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4.5/5Excellent895 Reviews
0.17km from Dolphin Island
I booked Equarius Hotel to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. On the day of stay, I arrived earlier than the check in time hence I did not have to queue. The staff who attended to me were very polite and warm. I requested a late check out and it was extended by 1 hour. Moreover, I was given a free upgrade to a suite! The suite was immaculate. They even did a small decoration on the bed saying happy birthday and there was a handwritten birthday card from the staff. The suite facilities included sauna, balcony, a huge bathtub, coffee machine, TWG teas and more. The hotel is located in a remote part of Sentosa hence food options were very limited. Hotel staff came to check on us halfway during our stay. It made us feel special. Breakfast wasn’t served at the Equarius itself. We had to take a 5mins shuttle bus service to Hotel Michael. The breakfast offered was local (Nasi Lemak), Western & Chinese. We went with the Western option. It was average at best. Later, the Hotel staff named Alex further extended our stay by a couple more hours. Overall, it was one of the best birthdays my boyfriend has had & I would give is a 10/10 for service, cleanliness & facilities. Would definitely stay there again!
4.4/5Excellent1204 Reviews
0.18km from Dolphin Island
Check in was very organized but I am quite disappointed when informed that my room was not ready yet while my parent’s room was ready. I understand it was due to the large number of customers checking in as well and the cleaning process. (Especially because of Covid) However what made me more disappointed was when we had to queue 3 times just to get the card only to be informed still not ready. When they finally registered our names under our parent’s room then we were able to at least visit their room to bathe and wash up while waiting. ( FYI: only able to go up to another family member’s room after registering all names under that room) We then only received our room card at 4.50pm after 2 phones calls to the reception to remind them which was about 2 hours later then we were informed. It was quite a disappointment because while walking towards the room we also noticed many rooms empty and already cleaned... However, in compensation they let us check out a little later then the rest at 2pm instead of 12pm ... overall satisfied because of the area and the facilities but handling the check in for the room could have been improved. Maybe at least inform us to register all our family names in one main room first in case other rooms are not ready yet so we could go up as a family and wash up or cool down. The check out process was fast and efficient and the rooms are beautiful and comfortable. Worth the price
4.8/5Outstanding38 Reviews
0.29km from Dolphin Island
Needed a secluded, quieter place for staycation and decided upon this establishment. Pros: - Very quiet, secluded, private as the hotel had limited rooms open for stay - The rooms were nice, bathtub was great - daily refreshments available at the small lounge area (you need to check in and out everytime you enter, which is a pain but understandable) - pool was great, always available due to low number of people - direct access to pool from room was nice - restaurant options to choose from nearby - we particularly liked the japanese restaurant and kweezeen. there's also a 7-11 if you needed snacks. Cons: - breakfast was a let down. they only had 2 or 3 sets for you to choose from without any customization. so you are forced to order food you had no intention of eating because it comes in a set. quality of breakfast was also something you'd get from a 3 star diner. My husband went for breakfast first, i followed 30 minutes later and still in time for my 'slot'. when i got there my breakfast plate was covered in cling wrap and was cold. it felt like we were on a camping trip, not in a 5 star hotel. - not allowed to use glass out on our own pool veranda (direct access from room to pool), which is an odd rule. We requested for plastic cups because we wanted to read and drink water next to the pool. The plastic cups provided were filthy. If you want to impose a rule, please be ready with suitable alternatives.. - the compound felt limited. you either go the pool, the small lounge area, or your room. there was no spa, no gym available (but when we called before booking, it was informed these amenities were available). - since rooms are connected via the walkway and veranda, and our room was nearest to the concierge. It was made possible for a lady to walk through our veranda (instead of the walkway) to reach the concierge. Suggest for setting up some plants to block strangers from walking into each others veranda. - service was slow, and lack warmth. it felt like the staff were stressed trying to cope with the covid regulations. it is understandable but hope they can come up with better solutions and provide the guest a pleasant vacation. For this price point, i would prefer capella.
4.2/5Very Good1478 Reviews
0.42km from Dolphin Island
on a fully booked day, the total check in time with queue and waiting for room keycard : 2 hours. just gotta give two thumbs up to all the front desk staff that day. they were patient. we booked a deluxe with balcony but was given a room with 2 single beds. well, it was better than nothing cause we ended up extending for another night. hotel rate was expensive but we didn't wanna leave the tranquility of the resort. albeit dated but overall experience, lovely. no buffet breakfast due to covid but the menu order and serving at the terrace was nice. they did promised a cake for both nights we were there but received none. kinda disappointing...
4.7/5Outstanding401 Reviews
0.68km from Dolphin Island
This is not my first time stay in Capella Hotel Singapore. But I felt that the service standard has dropped compared to many years ago. I booked a one bedroom villa for this trip, and it was not very pleasant! Firstly, check in and registration was fast. But I was appointed by a Malay hospitality guy who is in charge of bringing my family to our villa. He has bad attitude, black face and giving a grumpy look while bringing us to the villa with the bungy. My kid was talking to him with excitement “yay our room is ready, repeating 3-4 times and he did not respond. He totally ignored my kid, my kid just kept repeating and I was waiting to see how he will react. He finally nodded to my child and smiled without saying anything. I am rather disgusted by such attitude coming from Capella Hotel. I think Mcdonad old lady cashier has much much much more friendlier smile towards kids as compared to this low EQ hospitality guy! Upon arrival, the main door of the villa has broken down and needed much force to push, then the door can be opened.. The hospitality guy called the engineer and has interrupted our stay as my husband could not joined us for the swim, since my kid was super excited to go to the plunge pool within the villa. He need to look out since the engineer is coming into our room to do the repair work. As a hotel guest, I was not expecting this, moreover it is a villa stay. I am sure the housekeeper would have noticed this, but yet they chose the repair time when the guests are checked in and interrupting us when they kept opening and closing and testing the door while we are already inside!!!! Last but not least, upon checking out, I called for a buggy ride to bring my family up the lobby. Pls note that the main lobby is situated on uphill, and if you are staying in the villa, you do need the buddy ride if you have stroller, big luggages and toddler. Waited 10 mins at my door and buggy did not came. Too angry and too hot to wait, we walked up wth all our stuff to the lobby ON OUR OWN. I asked the check in counter, how long do I have to wait for a buggy ride when I request one from the front operator, his reply is 10-15 minutes. I was not told by the front operator when I requested a ride. Seriously, this Capella Hotel do not have many villas, and I saw 3 empty bungy car unutilised parking on the front porch and they told me it is because they are very packed and it’s busy timing at check out time. Why am I expecting this kind of unprofessional reply from a 7 Star Hotel? is it a guest problem if the hotel is busy? Then put on your website informing guests that buggy ride to and fro villa will require waiting time 10-15 minutes at busy timing, so the guests will know!!!! So guys, just beware what I have said above and if you are booking villa room and with faulty main door Villa 29. Shit stay for this trip! Totally not satisfying at all!!!! WILL NOT COME BACK AND STAY AT CAPELLA!!!
4.6/5Outstanding96 Reviews
0.77km from Dolphin Island
- don’t bother keeping a deposit, no in room dining option available by the hotel - they say they provide food but it has to be collected and sent in a takeaway box from other dining places nearby - it’s a staycation but only limited to The hotel room, your food will have to be sorted somewhere else Checked in to the hotel for a one night stay, stayed in room 8807 for my birthday celebration. Check in was alright but the atmosphere seemed very busy and rushed. A lot of the staff seemed unavailable and no one even offered my husband whom is older a place to sit since check in took longer due to only one staff working at Reception. That touch of service and being in a 5 star luxury hotel was not seen. The room no doubt is fantastic, absolutely beautiful and the view is stunning. No complaints about the room at all. Although as mentioned by the previous user, the dining options are terrible. I understand due to Covid there are limitations but there isn’t even any room service provided directly by the hotel. They provide non 5 star food at high prices so it’s best you go to Vivo to get your food. Breakfast was also not good. Food selection and display was not as appetising nor tasty. The hotel does not have their own room service option which is a shame and should be downgraded to 4star Hotel. The butlers and people whom delivered the food were nice they are not at fault at all. Finally what really irked me, is that I am above 50yrs old and celebrating my birthday at a hotel for one night only at a price of 5500SGD plus, and the number of staff that keeps reminding not to decorate the place, make sure it’s only 5 pax got annoying. The first time it was mentioned which is most important, I already understood, especially being a Singaporean myself. But I am not some 20 smth year old teenager that has the time to decorate and invite people and get myself fined on my birthday. So maybe the hotel needs to look into passing this information to the guest ensuring they will comply without having a thousand staff remind you that your relaxing trip is already burdened with an annoying reminder which doesn’t even apply to you. Hence to all Singaporeans looking for a staycation at this time, considering this property is sold as a 5 star, luxury hotel, YOU’RE BETTER OFF SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE.
4.2/5Very Good2063 Reviews
1.25km from Dolphin Island
The measurement from the floor to the top of mattress for an average adult should be comfortably at 24-25 inches bed height., so that guests can put both feet firmly on the ground and push off the bes with knees bent. This makes an average bed height of 2 feet. However, we were shocked to find the bed height in this Travelodge Harbourfront hotel was 34 inches ( from the floor to our mattress). This unacceptable height made us climbed onto a chair to get on our double bed or climbed down a chair from our double bed. We asked to change room. Beginning the man agreed to change to a lower bed but he changed his mind and told us no other rooms. Yet we saw many Indian or Bangladeshi workers staying in the hotel rooms. They occupied many rooms because the hotel has undergone renovation since last year August 2020. Later he gave us a step platform to get up and down of bed. The man at reception told us they had changed lower beds into higher beds after renovated. We stayed in Dec 2020 at Deluxe room with a normal 24 inches bed height. Taller beds are a risk for seniors, children and wheelchair bound guests. Remember there is a high risk of accidents for this groups. Thank you.
4.3/5Excellent569 Reviews
1.32km from Dolphin Island
My first time stay in this hotel and overall I can only give 3 out of 5 rating . My check in is at 2pm . Upon checking in I was told room not ready and that they are preparing my room and will call my mobile once ready . I was given a free drink voucher to chill out while waiting. 2 and half hour later I am still waiting for them to call me ! I was pretty passed off . Went back to check in counter and very unhappy when the counter staff forgotten to call me . So I only manage to check in at 4.30pm . 2and half hr late . Cannot accept such service from a 5 star resort hotel. And the roo. Given to me , when I open door to enter what greeted me was a very unpleasant strong mold smell. So unpleasant and unhealthy . Can you imagine each time you go out and re-enter you will me greeted and smell this mold smell !!! Not hygienic at all . Such smell how can the hotel not aware . The make up room cleaning team are also not up to my expectation. I had breakfast , went out to do trekking and return at 2pm and guess what ? My room is still not wash and done up . Nobody came to wash up, change towels , and tidy up the room . I called and had to wait another 30 mins for the house maid to turn up to make up my room . The food was not too bad , pretty tasty . I'm.not too sure will I make a second come back to this hotel.
4.6/5Outstanding1981 Reviews
1.37km from Dolphin Island
From booking communication through email, Aisyah was the best. Everything went smooth and all our requests was accommodated. Even the room upgrade. Thank you so much Aisyah! :) Check in was smooth and Vin was really friendly and welcoming. As for the room (1015), it was almost perfect! Room was spacious enough for two and the view was AMAZING!!! Truly a panoramic view. Balcony was great, but it would have been better if there was a brighter light for lounging out during the evening. Only improvement I guess would be some of the staff being more friendly specially by the pool and beach area. In other Shangri-la, guests would go directly to the beds and a staff will bring the towels and some water for refreshments. We did not experience this here in Rasa Sentosa. Not sure if this is because of covid. But it would still be great if the staff would in those areas be more welcoming and friendly. Overall, had a great time and had a great birthday celebration. We would definitely come back for another quick getaway from the city. Thank you so much!
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1.78km from Dolphin Island
4.1/5Very Good16 Reviews
1.85km from Dolphin Island
The two disadvantages are that dry and wet do not separate. There is a shower on the toilet. The shower room is super small and the shower water is super strong. It can't reach people at all when it is opened to the largest extent. The direction of the hose and shower hanging on it is not easy to control. In short, the bathing experience is very poor. Others are good and clean.
2.4/512 Reviews
1.85km from Dolphin Island
Husband and I stayed in the Superior room for 7 days, this was supposed to be a non-refundable booking if we cancelled out. Here are my observations; PROS: great location, polite cleaning staff - that's it! CONS: Extremely overpriced for the kind of hotel this is - an "hourly hotel", which sitting in another country at the time of booking, we were totally unaware of and truly regret booking. 1) We booked this place on and only provided our debit card number and expiry date, to our utter shock, a couple of hours later the entire amount was withdrawn from our bank without acknowledgement by the hotel. We contacted the hotel and and requested immediate cancellation, both refused! Extremely unprofessional! How to trust a hotel that withdraws your money even before you check-in, and our check-in was scheduled 48 hours later! We have stayed in many hotels before, and this is the first time we encountered this unprecedented and dubious situation! 2) The room was very tiny, with hardly any space to walk around or store luggage. The bathroom was spacious with 24hrs hot water. Towels, and a toothbrush set were provided. 3) Amenities in the room included an average spring mattress, not good for those with spinal problems, uncomfortable pillows, a TV that didn't work, hairdryer, electric kettle, bottled water and tea/coffee packets. No desk... no chair...the room was that tiny! 4) A window that was sealed shut ! So no access to fresh air, only stale cigarette-filled A.C. air - terrible ! 5) Room was only made up, and sheets were not changed on a daily basis. 6) I do not wish to be judgemental, but this is a place that let out "rooms by the hour", if you get my drift. On a personal note, I would never have chosen this establishment for a "family" because it was quite uncomfortable for us. Therefore, I will not recommend this place for those hoping for a nice Singapore vacation or stay.

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4.7/5856 Reviews
Marina Bay
Actually requested for highest floor with amazing view but they didn’t fulfil my request. It’s okay, they also mention to make advance booking for swimming pool and so we did, but pool is fully booked, felt so disappointed. During check in we try our luck again for the pool, lucky there is last 3 slot of us. Around 7pm went swimming, but no one was there. (Wonder why they say it’s fully book) 😕 In the afternoon try to make booking for pool again, again they say fully book. We didn’t bother to go down to check. Aside from that, we do appreciate the gifts that comes in the package that include late check out at 6pm, inclusive of breakfast and semi lunch buffet for 2 adults. Room was very spacious and clean. Overall we are happy with our stay there. Definitely we come again.
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4.6/52108 Reviews
Orchard Road
I booked for my fiancé's birthday and in lieu to celebrate New Years. Firstly, early check in was given as to prevent the crowd during the New Years Eve. Very smart move made by the hotel which I am very thankful for! It helps to control the crowd. has emailed me to WhatsApp the hotel as were told by the hotel to request for early check in. Replies by the hotel staffs were fast too! After checking in, I called to reserve the pool but it was sad I could not go as it was raining! The room was rather small but that's fine by me! The shampoo and body wash given smells nice! I usually do not use hotel's shampoo/bodywash but this hotel's toiletries was quite nice! The view from the toiler was not bad too! You need to of course close the blind to have a private shower. Was given free macaroons delivered by the robots to my room as it was my fiancé's birthday! Super kind gesture made by the hotel staffs! We were super touched! The next day, when I went down to pick up my breakfast as I choose to take away(can select to dine in or take away), the staff could not find my breakfast order as my breakfast order was misplaced by one of the staffs (the one I gave my order sheet to) But that's okay because I did not mind waiting for them to pack my food again. I was also granted late check out! Overall, pleasant stay! The team was all very friendly and approachable. Thank you!
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4.7/5446 Reviews
There was a 3-hour delay in checking-in but we were reasonably compensated in the form of complimentary parking and dining credits. Kudos to the front desk and concierge staff who were efficient and patient, especially with some unreasonable guests (no need to make things difficult for those who are trying to make your stay better). Food quality of in room dining was good and the safety measure was well managed at the pool. Thank you to all that have served us during our stay, you are Awesome! Just one thing not so pleasant thou, the service attitude of a particular male staff at Ash and Elm was rather bad that’s why we decided not to dine there. Seemed like somethings don’t change (bad experience with Ash and Elm years back), so except for the restaurant, we would love to come back again 😁
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4.7/5678 Reviews
Marina Bay
Beds were clean and comfortable. Front desk staff service was friendly and professional. After the 1st night, was woken up by drilling and hammering noises at 9 plus in the morning. Breakfast in room dining was ordered at 930am, arrived at 1150am as in doom dining department could not cope w the huge amount of orders. Was informed that our breakfast would arrive at 1130am. So first day, wasn't impressed w renovation noises that disrupted our sleep and a breakfast that was more of brunch. Did request for room change and was given another room. Air conditioning in the new room was not working well n had to request for a fan. Overall, the old building and maintenance of the hotel would place it as a 4 star hotel rather than a 5-star rating.
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4.6/51981 Reviews
Sentosa Island
From booking communication through email, Aisyah was the best. Everything went smooth and all our requests was accommodated. Even the room upgrade. Thank you so much Aisyah! :) Check in was smooth and Vin was really friendly and welcoming. As for the room (1015), it was almost perfect! Room was spacious enough for two and the view was AMAZING!!! Truly a panoramic view. Balcony was great, but it would have been better if there was a brighter light for lounging out during the evening. Only improvement I guess would be some of the staff being more friendly specially by the pool and beach area. In other Shangri-la, guests would go directly to the beds and a staff will bring the towels and some water for refreshments. We did not experience this here in Rasa Sentosa. Not sure if this is because of covid. But it would still be great if the staff would in those areas be more welcoming and friendly. Overall, had a great time and had a great birthday celebration. We would definitely come back for another quick getaway from the city. Thank you so much!
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4.2/54932 Reviews
Hotel Boss is about the location. There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel and Lavender MRT Station is 200m away. Bugis and City Hall area is a short bus ride away and Kampong Glam is within walking distance. Check-in was surprisingly quick, given the long queues inside the lobby as well as 2 separate long queues outside the hotel (one along it's drop-off point via Syed Alwi Road and another along its front - Victoria Street). The staff were friendly and welcoming. Pretty good attitude given the large crowd and check-ins. It's a mid-range hotel with many rooms. The rooms, however, are pretty small. Tiny, I would say. I have got a Triple Room and the distance between the foot of the bed and the desk is about a person's width. The en-suite toilet is tiny too. A big-sized guy like me would hit the wall or the basin when I changed inside the toilet. There are no traditional toilet paper dispenser. Instead, what was installed was a tissue paper in a cylindrical container where you pulled down piece by piece. This was installed by the mirror behind you if you used the bowl, so it was pretty inconvenient. The water strength of the tap and showers were good. Toiletries and towels were provided and replenished/changed daily. The bed was comfortable but only one pillow was provided and the pillow was thin. The air-con is pretty strong and given the small size of the rooms, the room was cooled pretty quickly. There is no wardrobe but an open-style hanging system was used with 6 hangers. Coffee and tea was provided as well as a kettle. The mini-fridge was great! The strength was great and chilled my drinks quickly. One really bad thing about Hotel Boss is that they have pretty thin walls. I could hear the muffled sounds of my next-door neighbours talking and the sound of the TV. There were some shouting two doors down and that was audible. Had to call the staff up to handle and they did a pretty good job. The in-room telephone wasn't working well and I could not hear anything after 2 calls down to the reception but they sent a guy up after that to make sure things were good. Breakfast was provided and served at their 4th floor Halal-certified restaurant. It was a choice between a Chinese or Western set. Serving was great with the typical breakfast items, in addition to yogurt, bread and cereal with milk. There were queues at certain times of breakfast (after 9.30am) but that was probably due to the high occupancy rate. All in all, I believe the Triple Room I stayed in was too cosy for 3 adults. I loved the service and condition of the room. It was convenient to get to a lot of places. However, one thing to note is that they would locked the front doors (facing Victoria Street) from 9pm-5am and you would have to access via it's drop-off point (facing Syed Alwi Road and Kallang River).
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