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Geological Sites
George 李伟I took a high speed train from CD East station. The transfer time from Kunmimg south to Puzhehei was insanely long but after arriving at the scenic spot of Puzhehei, I forgot the tiresome train hours. Puzhehei got Green topography and Blue sky. I totally loved my experience here.
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雷雄斐Lai Puzhe black, swan lake is not to go. Swan lake is to watch the birds flying together, close contact with the swan, feel the harmony between human and nature, human and animals. Black Swan Lake area still maintain the most original scenery, less a bustling hustle, more a bit of wild tranquility. A pool of lotus color, half a mu of good land, warm wind, peach red sway.
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MW31Our family of four, including youngest age 5 climbed to the top. It is not an easy climb, with a continuing set of stairs. the view from the top is lovely, and you may enjoy bird song while moving through the forested hillside. we did not follow the trail to it’s end, but I think it’s possible to go up one place and come down another without retracing your steps. cost is free which is great! There are some photo ops and boating/paddle boarding offered for a fee.
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可爱的丫头2010Puzhehei, from the fields, to the lake, to the hills, to the villages, to the fir trees, idle loitering, leisurely, is a bright attitude of life... From Kunming, the high-speed rail can go to Puzhehei station, pay attention to Kunming has two high-speed rail stations, Kunming Station/Kunming South Station, Kunming South Station is a high-speed rail station, far from the city center. Kunming Station also has a high-speed rail, but there are fewer shifts. So if you live in the city center, it is recommended to start from Kunming Station, the ticket price is 85.5 yuan. About one and a half hours to Puzhehei Station, Puzhehei Station has a direct bus to the scenic spot. The bus will depart at the point, about half an hour to one shift, the ticket price is five yuan, and about half an hour to arrive. Puzhehei Lake, Miao and Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture
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Film Studio
136***10It is famous for the shooting of Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom. It is actually a wetland park with very good natural scenery. We descended from Qinglong Mountain and circled the village in a big circle (about 4 kilometers). In fact, it was about 1.5 kilometers from the front of the scenic spot. There is no sign in the scenic spot, but along the way, you can see the main scenic spot, a dozen fake peach blossoms left by the shooting, but the photo effect is not bad! (Suggestion: Put on Coseplay's costumes and bring a pot of peach blossoms, perfect)
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Boat Tour
_We***88It’s really relaxing to go on a boat trip on this lake. There are many beautiful views along the way and you will see the surroundings from different angles. Really beautiful scenery.

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Qiubei Travel Tips

About Qiubei

Qiubei County is located in southeast Yunnan Province and is home to members of eight different ethnic groups, including the Han (ethnic Chinese), Zhuang, Miao, and Bai, giving it a unique cultural flavor. The main attraction at the famous Puzhehei Scenic Area in Qiubei County is its strange and beautiful natural scenery including karst peaks, lakes, and caverns. As if these were not enough, there are also ancient cliff paintings and ethnic minority cultural sites. Puzhehei is one of China’s major national parks and Yunnan's base for leisure tourism.

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Oct 27, 2021 Qiubei Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 87%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:06/18:28
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Here are the best places to visit in Qiubei, including: Puzhehei,Swan Lake,Qinglong Mountain
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