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Narita Express: Popular JR Pass

Narita Express: Popular JR Pass

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What is Narita Express (N'EX)

What is Narita Express

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The Narita Express, also known as "N'EX," provides a direct and comfortable link from Narita International Airport to major destinations like Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Yokohama. You won't need to switch trains, and the journey to Tokyo Station from Narita Airport Terminal 1 can be completed in under an hour. Choosing N'EX means you can avoid traffic concerns on your way to Tokyo.

Why Choose Narita Express (N'EX)?

Narita Express (N'EX) is a great choice to travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo. It has comfy seats and lots of helpful features like LCD screens and accessible toilets. It's cheaper than other options and gives big discounts for round trips. If you have a JR Pass, you can ride N'EX for free. The train is quick, taking about 53 minutes to Tokyo, and it goes straight there without stopping. Plus, it moves fast, at 130 km/h, making your trip smooth and quick.
Comfortable InteriorQuiet, smooth ride with wide, comfortable seats. Clean trains. Features include LCD screens, low luggage racks, Braille signs, e.
CheapLess expensive than Skyliner and Airport Limousine bus. Big discounts on round trips. Includes JR Pass holders.
SpeedFast to central Tokyo, around 53 minutes. Operating speed: 130 km/h (80 mph).
DirectnessDirect, no transfers needed. No traffic delays.

Narita express Timetable & Schedule

Narita Express Timetable Overview

This table provides an overview of the Narita Express service, including departure times, frequency, and travel duration to major stations.
Business HourApprox. 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Travel Time to Tokyo Station~1 hour
To Shibuya Station~1 hour and 15 minutes
To Shinjuku Station~1 hour and 20 minutes
Daily Operations27 trains per day
Departure IntervalEvery 30 minutes from Tokyo or Narita Airport


For the most up-to-date timetable, please consult the JR East schedule webpage for departures to and from Narita Airport.

Narita Express 2 Timetable

I've presented Express 2 as an example of the Narita Express (N'EX) timetable (as of 2024 March 29th). For the detailed timings and more information, please check the JR East website.
StopTo Ofuna (Time)To Shinjuku (Time)
Narita Airport Terminal 106:3706:37
Narita Airport Terminal 2 & 306:4006:40
Sakura (Chiba)07:0007:00

Transfer Options Between Narita Airport & Tokyo

Beyond the Narita Express, we offer additional transfer options between Narita Airport and Tokyo, allowing you to select the best choice for your journey based on the detailed information in the table below:
Transport OptionApprox Cost (USD)Business HoursTravel TimeNotes
Train (JR Narita Express)$20.266:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.53 minutesDirect to Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Yokohama Stations. Connects to Shinkansen at Tokyo Station.
Train (Keisei Skyliner)From $15.257:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.41 minutesDirect from Narita to Ueno or Nippori Station. Change at Nippori for JR lines.
Train (Keisei Main Line)$8.057:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.95 minsChange at Nippori Station for JR lines
Narita Airport Limousine Bus$23.766:30 a.m. until late1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hoursTo hotels/key locations in Tokyo and Haneda Airport transfers. Time varies by destination; fixed price
Regular TaxiFrom $174.249:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (Mon. to Fri.)90 minsCost varies by traffic/time
Pre-booked Shared TaxiFrom $46.2024 hours1 hourPrice per person; 2+ people required. Door-to-door service to hotels in central Tokyo.
Pre-booked Private TaxiFrom $132.0024 hours1 hourPrice per car; suited for groups. Door-to-door service to hotels in central Tokyo.

Alternative Passes: JR Tokyo Wide & Skyliner

For tourists, the Japan Rail (JR) Pass covers the Narita Express. But, if you're just heading into Tokyo and not planning immediate long-distance travel, you might want to save your JR Pass. There are also other passes like the 3-day JR Tokyo Wide Pass that includes N'EX access.

If your initial days are mostly in Tokyo, consider the straightforward Narita Express ticket or other options for travel from Narita. Compared to the Narita Express, the Skyliner offers comfortable, reserved seating and luggage space, making it an excellent choice for quick trips between Narita and central Tokyo.

How Much is Narita Express

How Much is Narita Express

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Narita Express Price with JR Pass

Japan Rail Pass holders can reserve seats on the N’EX without cost, taking advantage of the JR Pass's benefits, including complimentary airport transfers. Reservations can be made at any JR ticket office within Narita Airport prior to boarding, without extra charges. Unlike other travel cards such as SUICA, which are not accepted for N’EX services, there’s no restriction on how often JR Pass users can use the Narita Express.

Narita Express Price without JR Pass

The table below outlines the fares for the Narita Express, detailing the cost for journeys starting from Narita Airport (either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2・3) to various major destinations in and around Tokyo.
DestinationStandard Class Fare (USD)First Class (Green Car) Fare (USD)


  • Unreserved Seat Tickets: These tickets, allowing travel on pre-selected dates without specified seats, are priced equally to reserved seat tickets. Passengers can choose any vacant seat and specify their seat and carriage at no extra charge upon boarding.
  • Full Trains: Should the train be fully seated, passengers are permitted to use standing areas. No refunds are available if no seats are vacant.
  • Pricing Consistency: Ticket prices remain the same throughout the year. (For the most current fares, please consult the official JR website.)

【Additional Fare Rules】

Children's FaresFor ages 6 to 1150% off adult prices for reserved and basic fare tickets; full price for Green Car tickets.
Toddlers and BabiesFree travel conditionsFree for up to two toddlers (1-5 years old) with an adult; a ticket is required for additional toddlers or if occupying a seat.
Round-trip DiscountsSavings on return journeysApproximately 33% discount on round-trip fares compared to two single trips. Refer to JR East for more info.

Narita Express Map

Narita Express Map

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Route Map of Narita Express

The Narita Express, commonly referred to as N'EX, makes two stops at Narita Airport: Terminal 1 and Terminals 2-3. Its routes, typically highlighted in red on maps, include a service running from Narita Airport's Terminal 2·3 to Hachiōji Station twice a day. Ticket prices range from ¥3700 to ¥7000, which is approximately $24.42 to $46.20 (as of 2024 March). The journey duration is around 2 hours and 3 minutes.
  • The full route of the Narita Express is as follows:
Narita Airport Station (Terminal 1) > Airport Terminal 2 Building Station (Terminals 2 & 3) > Narita Station > Chiba Station > Tokyo Station > Shinagawa Station > Shibuya Station > Shinjuku Station > Hachioji Station

Main Stations of the Narita Express

Here are the main stations of Narita Express and their info:
StationKey Connection Features
Narita (town)Gateway to Narita International Airport
ChibaPrefectural capital with extensive train services
Tokyo StationCentral hub for multiple train lines, including Shinkansen
ShinbashiAccess to central Tokyo; connects to JR and private lines
HamamatsuchoDirect link to Haneda Airport via Tokyo Monorail
ShinagawaAccess point for southern Tokyo; Shinkansen stop
ShibuyaRenowned for shopping and entertainment districts
ShinjukuMajor commercial centre; extensive local and express services
YokohamaConnects to Japan's second-largest city and its amenities
IkebukuroCommercial and entertainment hub with diverse train connections

How to Get Narita Express Ticket

How to buy narita express ticket Reserved seat ticket machines

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Steps to buy narita express ticket

  1. Decide on Class and Usage: Determine whether you'll be traveling in ordinary or first class (Green Car) and consider if you want to use a Japan Rail Pass.
  2. Ticket Purchase: You can buy tickets at Narita Airport through ticket counters or machines. JR ticket offices and vending machines on N’EX platforms also sell tickets.
  3. Online Reservations: For those outside Japan, use the JR East website to make seat reservations in advance.
  4. Check Seat: Keep in mind that seats are generally available, but it may be harder to find availability during holiday travel periods.

Where to buy narita express ticket

Purchase MethodDescription
On Trip.comOn You can book discounted Tokyo Wide JR Pass that includes Narita Express! Check Now!!
Online BookingTickets can be reserved and bought via the JR-EAST Train Reservation service. This platform allows you to check train schedules by searching with station arrival/departure details.
At the StationSuper (Limited) Express Train reserved seat tickets for the N'EX may be acquired up to a month before the travel date. Transactions can be conducted at the JR EAST Travel Service Centre, the JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-Madoguchi), or at a Reserved Seat Ticket Vending Machine.
JR EAST Travel Service CentreThis centre assists travellers with JR EAST's extensive railway network, including Shinkansen, limited express trains, and regional services across Eastern Japan. It offers services for pass exchanges, travel advice, sightseeing information, and ticket purchases.
JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-Madoguchi)Here, you can buy Basic Fare Tickets for limited express trains, all domestic Shinkansen trains, including the Narita Express, and Green Car Super (Limited) Express Train reserved seat tickets.

How to reserve narita express seat

【Reservation Options】

Narita Airport Stations (Terminals 1, 2-3)Directly reserve your seat upon arrival at the airport.
Japan Railways Ticket OfficesVisit for in-person seat reservations.
Travel Service CentersAssistance with reservations and travel information.
Reserved Seat Ticket MachinesSelf-service machines with multi-language support for reservations.

【Reservation Notes】

  • Mandatory Reservations: All passengers, including JR Pass holders, must reserve their seats before boarding the Narita Express.
  • Multi-Language Ticket Machines: The machines provide service in several languages (English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean).
  • Accepted Payments:
    • Banknotes: Machines accept $6.6, $13.2, $33.0, and $66.0, corresponding to ¥1000, ¥2000, ¥5000, and ¥10000, respectively.
    • Credit Cards: A convenient option for those preferring not to carry cash.
  • Boarding Without a Reservation: It is imperative to understand that boarding the N’EX without a reserved seat is strictly prohibited. Ensure you have reserved your seat to avoid any travel disruptions.

Narita Express Train Seat Types & Facilities

Types of Narita Express Train Narita Express Green seats

Sorce from Narita Express Green seats

Types of Narita Express Train

The Narita Express train offers two types of seating: the luxurious Green Car (First Class) and the comfortable Ordinary Car. Both seat categories are designed for improved comfort. Both have movable pillows, rotating reclining seats, large tables, and power outlets suitable for laptops, making them ideal for travelers seeking a comfortable journey to and from Narita Airport.
Seat TypeFeatures
Green Car (First Class)- Spacious and luxurious leather reclining seats with footrests
- Movable large seat tables, ideal for PC use
- Power outlets located at the armrest's front end
- Seat pitch: 1,160 mm; Leg room: H = 250 mm
- Additional amenities include movable pillows and carpeted flooring for a quieter ride
Ordinary Car- Comfortable reclining seats with ample quiet and clean space
- Large movable seat tables and power outlets for convenience
- Seat pitch: 1,020 mm; Leg room: H = 250 mm
- Features include movable pillows and luggage space near leg room
- Rubber floors contribute to the train's quietness

Facilities of Narita Express Train

The Narita Express is designed with features and facilities to enhance the comfort of passengers traveling from Narita Airport, incorporating elements of universal design for improved accessibility. Below is a general list of them:
In-Car FacilitiesLarge LCD Guidance DevicesMultilingual display (EN, CN, KR, JP) of travel and flight info, service statuses, news, and weather.
Special FeaturesWestern-Style ToiletAccessible toilets with facilities for babies and wheelchair users.
Low-Hanging Luggage RacksDesigned for easy luggage storage.
Minimized Platform GapsReduces risk during boarding.
Braille SignageFor doorways and toilets, aiding visually impaired passengers.
Security DevicesSecurity CamerasNear doorways and luggage compartments for passenger safety.
Dial-Type LocksOn luggage compartments for secure storage.
Emergency Alert DevicesInstalled for quick communication with train staff in emergencies.

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Sorce from Large Western-style toilet

FAQs about Narita Express

  • How to buy Narita Express?

    To purchase a Narita Express (N'EX) ticket, you can do so at Narita Airport through ticket counters or machines, at JR ticket offices, or via vending machines on N'EX platforms. For those outside Japan, seats can be reserved in advance through the JR East website.
  • How much is Narita Express?

    The cost for a journey on the Narita Express from Narita to Tokyo Station is 3,070 yen, which is approximately $20.26 USD, based on the exchange rates of March 2024.
  • how long does the Narita Express take?

    The duration of the Narita Express journey from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station is about 53 minutes.
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