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Things To Do in Xingyi

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Geological Sites
_We***42Beatiful place with fantastic scenery. Would recommend taking a scooter and riding around into the hills for a personal feeling of the area.
2,349 Reviews
_We***42One of the most amazing places i've seen. The water falls through the vegetation on all sjdes as you walk in the middle. Really something to are!
332 Reviews
ellenkao35Not many visitors, but the lake is really pretty and also there is a nice castle on top of a hill.
92 Reviews
Geological Sites
_We***92Guizhou mellow scenic spot is very beautiful, not many tourists, the scenic area is full of flowers, colorful, the air is fresh, breeze, permeated with a variety of flowers and plants. spend ten yuan, climb the wishing pavilion, the entire scenic spot is unobstructed. Make a wish, wishing everything.
94 Reviews
剑起长歌The views are good, the canyon is beautiful on both sides, sit on the rafting boat enjoy the cool breeze between the canyons, the different landscapes are different, and will pass a bridge across the canyon, as if a road is raised overhead.
25 Reviews
朱朱莉Guizhou Tour, the fifth stop, Xingyi Jilongbao Resort! From Huangguoshu, more than 200 kilometers, arrive at Xingyi Jilongbao Resort! I like this place very much, because soon after entering Xingyi City, the road to the resort is really wide, so comfortable, the coconut trees on both sides of the road, it feels like to Hainan, the holiday atmosphere is immediately baked out! Check the ticket at the visitor center, then you can choose to drive in or take the scenic car to go in, the car parked in the visitor center or parked in the scenic spot, there must be a parking fee of 10 yuan! Big brother this lazy guy let me drive in, hehe, the 60 degree big slope with the turning back mountain road, although not long, also give me enough scary, uphill is much better! Few people here to play, less feeling like a garden! Maybe there are fewer people. The time span of the boat is quite big. We caught the boat at 1 pm. It is said that the next boat will be sent at 4 pm, so the babies must contact us in advance and greet the time of the boat so as not to waste time waiting! There is nothing to see in the castle, it is still decorated, there is a smell of dilute water, the glass path is very short, and there is a zipline, it is not interesting! Just take a photo outside!

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Chuanyundong ParkQianxinan,China

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Maling Canyon ParkQianxinan,China

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Xingyi Dongganshui WorldQianxinan,China

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National Geological ParkQianxinan,China

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Dongfenglin Sceneic AreaQianxinan,China

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Xingyi MosqueQianxinan,China

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About Xingyi

Located in the southwestern part of Guizhou Province, Xingyi is the capital of Qianxinan Bouyei and Hmong Autonomous Prefecture. It has always been one of Southwestern China's important business centers. The Maling River Gorge—a national-level scenic spot found here—is very spectacular. Generations upon generations of Bouyei ethnic people have lived here. Singing and dancing beside the river, they were accompanied by the soft sounds of wood and leaves. As they sang affectionate love songs, they created a charming rural scene.

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Here are the best places to visit in Xingyi, including: Wanfenglin (“Ten-Thousand Peak Forest”),Malinghe Canyon,Wanfeng Lake
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