length of the lake is long, and one afternoon at the lake, time is worth wasting on good things. Departing from Lijiang, passing the Axia Tunnel, Wuhu is in front of you, and Sanjia Village is the first stop from Lijiang to the Wuhu area. Returned to Penghu again, avoiding the most densely populated waters and Riggs, and chose to develop the three villages as the stagnation point. There is a hotel in Sanjia Village which is particularly conspicuous. The room with a lot of glass windows is very open. Its name is Yunshan Meidi, 30 meters away from the lake, facing the lake in front of the lake. I can also see that the other side of the bank is the Luojing village I lived five years ago. The mattress of the inn is the top of the bed that I have slept in these years. The comfort level can be ranked in the top three. When I sleep in the sun, I wake up naturally. This is the correct way to open in Lijiang. Yunshan Meidi Every room is double-decker + super large-scale lake view glass window, the lighting is obvious to all, the portrait is nothing to say. In Wuhu, in Yunshan Meidi, seems to feel that they are still the little girl who loves to take pictures. (smirking)
Posted: Mar 23, 2019