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Chenggu County is situated in the middle of the Hanzhong Basin. The county is longest from north to south, and is fairly narrow from east to west. Three distinct parts are naturally formed according to the topographical features, with the Qinling Mountain region to the north, the Han River plains region in the center, and the Bashan hills region in the south. This area boasts convenient transport links, fertile soil, and a rich variety of produce, including outstanding native items such as Shengxian mandarin oranges and Chenggu Yinfeng tea, which have long been famed throughout all of China. The county is one of China’s grain and oil production bases, and is known in China’s northwestern region as the “Pearl of Southern Shaanxi.” Famous attractions include the Zhangqian Memorial Hall, the Nansha Hufeng Scenic Area, and the Orange Orchard Scenic Area.
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Things To Do in Chenggu

Chenggu Bell Tower
40 Reviews
Historical Architecture
扶疏子The Bell Tower is located in the southeast of Chenggu County, an antique and exquisite tower building. According to "Chenggu County Chronicles", the bell tower was built during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty, then burned down and rebuilt during the Guangxu period. It has been repaired many times before and after 1949. The most recent one was restoration and reconstruction in 2006, and it was a provincial cultural relics protection unit.
Hanzhong Shimen Catwalk Scenic Area
1,347 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
Ancient Trail
Lxy60The Shimen Plank Road Scenic Area is a must-visit attraction when traveling to Hanzhong. This year's National Day holiday, although the weather has been light rain, we still came here in the rain. It takes a long walk to walk from the parking lot to the Shimen Power Station, but you will see many colorful paintings telling the story of the Three Kingdoms. So although there are battery cars in scenic spots, we still chose to walk. The Shimen Dam is majestic and majestic, the mountains on both sides are verdant, and the plank road in the mountains is extremely steep. The scenery is very beautiful. Unfortunately, due to the light rain, I felt slippery under my feet while walking. For safety reasons, I just visited the top of the dam. Many beautiful scenery and famous scenic spots were not able to be seen in person. Nevertheless, Shimen The plank road scenic area still left a deep impression on me, and let me realize the profound connotation of the saying that it is difficult to go to the sky on the Shu Road.
Xinshiji Square
37 Reviews
zixunshi99It’s still a very clean and tidy place. The square is also very large. It’s good to walk around, but it’s a little hot in summer, because there are no uncles on it, so you still need to bring an umbrella to shade it.
20 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
M32***27The most complete ancient water conservancy project in Shaanxi that is still functioning today-Wumenyan, which has been more than two thousand years ago🦎 It has the style of Dujiangyan, built weirs to divert water and flood and prevent sand, but it is not developed and raised in deep boudoirs. Approaching to the front, the fine water is blowing on the face, the sound of water is gurgling, after several generations of reinforcement and repair, the gurgling of clean water still waters thousands of acres of fertile land. . . awesome!
Huayang Ancient Town
448 Reviews
随风摆动李Huayang Ancient Town is a tourist attraction located in Huayang Town, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. It began in the Qin and Jin Dynasties. It is a famous ancient road station (Zhangluo Road) in history, an ancient military center, and an ancient economic and political center. The Ming and Qing buildings in the ancient town are relatively well-preserved, and the outline of the ruined walls of the ancient Huayang County is still in existence. The ancient pagodas and ancient theater buildings in Huayang Town during the Song and Yuan Dynasties have unique styles. The Ming and Qing architectural complexes with more than 600 meters of 600 meters from the civil and military officials’ yamen, inns, pawn shops, restaurants, tea houses, etc., are the main Ming and Qing buildings. It is a rare ancient town in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the mountains.
Museum of Hanzhong
335 Reviews
IoriFLooking at the scale of that building, there are not many things on display even if it is opened. The plank road museum and the Shimen thirteen products are treasures, but they should be transferred to the Shimen plank road scenic area to improve the quality of the scenic area. They are already closely related to there, or build a new museum, like many other counties and cities, which can be exhibited more Some collections. It's impossible for a municipal museum to have no collection of cultural relics, right? Besides, this is Hanzhong!

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Chenggu Bell Tower
Chenggu Bell TowerHanzhong,China

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Hanzhong Shimen Catwalk Scenic Area
Hanzhong Shimen Catwalk Scenic AreaHanzhong,China

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Xinshiji Square
Xinshiji SquareHanzhong,China

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Huayang Ancient Town
Huayang Ancient TownHanzhong,China

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Museum of Hanzhong
Museum of HanzhongHanzhong,China

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Chenggu
Dec 3, 2020 Chenggu Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:72%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:38/17:43
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