10 Internet Famous Places in Shanghai

Jan 21, 2022


  • 1.Liquid Laundry: A famous 📸 American-style restaurant in Shanghai
  • 2.Tsutaya Books 📚 A Japanese Icon in Shanghai
  • 3.Single Person: Shanghai's Cave-like Gallery ( A famous furniture shop)👏
  • 4.The Giant Angora Rabbit Experience Center💘
  • 5.Marienbad Café: Enjoy a Cozy Afternoon✌️
  • 6.Fudan Secondhand Books: A Great Place for Readers💖
  • 7.Duoyun Books Flagship Store in Shanghai📚“世纪朵云”
  • 8.Don't Miss These Shanghai Delicacies😜
  • 9.Calling All Shanghai Bookworms
  • 10.Shanghai's Most Distinctive Coffee Shops
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Looking for the hot places to visit in Shanghai? 🙌Want to find where all the cool kids go to take selfies and be seen? Here we're recommending Shanghai's top-10 internet-famous check-in spots.💕

These are the places that will set your followers abuzz. We're talking delicious foods, trendy bookshops, iconic designs, and more. Hop onto Trip Moments and look for ShanghaiChic. Give a like and a follow so you don't miss out on all the trendy places to come. Take a look!✌️✌️

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