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Trip Moments

Universal Studios Japan
"Pick up your wand and come to Universal Studios to say goodbye to Muggles"
Come to Osaka Be sure to come to Universal Studios, then Universal Studios is the most popular in Harry Potter! The fire was incarnate in Harry Potter. The Hogwarts Castle is an iconic building. On this day, I would like to congratulate my sunny doll for being attached again. It rains when I go out in the morning. It is cloudy after the arrival, and it starts to clear in the afternoon. There are not many people! Very happy. The Principal's Room at the Hogwartsley Dumbledore, the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, the "moving portraits" and the magical division hats on the way will also talk to you. The rides include "Harry Potter's Taboo Tour" (absolute NO.1) and "Eagle's Flight." There are live performances such as chorus and magic match in the school. You can also buy super popular butter beer (but not alcohol! Before entering Harry Potter Castle is the village of Hodmog, there are many shops in the original and there are three broom bars, too much lure on the roadside, such as Butter beer, such as train photos (there is a charge on the platform in the queue, you can enter the train to dress up and take pictures, there is a locomotive at the entrance, sometimes there will be a conductor walking around, you can take a group photo at no charge. This is free), it is recommended to slowly All the way to go to see the castle gate "Harry Potter's taboo tour" need to wait for the time and then plan, by the way, you can also look at the next "Eagle's flight" waiting time, if it is 15 -30 minutes suggest that there is no coupon, you can hurry to play.
The Main Tower of Osaka Castle
The castle tower is the center of the castle. He is not only a strong military defense facility, but also a symbol of the political power and status of the local name or city owner. The name of the Tianshou Pavilion first appeared in the early 16th century. The Warring States Period was the most prosperous period of development of the Tianshou Pavilion. The earliest recorded Tianshou Pavilion was built in the early 16th century. The oldest preserved now is the Inuyama Castle. Osaka Castle and Nagoya Castle and Kumamoto Castle have become three famous cities in Japan's history. On the weekend, locals came to visit a lot, and this is the first attraction to see a large-scale Chinese tour group. After climbing up, it is divided into two groups: climbing stairs and taking the elevator. It takes the elevator to go directly to the fifth floor. It has been queued for nearly one hour, so decisively take the stairs. This kind of more historical point of view can only be said to be a card type. Attractions, after all, do not understand. Show the travel card, or the staff can scan to enter, directly take the stairs, Tianshou Pavilion a total of five floors, 1-4 for the exhibition area, of which 3rd floor 4th floor is forbidden to take pictures, 5th floor is a sightseeing area, due to the high terrain, A view of the surrounding city view of Osaka. The Xiqiao Maru Court next to Osaka Castle is like a small park, but the winter vegetation is almost withered. The tickets are free of charge. We only walked to the entrance and saw that there was no one inside. Walk for 5 minutes from the Tianshou Pavilion.
Kids Plaza Osaka
Osaka Children's Park
Breakfast, Mom made a simple porridge noodle at the B&B, Miss Fu is amused by the bare feet running around the house, occasionally sitting quietly and tearing the sticker story book, every trip Miss Fu is very different.
After breakfast, head to @ to accompany the proposed Osaka Childrens Park, which is only one subway station away. It is said that it will welcome more than 400,000 tourists from all over the world every year. It is better to say that it is a veritable name. A large museum with the theme of children's education.
There are various facilities such as folk customs, children's play, traditional costumes and even professional experience centers. You can also observe the habits of creatures in close quarters, etc., and they are very patient grandparents. Osaka Children's Park is not just for entertainment, but also for children to learn.
At the beginning, I was worried that Miss Fu would be too small to be hit by someone. Later, I proved that I was worried about it. The children played very orderly and knew how to be polite.
As a mother, the most interesting thing is a five-storey colored castle like a labyrinth. Its true. I am wearing a yellow and white match. Its good for taking pictures. However, its a photography technique. It is.
Here, if you have enough time, you can play for another day.
Name: Osaka Children's Park kids plaza osaka
Suitable age: 1-10 years old
Transportation: Take the Osaka Subway Sakae Line and get off at "Saramachi Station". Exit 2 is a few minutes walk.