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About Zhaoqing

Zhaoqing is located in Guangdong. In ancient times it was called Duanzhou under the Sui. It is where the Duan inkstone originated, one of China's “Four Famous Inkstones", and was indispensable to calligraphers and artists. The scenery here is majestic, with beautiful scenic areas such as Seven Star Crags, Dinghu Mountain, Panlong Gorge and Xing Lake. There are also cultural sites of interest that are representative of Cantonese culture and have also borne witness to the city's history, including the old city walls, Longmu Temple, Qingyun Temple and the Mei Nunnery.

Popular Attractions in Zhaoqing

Qixingyan (Seven-Star Cave)
2,557 Reviews
City Park
Qixingyan is a classic karst land formation consisting of seven small but characteristic limestone peaks. The area contains lakes and caves that make up a breathtakingly beautiful scene. Here you can climb a mountain, swim in a lake, climb the Tianzhuyuan or Shishiyan rock, or look out on the entire lake from the top down. Cave enthusiasts can go to the stone chamber cave, which features hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites, and carvings showcasing different fonts from different dynasties.
Dinghu Mountain
3,140 Reviews
Dinghu Mountain is one of the four famous mountains of Lingnan. Located in Zhaoqing, it offers clear lakes, waterfalls, lush virgin forests, fresh, clean air and a beautiful environment for ecological tourism. It also features ancient temples such as Qingyun Temple and Baiyun Temple, and is great for sightseeing and rock climbing. The larger scenic area also contains a number of smaller destinations, some of the most highly recommended ones being the Baoding Garden and Butterfly Valley. Baoding Garden is primarily a display of Ding culture. Here visitors can see many famous Ding replicas. In Butterfly Valley, visitors can take a ride on a boat surrounded by beautiful butterflies and gorgeous scenery.
557 Reviews
Ziyungu is the birthplace of Duanyan. There are ancient stone mills, waterwheel workshop ruins, old pit cave sites, and numerous waterfalls. Ziyungu is a pivotal part of the Xijiang Antelope Gorge Conservation Area. The natural landscape in the scenic area is very attractive. Because of the convenient transportation and rich tourism resources, many city people regard this area as an ecotourism route back to nature.
Duanzhou Ancient City Wall
133 Reviews
Historical Site
Duanzhou Ancient City Wall is located in Songcheng Road, Zhaoqing City, and was built in the Song Dynasty. It has a rectangular shape and a high point in the north of the city. It is the only remaining ancient city wall in Guangdong and the landmark building of the cultural city of Zhaoqing. The ancient city wall has been repaired many times so far, and there are many kinds of brick walls. These brick walls are unique proofs. They are also the living fossils of the visitor, the living "brick museum". Although it is not magnificent, it has its own unique flavor.

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Trip Moments

The most beautiful hotel on the edge of Zhaoxing Lake in Zhaoqing explores the curtains is the scenery
really in the holiday series. This is located in the lake of Zhaoqing, and also won the title of the most beautiful homestay in China, it really deserved reputation.
The whole property has three floors. There is a large pool in the courtyard, and the garden is full of flowers and plants. It is a private garden. It is too windy.
Every room has a different theme. It seems that you can have the feeling of the whole garden on the first floor. The yard is full of plants and flowers. Occasionally you will see the boss building new flowers and taking pictures to perfect. It is. Next to each door, there are a lot of big leaf green plants and watery fleshy meat. How to take pictures is good.
The second floor is a superior bed room with an oversized bay window. Opening the curtains is a feeling of landscape painting! ! Sitting on the window sill, whether it is concave shape or tea reading, is super enjoyable.
The third floor is a large bed with a large bathtub next to the window of the deluxe bed. While taking a bath and watching the opposite scenery~
The third floor also has a reading room and an open-air balcony, which can be seen without any obstruction on the balcony. To the opposite side of the Seven Star Rock, the best view point is here.
Super photo here, lake view room, courtyard, third floor terrace are very suitable for taking pictures. Because there are only 14 rooms, there are not many people, and it is not necessary to occupy the position early. Just staying with me and girlfriends will open a variety of mutual shooting mode.
: 1 across the river, you can take a boat tour of Xinghu Lake, blow the air, enjoy the beauty of the next star lake, there is a kind of beautiful. There is a bar street near the 2nd B&B. After the dark, the bars point is open. There are several special shops on the street, find a favorite music pub, order a favorite song, and immerse the music in the melody. Thoughts. 3 Dinghu Mountain, the original forest is dense, the scenery is good, the air is fresh (the previous article some Dinghushan, you can refer to), wash your lungs ~
B&B Zhaoqing VILLA
Address: Guangdong Zhaoqing Lake View Hotel, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City
Posted: Jun 3, 2019


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