Make a wish to the sea breeze, meet in the mountains and seas, Sichuan Seaview B&B

Meishan Water Street·Night Time B&B The room can watch the beautiful night view of Dongpo Island. The hotel is located in Meishan Dongpo Impression Water Street. Meishan Water Street·Night Time B&B is committed to providing high-quality boutique suites for middle and high-end tourists and business people, 24-hour butler service, the hotel has high-altitude viewing rooms, parent-child river view rooms, chess and card suites, latex mattresses and imported hair dryers. The hotel has complete facilities and a variety of room types. Each type of room is an independent space. The living room is 38 square meters, with a large private space. Two rooms and one living room, located on Dongpo Island Water Street, high-altitude viewing, the balcony and the room can see the Minjiang River, the balcony can watch part of the night view of Dongpo Island, the environment is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant. Meters, central air conditioning. With private soup pool, chess and card room, massage chair (send fruits, coffee, black tea, self-cooked breakfast in the kitchen) The hotel offers free Meishan's popular food check-in guide, special breakfast and late night snacks can be delivered to the room door. In addition, the hotel provides private kitchen ordering service-special home-cooked dishes, currently only lunch and dinner, after ordering, it can be delivered to the room, pay by yourself. The design theme is 'Ni Chang'. Ni Chang, encompasses the rituals, culture and style of China for thousands of years, carrying the brilliant Chinese civilization, and bearing the destination, etiquette and spiritual inheritance of the Chinese nation. Night falls, the lights are beginning to come on. The stars move and the water is sparkling, reflecting each other, the scenery is beautiful and moving. It is a paradise on earth, magnificent. The hotel has children's entertainment facilities, table tennis and basketball courts for friends who like fitness and entertainment.
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Posted: Jan 15, 2024
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