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Lantau Island

4.5/5977 Reviews
Open all day. Ngong Ping Cable Car is open from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 18:30 on weekends and public holidays. It is closed on maintenance and repair days.
Hong Kong Outlying Islands, Lantau Island
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About Lantau Island

Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong. Originally the site of fishing villages, Lantau has been developed in recent years with the completion of several major infrastructure projects. Buddhist architecture; a long sandy beach; shopping outlets — Lantau Island has it all. Whatever your persuasion, Hong Kong’s largest outlying island brings solace to the soul, senses, and shopping bags. Visit the remote Po Lin Monastery with its famous Big Buddha statue. The Ngong Ping 360 cable car is another popular attraction, offering great views of Lantau and its surroundings.

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  • 海底的柚子

    It must be fine weather to play in such scenic spots. I bought the ticket online. After arriving at the scene, there is still a queue to change tickets. Because the online ticket window is not as many as the on-site ticket window. So it's faster to buy tickets on the spot. After getting the paper ticket. We have to queue up for the cable car. So go out and play. Queuing wastes a lot of time. I suggest you get up earlier. Eat breakfast near Tung Chung. Then queue up in advance. In the morning, when the temperature is not high, you can play at the Angping Fair, and then you can take a bus to Da'ao Fishing Village. It takes about 20 minutes to get on the bus. No taxi is recommended here. The taxi driver here is a clear slayer. Getting on the bus is two hundred Hong Kong dollars. The main way to the fishing village is to sell more dry goods in small streets. I suggest you not buy shrimp paste. You can buy some shrimp sauce. I bought shrimp cake because it was easy to carry. When I came back, I found it very, very unpleasant. Then to the fishing village is mainly to feel the life of fishermen. You can eat in the fishing village at noon. Then you can take a bus back to Angping Fair. Generally speaking, there will be inspirational performances in Angping Square. You can know the performance time well in advance. Then you can visit the Temple of Heaven Buddha. Spiritual bamboo slips. There is also the Buddhist Temple of Baolian. The Temple of Heaven Buddha, very large, has become a landmark building on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Standing at the foot of the Buddha, you can see the distant coastline, which is also very beautiful. Baolian Zen Temple is also very magnificent. In the past, there were some monks reciting sutras. The scene was also very shocking. Near Baolian Zen Temple and at the foot of Tiantan Buddha. There are a lot of shops selling Shanshui tofu. To go to Lantau Island, you must try landscape tofu. Very tender. Then you can try the authentic fish balls. You can take a cable car down the hill by sunset. It's very pleasant to sit on the cable car and watch the sunset. You can also see Hong Kong Airport from the cable car. Come to Tung Chung. You can take a turn at the nearby Dongyicheng Mall. The discounts are very strong here. When we go, we buy shoes, just like we don't need money. Dongyicheng Mall has about three or four floors. We didn't finish shopping because we were going back to the city. What's more, when you travel in Hong Kong, you can carry a water cup with you. Many tourist attractions offer free drinking water. Buying water here basically starts at 20 yuan. And cash only. There is no way to pay for Alipay and WeChat on Lantau Island.

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    Reviewed on 1503467050000
  • M14****93

    In 1993, the opening of the Temple of Heaven Buddha raised the tourism visibility of Lantau Island. In fact, the Pauline Temple is well known in Hong Kong, including the Daxiong Palace and the Wanfo Palace. In the past, Tsing Ma Bridge, , to Lantau Island, from Central to Meiwo by boat, and then by bus to go up the hill, many people in Hong Kong have had this experience: _______________ In addition to Buddhas and temples, most visitors overlook another scenic spot - quot; Xinjing Jianlin - quot; as a special reminder, don't miss it. On the hillside, a series of wooden scriptures are carved with quot, Prajna Boromido's heart scriptures are quot, which are shocked by the distance, and then go up to the next level. The scriptures are even bigger and the road is only a small hillside. When you come to the Buddha, you will see a pavilion (see photo) facing the Buddha's left hand. You will see a stone tablet along the path. After passing the path, you will see a bifurcated road to the right. About 200 meters, you will see the Phoenix Viewing the Sun. The right hand is the Confucian Sutra of Mind. After reading the heart sutra, Jane Lin came out and then went up to 240 levels to watch the Temple of Heaven Buddha. Up to the top, you can overlook the sea and beautiful scenery. It is completely free, such as 98 yuan for each vegetarian dish, 138 yuan for two people. It's also a good place to take a bus to Da'ao at the Shanshan Bus Station. Look at the fishing village which cherishes the day. Only at night can we take a bus back to Tung Chung Metro Station. We don't have to rush too fast to get to and from there at night.

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    Reviewed on 1482254519000
  • 八朵

    Central Terminal 6 arrives at Meiwo 15 yuan by boat, and arrives at Lantau Pier (5 p.m.) an hour later. Ask if the last boat arrives at the bus stop after 11 o'clock. There is no bus to Dafo Temple. Because the cable car on Rain Island stops and the local people choose to take the bus to Daao after inquiring about it. It has a beautiful sea view through Changsha Beach. Along the way, cattle can find food on the roadside, relax and have no time relationship. Getting off the bus, arriving at Da'ao at 6 o'clock, the rain stopped and the sun came out. We visited the fishing village together. The villagers were very simple. There were all kinds of seafood on the street. The dogs were sleeping quietly on the ground. The villagers were sitting quietly or standing idly. The boats were docked in the harbour. Maybe it was near the night, and the market closed. What presented to us was a quiet fishing village. The photo tour lasted more than an hour. It took us only 40 minutes to get back to the wharf by car at 7:30 in the fishing village. It took us 35 yuan per person on the 9 o'clock speedboat to the Zhonghuan wharf. Then we took a boat from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui. There are still several scenic spots on Lantau Island that have not been visited due to time. Next time, please visit again.

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    Reviewed on 1498751389000
  • wuxiaochenhua

    Lantau Island is the first day to visit Hong Kong, maybe because of this reason I find it most interesting to buy tickets on Taobao to avoid queuing because my grandmother is too old to choose to take the crystal cable car. But even if the scenery on the ordinary cable car is beautiful, after arriving, I first visited the Buddha's very quiet, serious and delicate Buddha statue, just met the monks chanting and chanting atmosphere. The solemn then ran away and no one else came to the heart Sutra. Jane Lin may look like a pile of wood with Taoist scriptures, but it's great to feel that solemnity.

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    Reviewed on 1438999044000
  • Recae

    I've been hearing about 360 degree glass cable car. I've always wanted to see it, but I still had no luck. The cable car was out of service on the day I went. The Buddha in the mountain on the bus that came later. There's a good snack in the temple and it's cheap. It's much cheaper than the private ones at the gate of the temple. Half of the snack is about HK$10. The most important thing is that neither the Buddha nor the emperor's Temple need admission tickets. Oh, all of them are free and open. The scenery is beautiful and worth visiting.

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    Reviewed on 1442677949000
  • Lucia1030

    This time, instead of traveling by cable car, I learned from Hong Kong people and worshipped the Buddha on Lantau Island. Starting from the Yidong Village of Tung Chung, we walk towards the Hou Wang Temple. Then we go straight along the side path. About a kilometer past a step up the mountain, which is the mountain pass. Three and a half hours from here, you can walk to the Buddha. Road encounters cable car Tower 3 to 6. Tower No. 6 should go straight in the direction of the Buddha. There are still many steps up the hill, which need some physical foundation. It's a beautiful journey, overlooking the whole airport. There are 30 gauge spacing columns in the whole process.

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    Reviewed on 1539132642000
  • jinyu9711

    Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong, located in the western waters of Hong Kong. The terrain is mainly mountainous, with Phoenix Mountain at 935 meters above sea level, the second highest peak in Hong Kong. The most populous place on the island is Da'ao Town. Most people in Hong Kong visit Lantau on weekends or holidays. Take the subway to Tung Chung and get out of the subway station by Ngong Ping 360 cable car to go directly to Lantau Island, or walk for a few minutes to go up the mountain by bus to visit Baolian Zen Temple, Temple of Heaven Buddha, Xinjing Jianlin and Ngong Ping Fair. At the entrance of Ongping Fair, you can go to Tai'ao Fishing Village. It's very convenient to return from Tai'ao to Tung Chung. There are buses all the way to 24 o'clock. Or walk to the end of Xinjing Jianlin, or continue to walk Phoenix Mountain.

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    Reviewed on 1549548323000
  • 米米裕

    Unexpectedly, there are still so many people going to Lantau on the last day of the Spring Festival holidays. After the cable car came out, it came to a market. Because there were so many people eating at noon, there were many kinds of shops on the mountain, but the price was not cheap. A bowl of Yuntuan noodles cost 50 yuan, and it was not good to eat. A meat sauce rice needs more than 50 yuan, that is, some meat sauce is sprinkled on the white rice, and I don't want to eat it when I look at it. There are three tourists who have a meal. After eating, they continued to move forward. After the market, they arrived at the Buddha and the Pauline Temple. Because I had no habit of worshipping God, I just went up to the Temple of Heaven and circled down. Maybe because I passed through Shenzhen early in the morning, and then I transferred to the subway from Luohu, and I felt tired after queuing to change tickets and take the cable car, so I didn't even go to Da'ao, Beilin, Meiwo and other places. After a quick tour, he went down the hill by cable car. Next time, if you want to visit more scenic spots on Lantau Island, you have to choose the second day of arrival in Hong Kong. There is plenty of time and you are not so tired.

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    Reviewed on 1519226452000
  • JJ_Ren

    I chose the crystal car Taobao to buy tickets. The queue saved a lot of time. Otherwise, we would really queue up to death. We went to 8 people in the morning, one car in the afternoon, two people in the car. No one queued up at 2:00. You can see that we did not have a deep play in Lantau Island. We went to the gate and strolled around the next time we had a chance to go in depth.

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    Reviewed on 1460006140000
  • 休伯特

    Lantau Island is the island where Disneyland is located. There are a series of scenic spots on the mountain. They are Angping 360, Xinjing Jianlin and Tiantan Buddha and Baolian Temple, known as the "South Heaven Buddha Country". Its highest peak is 934 meters high. The autumn season is a good place for hiking. In addition, Lantau Island has a beautiful scenery, which still retains the fishing village style of early Hong Kong. Rows of old shanty buildings set off a unique fishing village style.

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    Reviewed on 1502718743000
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