Top 10 China Travel Apps 2024: Here is All You Need!

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Best China Travel Apps
Traveling in China without some essential apps can be really challenging in many cases. From personal experience, having lived in China for five years, I've curated a list of indispensable apps that will make your trip to China much easier. I will share with you top 10 useful apps in China regarding dining, accommodation, and transportation. Enjoy your stay in China!

China Travel Apps for Daily Use


Best China Travel Apps: Daily Use App Payment

In China, Alipay is ubiquitous, used by nearly everyone for transactions in almost all shops and services. Simply scanning a QR code with Alipay's scan feature allows for easy payment. It's advisable to download and register on Alipay beforehand, linking it to your Visa debit/credit card for convenient use with no need to get a Chinese number.

Alipay also offers a convenient 'Transport' button on its home screen for public transportation and taxis. By scanning a QR code, you can access subways and buses without needing a physical ticket. For taxis, input your destination in the 'Transport' section, and a driver will be dispatched to you. Charges are automatically deducted from your linked card, making it an affordable and efficient option for travel.


Best China Travel Apps: Daily Use App Wechat

In China, WeChat is indispensable, serving as the primary application for everything from communication to transactions. With WhatsApp and Facebook not accessible, WeChat steps in as the primary platform for messaging through texts, voice clips, and video messages. It also features "Moments," similar to a Facebook timeline, where users share updates with their network. A standout functionality within WeChat is its "live location" sharing, simplifying the process of finding friends in crowded places or new cities.

Beyond messaging and social sharing, WeChat serve as a digital wallet, WeChat Pay, allowing users to engage in various activities such as ordering meals, shopping online, hailing taxis, and booking airline tickets, all without the need for physical cash or cards. Recognizing the needs of international visitors, WeChat now supports global credit cards, making it easier for tourists to adapt to China's cashless society.

China Travel Apps: Booking Hotels & Flights

Best China Travel Apps: China Travel Apps: Booking Hotels & Flights

Best China Travel Apps: Hotels and Flights App App

Website | iOS | Android

Enter (formerly known as Ctrip), this app will be your best companion for travelling in China, and it's all in English! I've leaned on it repeatedly for everything travel-related: tours, hotel stays, flights, airport rides, and even cheap Disney tickets. stands out as a top-tier travel services provider, offering an impressive array of hotel bookings, transport tickets, packaged tours, and more. Their vast selection spans over 5,000 top-rated hotels, flights across more than 45 cities, and countless travel packages crisscrossing China.

But there's more. users also get exclusive access to discounts on a wide range of services and products, encompassing a network of over 3,000 partners across China. will make your journey to China easier, more enriching and affordable!

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China Travel Apps for Transportation

12306 App

Best China Travel Apps: Transportation App 12306 App

The 12306 app is the official platform for booking China's high-speed train tickets, offering ticket purchases up to 15 days in advance. High-speed trains in China are known for their punctuality and speed, traveling between 300-400 km/h. The trains are clean, spacious, and comfortable, making them an excellent choice for intercity travel.

Didi Chuxing

Best China Travel Apps: Transportation App DiDi Chuxing App

Didi Chuxing works similarly to Grab. If you have a Chinese phone number, you can use this app directly for ride-hailing. Otherwise, Alipay offers integration with Didi App for those without a Chinese number, allowing you to book rides and have the fare automatically deducted from your Alipay account. This makes it convenient whether you have a local number or not.


Best China Travel Apps: Transportation App Metroman App

All major cities in China are bustling with must-see destinations, and hitting them all is quite easy with the subway systems. To travel major cities with ease, the MetroMan app is your reliable guide. It simplifies planning your journey, picking the best routes, and tallying up your travel costs. Ideal for solo adventurers or those with a bit of free time around their tour schedules, it covers every city with a metro, from Beijing's northern beauty to Shenzhen's southern charm.

China Travel Apps for Map

Baidu Maps

Best China Travel Apps: Map Apps Baidu Maps

In China, this map app is your go-to because it not only finds the best way around but does it fast and cheap. It's way ahead of Google Maps in accuracy because it's always up to date according to the real time location in China.

Forget about getting lost with Google Maps in China. Baidu Maps is what everyone uses here. It's reliable and easy to use, even though it's all in Chinese. You can type in street names with pinyin, and you're good to go. Need a taxi? Just put in where you want to go in the app, and call a taxi directly from there.

Plus, if you prefer finding your way on your own, the app's voice navigation is spot-on accurate. Whether you're navigating busy streets or hailing a cab, this app has you covered.

China Travel Apps for Finding Restaurants


Best China Travel Apps: Food App Dianping

Dianping is where two big Chinese dining apps, Dazhong Dianping and Meituan, join forces. Dazhong Dianping is all about reviews for food, places, and services, while Meituan is widely used for ordering food. Now called Meituan-Dianping, this combo has become the top spot for nearby restaurants,local lifestyle info and deals in China.

It's like having Groupon, Deliveroo, Tripadvisor, and Yelp all rolled into one. Dianping gives you everything from user reviews to special offers, making it super easy to find what you need and snag a good restaurant. Plus, it brings online and offline shopping together in one app, making your life a lot easier.

China Travel Apps for Food Delivery

Best China Travel Apps: Food App

For those with a Chinese number, direct app download and real-name registration allow access to these services. Without a Chinese number, you can still order food delivery through Alipay. Delivery is swift (usually within an hour) and cost-effective, with minimal fees or free delivery options. Just ensure your address in Chinese is accurate for a smooth delivery process.

China Travel Apps for Translation


Best China Travel Apps: Translation App. WAYGO

Lots of international travelers rely on Google Translate, but it doesn't work in China. Don't stress, though—China has plenty of alternative translation apps to help you communicate easily.

WAYGO is an app that translates Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text into English accurately and instantly. It uses a smart mix of technology to recognize characters and turn them into words and sentences you can understand. You don't even need the internet to use it. It's super handy for understanding menus, signs, and any printed words when you're out and about.

Comprehensive Table of Best China Travel Apps

Here's all you need in 1 table summarizing the China travel apps for various needs:

CategoryApp NameDescription
Daily UseAlipayAlipay is everywhere in China, making payments easy by scanning a QR code. No Chinese number needed, just link a Visa card. It’s also used for public transport and taxis.
WeChatWeChat is essential for communication and transactions. It offers messaging, social media, and digital wallet services, including paying for meals and taxis.
Hotels & FlightsTrip.comYour English-friendly travel companion in China for booking hotels, flights, and more. Offers exclusive discounts across a wide network.
Transportation12306 AppThe official app for China’s high-speed trains, offering advanced ticket booking. Known for its punctuality, comfort, and speed.
Didi ChuxingSimilar to Grab, Didi allows ride-hailing directly or through Alipay, even without a Chinese phone number.
MetroManHelps navigate city metros, planning routes and calculating costs. Ideal for exploring major cities with ease.
MapBaidu MapThe go-to map app in China, offering accurate, real-time navigation. It surpasses Google Maps in reliability in China.
Finding RestaurantsDianpingCombines reviews and food ordering, becoming a top choice for finding restaurants. But you can also find them in map apps.
Food DeliveryEle.meAllows food delivery through direct app use or Alipay. Known for its quick and cost-effective service.
TranslationWAYGOTranslates Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text into English without an internet connection. Useful for menus, signs, and printed text.

FAQs about Best China Travel Apps

  • What is the most commonly used app in China?

    WeChat dominates as the most versatile app in China, integrating messaging and social media functionalities for its over 1 billion active monthly users. Other popular apps include Douyin (known internationally as TikTok) and Alipay for a comprehensive digital wallet solution.
  • What is the best app for booking flights in China? ranks as one of China's premier travel applications, offering an extensive array of services including ticket purchases for trains, buses, and flights, as well as hotel bookings and reservations. This platform caters specifically to travel needs within and outside of China, standing out as a renowned app for securing accommodation, tickets for attractions, and bookings for both rail and air travel, with access to over 1.2 million hotels worldwide.
  • Is there an English version of CTrip?

    Yes, CTrip, also known as, is available in English, offering full features to facilitate your travel in China. It provides both English and Chinese versions, catering to users comfortable in either language.
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