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Things To Do in Fuyang

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    Taihe Global Carnival Amusement ParkFuyang,China

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    Children Amusement Park (xinbai)Fuyang,China

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    Sijiuqiyi Memorial HallFuyang,China

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    Kaixinwanguo Children Amusement Park (wanghexincheng)Fuyang,China

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    YingDong ZaiJiuYe (ZhongXin ShangYe Jie)Fuyang,China

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    Jiangshang Hot SpringsFuyang,China

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    Fuyang is located at the Western part of Zhejiang Province. It is a typical city with rivers and mountains in Jiangnan. It has a reputation of “The world’s best mountain water comes from Fuchun”.You may visit Longmen Ancient Town, the largest settlement of Sun Quan’s descendants, as well as tour around Huang Gongwang's Reclusive Place, the actual site where "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" originated from.
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    Located in the northwestern part of Anhui Province, Fuyang was known as Yingzhou in ancient times. It is the hometown of Guanzhong, a political strategist in the Spring and Autumn Period. Fuyang is also the birthplace of famous historical persons such as Bao Shuyao, Gan Luo, Lu Meng and Liu Futong. In the history of Chinese literature, Ouyang Xiu and Su Shi, who are both part of the "Eight Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties," both worked in the local government here for many years. There are attractions such as Yinzhou West Lake, Fuyang Ecological Park and Bali River Scenic Area.

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    Here are the best places to visit in Fuyang, including: Bali River Scenic Area,Fuyang Ecological Park,Linquanmohuan Zoo
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