Jade Screen Mountain | The most suitable niche spot for hiking and parent-child mountain climbing around Chengdu

| The most suitable niche spot for hiking and parent-child mountain climbing around Chengdu. Jade Screen Mountain, formerly known as Yunzhan Mountain, is located 30 kilometers southwest of Hongya County, Sichuan. The mountain shape is like a screen, hence the name Jade Screen Mountain. Jade Screen Mountain is a forest health base with many trees. Once you enter the green area, the body temperature drops by 2-3 degrees instantly, and you don't have to worry about too much sun. Travel strategy: 1 No tickets, only 20 yuan for parking. There are many bends on the mountain road, drive slowly. 2 There are health hotels and camping sites on the top of the mountain, you can choose to stay or camp (pets allowed). 3 There are many bathrooms on the hiking route, the hygiene is very good, don't worry about having no place to go to the bathroom. 4 There are many paid amusement facilities, such as glass plank roads, cableway descents, etc. 5 The signage is not done very well, for example, there are no obvious signs to find the hiking route, and I asked several times to find the entrance to the hiking route. You can park your car in the parking lot near the glass plank road, then enter the hiking entrance from the place next to the parking lot, and then walk along the Cicada Singing Trail. The scenery and air along the way are very good, with small waterfalls, but the water is slightly dry now, and it should be more beautiful when the water is good. The hiking route can go all the way to the main road, and then you can take a sightseeing car back to the vicinity of the parking lot. Overall, the distance is not long, suitable for hiking novices and friends who don't want to walk too much
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Posted: Feb 6, 2024
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