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Things To Do in Huanren

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可爱的燕子姐Strongly recommend the Huguxia Scenic Area. In the summer, the mountain scenery is very beautiful, the mountains are green, the lake is wide, the scenic spot is newly built, the facilities are very new, the service is very good, the glass path is not charged separately, tickets plus boat tickets 150, net purchase 135, you have to buy 2 hours in advance, the glass slide is charged 40 yuan, I have experienced it, Not exciting, no danger, I think the autumn scenery will be more beautiful!
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Geological Sites
江小鱼去旅行This attraction is worth going, the price is still very high, the price is not expensive, the whole trip can be hiked. Fun and fun, it is very cold inside, wearing a coat in the summer is OK, wearing short sleeves will be cold for a long time, cotton clothes and cotton pants will not be needed. The roast goose eggs and local snacks sold at the door can be tasted, the taste is great, overall great.
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聪是聪聪钰钰的钰I like the natural scenery with mountains and streams, the scenic spot is very good with complete facilities!!! Recommended. The maple leaves will be more beautiful, fun and fun in the fall, the scenery is good,
490 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
草叶飘飞World cultural heritage, personal feel worth to see. More than 2,000 years ago, Zhu Meng built the city on the Wunu Mountain, now still retains the wall of that time, witnessing the time in a hurry. 18 plates long enough, a line of sky is steep enough, the lake is long enough, Taiji eight cities, the perfect combination of nature and humanities. Recommend to visit, feel the change of the world, know the life of this Guo Ren.
42 Reviews
City Park
jia xinQuiet and peaceful during the day, beautiful scenery, very lively at night, full of fireworks, maybe Huanren will come here after dinner at night, there are various square dances, children's amusement facilities, the sorbet recommended by the owner of the hotel is very delicious , I live at Huanren Travel Goodnight B&B, Zhangyue Park is across the road from the community, which is good, a good place to sleep on the road.
37 Reviews
陆坚强It is worth walking, especially if you have faith in Buddha! This island is in the middle of Huanlong Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Liaoning. It takes about an hour to arrive by boat. The scenery along the way and the scenery on the island are beautiful.

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Foding MountainBenxi,China

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Laotudingzi Anti-Link SiteBenxi,China

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Zhangyue ParkBenxi,China

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Fenglingu Forest ParkBenxi,China

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Binghugou Scenic SpotBenxi,China

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Wunvshan Water ParadiseBenxi,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Huanren, including: Wunü Mountain,Fenglingu Forest Park,Huguxia Scenic Area
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