10 Useful Tips about How to Book Cheap Hotels 2024

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Everybody wants to hear handy tips to help cut down on the costs of hotel rooms, here I offer you some of the best!

Below I’ll document 10 useful tips for getting more for your money in terms of cheap hotels, the best way to book cheap hotels and I’ll answer some frequently asked questions on the subject. In the meantime, have a look at the section on how to book cheap hotels on Trip.com to see if any cheap hotel rooms take your eye.

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Things to check before you learn how to book cheap hotels on Trip.com 2024

With international travel gradually resuming, it is important to be aware of the various restrictions and rapidly changing situations in different countries. This means that there is still a level of risk associated with booking cheap hotels.

Firstly, it's crucial to search for accommodations that offer flexible options for changing or canceling dates. This is especially important in uncertain times when travel plans might be subject to unexpected changes.

Additionally, it is essential to check the local rules and regulations of your travel destination and familiarize yourself with any entry requirements. Some countries may require specific tests or paperwork before entry, so it's advisable to seek advice from the relevant government department to ensure a smooth journey.

Moreover, when searching for hotels, prioritize finding ones with flexible cancellation policies, even if they are budget options. This provides you with peace of mind and allows you to adapt your plans if needed.

Lastly, make sure to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the hotel reservation to avoid prepayment, which could make you ineligible for free cancellation and a refund. By considering these points, you can ensure a hassle-free and cost-effective hotel booking experience on Trip.com.

All in all, here are a few things you need to pay attention to before booking a hotel:

  • Search for accommodations with flexible options for changing or canceling dates
  • Check local rules and regulations of your travel destination and entry requirements
  • Be aware of necessary tests prior to entry and seek advice from relevant government department
  • Look for hotels with flexible cancellation policies, even budget options
  • Review terms and conditions to avoid prepayment making you ineligible for free cancellation and refund
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How to book cheap hotels with free cancellation, you can save if the price drops

Following on from the advice above on how to book a cheap hotel, it’s a good idea to book a hotel that allows you to cancel for free before a certain date. This way, you can cancel your booking if the price lowers and rebook at the lower price!

A lot of booking sites will give you the option of having a non-refundable or a free cancellation for each room type. Naturally, the non-refundable rooms are cheaper so you will have to decide whether it’s worth the risk of booking one.

How to book cheap hotels on websites that have price promises

Try and have a look for online companies that promise to refund the difference if the price of your room drops before your visit, or even if you find it cheaper elsewhere. In this case, even if you didn’t book a hotel that offers free cancelation you can still get your money back.

The other hotel must be comparable to your original booking and be in the same currency that you have paid your bill for the original hotel room.

The Royal National Hotel in London

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How to book cheap hotels on a member-only sale sites

  • Sign up with exclusive websites for limited-time hotel discounts
  • Consider short-term sales from hotel companies and travel agents
  • Register for email alerts to stay updated on cheap hotel room discounts
  • Take advantage of discounted rates at newly opened hotels
  • Check hotel industry publications for information on new hotel openings
  • Browse forum threads and social media platforms for announcements on discounted rates
  • Contact hotels directly to inquire about any special rates

Check if your cheap hotel room price includes breakfast

When you're booking a room it's a good idea to check if the price includes breakfast. Often, hotels will add a free breakfast as a booking incentive and that’s fine but sometimes breakfast comes at a price and it’ll be included in your nightly rate. Find out this information and ask the hotel to cancel breakfast and give you a discount on the room. You can always get breakfast from a cheap local café.

Hotel de Castiglione

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How to book cheap hotels on cashback websites

Cheap hotel cashback websites pay you when you click through via them to book, all you have to do is give the site one more click. Adding it to travel can save you a lot of money on your holiday but always do a comparison and ensure you couldn't get a cheaper price overall elsewhere.

However, you may not always get cashback on the full price you pay for your hotel, as extras and fees are sometimes excluded from the deal.

Book cheap hotels by registering with loyalty schemes

Several hotel chains have free loyalty programs with some of the better-known ones being: Hilton Honors, Best Western Rewards, Group Rewards Club, Intercontinental Hotels, and Marriott Rewards. These loyalty schemes are worth joining for the special offers they send to members. Also, if you ask for a discount or an upgrade when you check-in at the hotel, you're more likely to be successful as a 'preferred guest'.

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Find cheap hotels with Trip.com APP

A cursory look at the “hotels” section on Trip.com can reveal a cornucopia of cheap hotel room deals. Look below to see how you can download the Trip.com APP and use the information that I have given you here to utilize it in the best way possible. 👉Book cheap hotels here. Don't forget to use our 8% off hotel coupon!

By being a member of Trip.com, you can even save more!

how to book cheap hotels by installing the Trip.com APP

The Trip.com app for cheap hotels

Package holidays can offer cheap hotels

For the best package holiday prices, the trick usually is to book late but as I have mentioned before booking late has become a bit of a lottery because of travel uncertainty.

If you book flights and a hotel together you can sometimes get extra discounts. Compare this with booking the cheapest flight and hotel separately to see if this makes a difference.

Package holidays are typically protected (always check on this before booking). This means that if your tour operator goes out of business, you are fully covered.

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How to book cheap hotels by paying by credit card or specialist travel card

There are a lot of advantages to playing for a hotel room with a credit card. One of the advantages of paying with a credit card is that you are protected when you make bigger purchases. For example, if you spend more than $100 on a room, you could be covered for a refund if the hotel goes out of business. The same may not necessarily be the case with your debit card, so check first. Credit cards are also more useful for spending in a foreign country and give you better exchange rates than you would get with your debit card.

Certain credit cards will offer you loyalty points for each amount of money spent, thus saving you a bit more on your hotel rooms. They may also give you a certain amount of cashback on the purchase of your accommodation.

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How to install the Trip.com App and get yourself cheap hotel tickets

Trip.com App

The Trip.com app showing flights and how to book cheap hotels

  • To begin, permit installation from third-party sources.
  • Start the "Unknown Sources" setting: Go to Menu > Settings > Security > then look for unknown sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • After you have finished this step, navigate to the "Download" folder in the file manager and click on the downloaded MOD APK file.

Once the installation is complete, you are able to open the app and begin using it immediately. To check how to book cheap hotel rooms type ‘hotels’ into the app browser or click on the ‘hotels’ button (there may be specific hotel room deals that flash up that you can peruse).Next, type in the name of the town, city or resort that you are interested in and the app will take you to the local hotels and detail the discounts.

When learning how to book cheap hotels, don’t forget to keep an eye on the Trip.com Deals page. Which can offer great opportunities for flexible travelers. When you see a great discount, book the trip! You may discover a new favorite destination.

how to book cheap hotels by installing the Trip.com APP

Learn how to book cheap hotels by installing the Trip.com APP

FAQs about how to get cheap hotels

  • Is it cheaper to book hotel rooms from the hotel directly?

    Normally but not always, travel companies book bulk loads of rooms to sell cheaply sometimes.

  • When can a hotel room be cancelled without losing a deposit?

    It’s normally around 24-48 hours before arrival, but check first.

  • Are some days cheaper to book hotel rooms on than others?

    Yes, it can sometimes be the case that midweek is cheaper, but it does depend on the season.

  • Which credit card companies loyalty points for cheap hotel rooms?

    It varies from country to country, check online.

  • Will the time of year affect the price of the ticket?

    Yes definitely, if it’s high season or a particular festival is taking place the room prices can be much higher.

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