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About Daocheng

Daocheng (稻城) is located in southern Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China’s Sichuan province, in the southeastern portion of the Tibetan Plateau. The Aden (亚丁) Nature Reserve in Daocheng is a top vacation destination famed for its snowy peaks. The Khampa (康巴) Cultural Region, part of Daocheng County, is an important part of Khampa culture. The religion practiced in Daocheng County is Tibetan Buddhist Lamaism. Of the 13 monasteries in the county, the most renowned are the Shugden (雄登) and Gonggaling (贡嘎岭) monasteries.

Popular Attractions in Daocheng

Daocheng Yading
3,981 Reviews
Daocheng Yading, also known as Yading Nature Reserve, is known by locals as Aden Scenic Area. Located in the southern part of Daocheng County in Ganzi Prefecture, it is mainly composed of three mountains, Xiannairi, Yangmaiyong, and Xianuoduoji, as well as surrounding rivers, lakes, and alpine meadows. There are not only magnificent and sacred snow-capped mountains in the scenic area, but also vast meadows, colorful forests, and blue crystal clear lakes. Hiking on foot like the local Tibetans is a better way to experience the scenery in Yading. However, due to the high altitude of the Aden Protected Area, the entire walk still requires considerable physical fitness.
Milk sea
526 Reviews
Milk sea, also known as Luorong Cuo, is located in a hollow at the foot of Yang Maiyong Mountain, a sacred mountain in Yading, Baocheng county. It is an ancient glacial lake shaped like a water drop, and is named Milk Lake because there is a circle of milky white calcium sediment by the lakeside. The only ways to get from Luorong Pasture to Milk Lake are by walking or renting a horse from a horse caravan on the pasture. Because of its position relatively high above sea level and rugged mountain paths, the route requires good physical condition and you should pay attention to your safety when proceeding.
Aden Village
288 Reviews
Rural Area
Aden Village is located in Daocheng County's Aden Scenic Area. Many visitors to the Aden Scenic Area choose to spend the night here. The landscape surrounding Aden Village is elegant and beautiful. Visitors come here to experience the natural beauty of the great outdoors. When walking about the village, you can see the distant glaciers on the mountainside as well as the pastoral scene of sheep and cattle out to graze. This is also a favorite place for photography lovers and they are sure to capture an abundance of great pictures.
Luorong Cattle Farm
259 Reviews
Nature Reserve
Luorong Cattle Farm is one of the famous spots in the Yading Nature Reserve. It is a pasture where Tibetans graze nearby. The Luorong Cattle Farm is backed by three Shenshan Mountains and is a great place to see the Three Dragons. The cattle farm is surrounded by rolling alpine meadows. In the spring and summer seasons, wildflowers bloom in the meadows, and the mountains and plains are very spectacular. The Gongga River passes through the cattle farm, and the flocks of cattle and sheep graze leisurely on the riverside and on the hillside, creating a harmonious scene.

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Daocheng Yading: 7 Beautiful Scene and Snowy Plateau
Outdoor Recreation
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Located in Chengdu County, Aden Scenic Area is the most famous scenic spot on the southern Sichuan-Tibet line. The scenery here is breathtaking; there are not only magnificent sacred snow mountains, but also vast meadows, colorful forests and blue seas. The most beautiful things in the snowy plateau are gathered here. Everything is very fascinating.
TripBlog   Feb 18, 2020
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Dali:The Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon Season of Cherry Blossoms There is more to Dali than its four famed landscapes, each represented by the local saying of "wind, flowers, snow and moon". As the weather turns cooler in November, cherry blossoms bloom.Wuliang Mountain Cherry Valley was originally a tea plantation. By happy chance, a few cherry trees began to grow. The plantation owner found them to be a pretty sight and planted cherry trees all over the mountain.
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Trip Moments

The last piece of pure land on the blue planet - Daocheng Aden. First knowledge of Daocheng is the movie "From your world", the blue sky, the white snow-capped mountains, the golden grass... After a long journey, I finally plunged into your arms.
Posted: Jul 12, 2019
Hiking in the city of Yading, passing through your world from the world through the city of Aden, where there are sacred snow mountains, vast alpine meadows, colorful autumn forests, colorful prayers, and The blue sea, the beauty of the snowy plateau seems to be concentrated here. Like the local devout Tibetans, walking to the mountains is the best way to experience the scenery of Aden. [Dacheng Aden Walking Route]: Aden Scenic Area is very large. It is recommended to arrange a two-day tour in Aden. Usually, the day before is staying in Yading Village or Riwa Town. It is recommended to play on the first day. Long line, play short-term the next day, and then return to Daocheng. [challenge self-walking long line]: day watt - tie-filled collapse - Chonggu Temple - Luorong cattle farm - milk sea - five-color sea long line recommended early morning Departure, Riwa takes a sightseeing bus for about 1 hour to fill the collapse, and then walks to Chonggu Temple for 15 minutes. This route is suitable for friends with better physical strength, which is a little more difficult. "The Passing Through Your World" is a hit, the end of the Chen and the pheasant in the harvest field, the sound of the wind blowing through the fields, Mao 18 in the endless green grass The fragment of Litchis marriage proposal is truly memorable. Here is the Luorong cattle farm. I hope that you will be as refreshing as the wind, as warm as light.
Posted: Aug 19, 2019
I brushed Daocheng Yading again in October. It is really the most beautiful blue planet in October. I dont know how to drive without a car. When to start, I cant help but brush a few times for the place I like! Going to the same place in different seasons, the feelings are completely different! This time, the second brush chose Daocheng Yading in the most beautiful season at the end of October, and by taking the bus in Chengdu, it is measured to go to Daocheng Aden is also super convenient and save money - Transportation / Hh / super money-saving bus Xinnanmen station 270 270 270 From the Chengdu passenger station, you can buy tickets online in advance (a certain course)! There is only one bus per day, it takes 2 days to stay in Kangding for 1 night! Drivers along the way will also stop to take pictures, eat what, the overall experience is not bad! The secret must be bought online in advance, such a seat can be selected in advance, the first line of sight is really not too good - Daocheng Aden play Aden scenic area The gameplay is mainly divided into 2 lines 1 is the long line 2 that goes to the milk sea and needs to walk for 6h. It is the short line to the pearl sea. 1h the specific play is as follows: h 2 day tour Jia Dacheng County for 1 day, Aden Scenic Area for 1 day Day1
Posted: Oct 19, 2019
The impressiveness of Yading Nature Reserve, located at the south of Daocheng, situated around magnificent snow mountains, and also encircled by forested valleys, crystal-clear rivers. This place definitely presents you the wonderful stunning landscapes you'll ever see.
Posted: Dec 3, 2019
Punch the world's highest civil airport - 4411 meters, Daocheng Aden Airport looks like a flying saucer, so that the original and mysterious Daocheng is covered with a more mysterious veil. Daocheng Airport has opened direct flights to Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhangzhou and Xi'an.
Posted: Jul 12, 2019