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About Yangzhou

Yangzhou has always been a gathering place of culture and a scenic, flourishing city with many famous historical sites, ruins, and elegant gardens. The scenery of Shouxi Lake is beautiful, and here you can come to experience what was put down in the famous poem: "traveling down to Yangzhou in a misty and florid March." You can also take a boat cruise to get a sense of the free and unfettered mood which the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty must have had when he visited the lake. Yangzhou also has places like the Gucha Daming Temple with its long and storied history. It has the He Garden with its reputation as the “City Mountain Forest,” and the year-round rock garden known as Geyuan Garden, as well as the remains of the residences of the emperors Sui Yang Di, Kangxi, and Qianlong, and countless beautiful natural landscapes.

Popular Attractions in Yangzhou

Slender West Lake
32,624 Reviews
The Slender West Lake is a scenic lake and national park in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. You can enjoy the natural scenery along the river or enter pavilions to sample the poetry and calligraphy of ancient literati. You can also sit on a boat and experience the ride from the perspective of Emperor Qianlong. The Lake still has many famous gardens. For thousands of years, countless literati wrote poems and drew paintings here, leaving behind many assets and folk tales. They also built many scenic buildings in accordance with local customs.
Geyuan Garden
7,371 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Geyuan Garden was built in the Qing Dynasty on the site of the former Shouzhi Garden of the Ming Dynasty. At the time, the garden was planted with bamboo. Because the bamboo leaves were shaped like the Chinese character for “Ge”, the garden was thus called “Ge Garden.” The four rockeries in the garden are very unique; after making it around the garden, it’s as if the visitor has experienced spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Geyuan Garden is not large and can be divided into three areas: the northern bamboo viewing area, the central flower garden, and the southern residential area. Compared with other traditional Chinese gardens, the essence of Geyuan Garden lies in the art of the rockeries with the theme of the four seasons. In addition to the rockeries, walking in the northern bamboo forest is a very pleasant experience. Even during hot summer days, walking in the green bamboo forest often feels quite cool.
Ho Family Garden
4,734 Reviews
The Ho Family Garden is a typical garden of the late Qing Dynasty. The garden cleverly combines Chinese and Western architecture. The pavilion has a series of forked, covered walkways, and the whole layout gives the sense that the building is highly structured. The Ho Family Garden mainly consists of 3 portions: the rear garden, the residential courtyard, and a rock grotto in the southeast. The western part of the garden has a pool in the middle. A water pavilion is located in the pool. This is where the owner of the park watches theatrical performances.
Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort
1,497 Reviews
Hot Spring
Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort is located on the banks of Slender West Lake and has natural hot springs. There are many small hot spring pools in the resort, each of which can accommodate 5-6 people. The hot spring pools all have a garden-style design and are suitable for both families and couples. There is also a lounge area with sofa chairs, billiards and other facilities, as well as drinks and fruit.

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Enjoy Guiyang Cuisine and Experience The Exquisite Life of Yangzhou
A bite of a delicious Yangzhou lion head The Yangzhou lion head in Guiyang cuisine is a must-have. The soup is more oily, the lion's head is very tasty, the meat is tender and not hard, and the primary flavor is slightly sweet. This dish is also very elegant. First of all, be sure to use pork belly, because the fatty and sinewy proportion of pork belly is suitable for the lion's head, and secondly, the pork must be minced by hand to make the meat elastic; mincing with a meat grinder and a knife will not make the meat elastic. The Yangzhou lion head prepared this way is extremely light, and you can eat a bite of the delicious meatballs!
TripBlog   Nov 25, 2019

Yangzhou Weather

Aug 9, 2020
25 °
Aug 10, 2020
Light Rain
Aug 11, 2020
Aug 12, 2020

Trip Moments

Slim West Lake new game, and Qianlong Ye drink a cup of tea thin West Lake has several ways to play! ? Look at the garden, enjoy the architecture, boating on the lake, big food... In Yangzhou, in Slender West Lake, be sure to let yourself find a way to slow down, in order to appreciate the essence of the city. Perhaps, this season, in the slim West Lake with cinnamon, you should look like an old tree, look for a tree, sip tea, empty yourself, sit for a while. Slender West Lake knows me. In the Guihua Hall in Linshui, there is a baked tea house full of interest, selling all kinds of tea and tea, suitable for sitting and taking a rest. The tea is in the very interesting Qianlong theme cup, and the cup says "Jun can't have no tea for a day." Hey, this is definitely a portrayal of the true temperament of the Emperor Qianlong in Yangzhou. Osmanthus Hall, the north and south of the osmanthus tree, this season is fragrant, intoxicating! On the outer gallery column, there is a couplet: Lin Waizhong comes to know the temple far away, and the willows rest in the boat. In a word, the excellent location is here, the view is wide, and the Slender West Lake is close at hand. When I went there, there were not many people in the roasting tea house. I ordered a cup of tea and sat quietly for a while. The waiter is a big sister, and there are not many words in his hands and feet. When we took pictures, she did not obstruct it. At first glance, it was the kind of Yangzhou people who were not slow. 1. Teahouse has Hanfu, you can change to take pictures, but it is estimated that there are few people. 2. There are four stunning dance performances every day. The impression is that it is 9:00 in the morning, one at 11:00, and two in the afternoon 3. The osmanthus hall is actually one of the 24 scenes of Slender West Lake. "Water cloud wins", no performance vision is also very good, suitable for overlooking 4. Slim West Lake tickets are different in the peak season, you can buy in advance, go to the check-in on the line 5. Slack West Lake snack street also Worth experience, good value for money (this specific opportunity to open a single write)
Posted: Sep 28, 2019
Nancy. Tao   
Every time you go to a city, you have to go to see the local museum. The reason why Yangzhou is called Double Pavilion is because the museum consists of the Yangzhou Chinese Engraving Printing Museum and the Yangzhou Museum New Museum. The Yangzhou Shuangbo Museum is divided into seven exhibition halls. The Yangzhou Museum has five exhibition halls, and the engraving museum has two halls. Yangzhou engraving printing began in the Tang Dynasty, Song, Yuan and Ming developed, and reached the peak in the Qing Dynasty. In various historical periods, there are countless highly skilled engraving and printing artists, gathered in Yangzhou, and they have been passed down from generation to generation, making great contributions to the cultural prosperity of the ancient city. In the Qing Dynasty, Yangzhou, the wind of engraving has spread throughout the county, counties and counties, the variety of its variety, the number of large, large scale, high quality, Zoran in the dynasty. The establishment of the Yangzhou Poetry Bureau laid the foundation for Yangzhou to become one of China's important engraving centers at that time. The publication of "Full Tang Poetry", with its incomparable exquisiteness, marked the glory of Yangzhou engraving and printing. Today, Guangling Bookstore inherits the rich cultural heritage of the ancient city. The museum still has nearly 300,000 pieces of ancient books, and at the same time, it preserves the unique national quintessence process of engraving and printing, and it is well known both at home and abroad. In recent years, after repeated research and development, they have restored the Chinese ancient type of craftsmanship and have been praised as living fossils by experts, thus adding richer connotations to the engraving and printing of Yangzhou. Walk into the Chinese Engraving and Printing Museum, you will learn about the ins and outs of ancient engraving. The exhibition hall focuses on the engraving process and the past engraving and printing, reflecting the historical evolution of Chinese engraving and its far-reaching influence in the history of printing in the world. "Guanglingchao" uses the ancient city story of Yangzhou as a clue, using a large number of precious cultural relics and exhibitions, scenes, models, multimedia and other auxiliary exhibition facilities to display the development of ancient history of Yangzhou in all directions. Its important position in Chinese history. Guangling Museum of Yangzhou Museum (Yangzhou Ancient City Story Hall), showing the city from the Spring and Autumn Wu Wang's Yucheng, to the Han Dynasty Guangling City, to the Sui and Tang Dynasties Yangzhou City, and then to the bonfire Yangzhou's rich world, sketching a pair A brilliant picture of the history of ancient China in the South. The exhibition hall of "The Ambilight - Collection of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Porcelain Exhibition" There are rich folk kiln products with rich themes and techniques, as well as official porcelains made by the court. There are also elegant blue-and-white flowers and colorful porcelains, as well as monochrome glazes; there are exquisite cups and saucers, elegant and generous bottle pots, and interesting animal figures and figures. National Treasure Hall exhibited in the Yuan Dynasty indigo glaze white dragon plum bottle, is a national treasure-level cultural relics treasure, is also the treasure of the Yangzhou Museum's town hall. Because of the rarity of raw materials at the time and the difficulty of production, the plum deposits are very rare. At present, only three pieces are found in the world. The museum's plum bottle is one of the more intact ones. The other two are in the Jimei Museum in Paris, France and the Summer Palace in Beijing, China. tips: Address: West side of Mingyue Lake, Wenchang West Road, Yangzhou ride route: 1 road, 88 road Business hours: 9
Posted: Oct 16, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Diaoyutai, Guanyin Mountain, Gaoyou Lake, Runyang Forest Park, The Luyang Lake Wetlands Park.
Here are the best places to visit in Yangzhou, including: Daming Temple, Yangzhou Ancient Canal, Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot, Yangzhou Tianle Lake Happy Valley, "Spring River and the Night Moon, Beautiful Yangzhou" Performance.
Hello there. 10 people who want to pack a van, even people carry luggage. The time from Nanjing to Yangzhou is about 1.5 hours. Not far away.