Inner Mongolia
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Things To Do in Tongliao

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_CF***03Daqinggou original forest is worth seeing. The forest at the bottom of the gully is cool in summer, the spring water is clear and cool, the pearl spring has characteristics, and the spring water comes out at the sand bottom. I saw this scene for the first time. Look at the panoramic view of Daqinggou on the watchtower, you can feel it at half price! But the Sanchakou slide and cableway are a bit too simple, the distance is short, you don't have to spend money to experience it!
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走遍天下XZHorqin prairie is beautiful, grassy, ploughy, broad, and refreshing, but without these spirits, it will certainly reduce a lot of anger and interest. So, every time we go to a place where the alpaca flocks, we stop to admire, really people in the painting, people in the scene drunk! But do not go too close, close, they slowly walk away.
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nan希In November, Yinsha Bay is still open. Daqinggou and grassland are closed. The sand in Yinsha Bay is very fine and clean. I went to the desert oasis by buggy and saw the beautiful scenery. I really liked it. Come here It's worth it. I have to go to the desert once in my life, and to the grassland again. The off-road vehicle is particularly exciting, even more exciting than a roller coaster. It feels like a car overturned, and the driver is very skilled. Asking for 300 yuan, bargaining for 240 yuan for a round, normal sandboarding is 50 yuan a board, rent an off-road vehicle as a gift. I played sandboarding twice, but I couldn't play anymore. Going down quickly, it's so tiring to climb up. The off-road vehicle is very worth renting, otherwise you can't go far with two legs. The scenery of the desert oasis is really shocking.
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M40***00[view] Still looks very good, very good look, still like it, still very good, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
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Water Park
D05***52The building of this park is very magnificent, original, comprehensive amusement facilities, clear and transparent water quality, strong sense of service, children are having fun, come again next time
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Water Park
我行我素&Many kinds of hot spring pools, many kinds of passengers, many health can be dining and food general service attitude is good, especially the handsome guy who rents the circle, simple medical dressing operation is skilled 👍👍 very professional, worth playing