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Nov 20, 2023


  • 2.Turning memories into moments
  • 3.How to join the Trip Moments Community
  • 4. Get involved in the Trip Moments Community
  • 5. How to post a great Trip Moment
  • 6.Join Trip Moments to earn Trip Coins every day
  • 7.How to access Trip Moments
  • 8.How to post Trip Moments
  • 9.What are Trip Coins?
  • 10.How to use Trip Coins?
  • 11.Trip Moments Badges
  • 1)The Reviewer Badges
  • 2)The Explorer Badges
  • 3)The Perseverance Badges
  • 12.Trip Moments Community user levels
    • 1) User Levels: An introduction
    • 2) Reach the next level
    • 3) Current levels and bonus rewards
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1.Share your travels with the Trip Moments Community

Introducing the Trip Moments Community; a place where travel-obsessed individuals come together to share their favourite travel experiences. From amazing photos to personal recommendations and need-to-know tips, it’s a community where you can connect with like-minded travellers, sharing your secrets and finding out theirs. Whether you want to gain inspiration or inspire others, the Trip Moments community is your go-to place for all things travel. Most importantly though, it’s a place where no matter how far you wander, you’ll always feel at home.


A bit of a backstory – in 2019, leading travel services provider, launched Trip Moments Community in order to connect travellers all over the globe. Since then, it’s brought together experienced jetsetters, influencers, travel agencies and everyday explorers, all wanting to turn their memories into moments. Is this the place for you? There’s only one way to find out…

Ready to share the places you love with people who will love them too? It’s easy to join the Trip Moments Community. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Download the app on either your iOS or Android device

2) Register for a free account which will not only let you post Trip Moments, but will also give you access to exclusive member-only deals



3) After signing in, scroll down on the home screen to find Trip Moments


4) Make new travel friends and start sharing your adventures


Whether you’re a travel expert or a wanderlust novice, the Trip Moments Community is a place for everyone. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your experience and connect with other travellers:

1) Give your profile a personal touch with an avatar and display name



2) Engage with other travellers by liking, commenting and sharing their post

3) Post your own Trip Moments for the community to see - just tap the ‘+’ icon


Positing a Trip Moment is easy, but posting a great Trip Moment requires a little more work. Don’t worry, help is on hand. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1) Choose good photos. Pick at least 3 photos that show your surroundings and give others a real feel of the location. Prominent landmarks and beautiful vistas tend to attract the most attention. And the more attention, the more engagement you’ll get.


2) If your photos aren’t the best quality or you’d just like to enhance them, you can edit your photos and add filters to make them more visually appealing.


3) Let others know what makes your Trip Moment so special. For example, do you have any recommendations for other travellers? Where is this photo location and how do you get there? What was your itinerary? Include at least 30 relevant words that could help other travellers.

4) Select a location. Use the search function to find the correct location. Wherever possible, select the name of the attraction and not just where it is located.


5) Add relevant hashtags to your description to help your Trip Moment reach a wider audience. Things like #beautifulscenery #travelphotography #sunset…you get the idea.

6) Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

7) Publish!

You can find out all about how to join the Trip Moments Community here. Once you’ve joined, you can start posting Trip Moments and earning Trip Coins.

1) Open the Trip app &Tap on your ‘Account’


2) Tap on ‘My Posts’


3) Tap on the planet icon in the upper right-hand corner and discover a world filled with travel stories


It’s simple – all you have to do is tap the ‘+’ icon to start sharing your travel adventures. Once you share your Trip Moments, you’ll start earning Trip Coins.

On your personal homepage, you’ll be able to see your Trip Moments, followers, badges and your current user level. You’ll also be able to find out how you can earn more Trip Coins.


Trip Coins function just like real money. You can use them on any bookings you make on, which means more savings on hotels, flights, attractions and more.


Just tap the coin icon to access your Trip Coins Wallet. Make Trip Moments part of your social media experience and help build the Trip Moments Community of travellers. Even better, you’ll earn Trip Coins along the way.


Trip Moments Badges are a way of recognising your contributions, and letting others know you’re someone who makes a big difference to the Trip Moments Community. As the community continues to grow, new and more challenging badges will roll out across the platform – watch this space. To get a sense of what’s on offer, let’s take a closer look at some of the badges available now, including some cool new arrivals:



Reviewer Badges recognise prolific contributors. The more unique destinations and attractions you post about, the more credits you’ll earn towards your reviewer badges. Posted 1 Trip Moment? You’ve started the process. Posted 2? You’re on your way. Posted 3? You’ve officially made it to a Junior Reviewer. And this is where the real action starts to happen. Don’t stop there though, with 5 posts you’ll get your Senior Reviewer Badge and with 10, the Graduate Reviewer Badge will be all yours.

Travel is fundamentally about exploration. After all, discovering new places is exhilarating, forging new paths and setting trails for others to follow. The Explorer Badges recognise those who manage to get around, posting Trip Moments from different places all over the world. Get yourself to five places and you’ll earn your Junior Explorer Badge. Make it to 10 different places and you’ll rank among the Trip Moments Senior Explorers. But it doesn’t end there. Add another 10 unique places to your Trip Moments and you’ve got yourself the Graduate Explorer Badge. So, you know those places on your bucket list? Now’s the time to start ticking them off.

Inspired by those who run marathons and cycle triathlons, Perseverance Badges show that you’re downright dedicated. Have you signed into your account for a whole week straight? The Tenacity Badge is coming your way. Have you managed to do it for another week straight? Congratulations, you’ve made it to the Half Marathon Badge. You get the idea? Basically, you’ve just got to keep on powering through.

Introducing the Trip Moments user-level system. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Basically, there are different levels in our community. Starting with ‘Rookie’ at level 1 and going all the way to ‘Travel Guru’ at level 12, the next level can easily be reached by engaging and contributing to the community. See, it’s simple. Read on to learn more about our user levels:


You’ll be able to view your level on your Trip Moments account homepage. It will also be visible to other members when you engage with their posts. Every time you move up a level, you’ll unlock additional features and get bonus rewards.

The more you contribute, the quicker you’ll reach the next level. From posting ‘featured’ Trip Moments, to following other members and liking and commenting on their posts, there are many ways you can increase your rankings. Look out for prompts that will remind you what you need to do to move up a level.

The below table shows the current levels available, how to achieve them and the bonus rewards and featured upgrades you’ll receive when you do. Further down, you’ll find more details on each feature upgrade.

4) Monthly rewards

Once you reach level 7, you’ll become a Travel Mentor and be able to earn an additional 500 Trip Coins each month. All you’ve got to do is post 5 high-quality Trip Moments that each earn a ‘featured’ tag during a calendar month.


13.Special recognition
In order to distinguish between them, each level has a corresponding name. This allows you to easily recognise your own rank and other member’s ranks, too.


14. Increased content exposure

Your high-quality Trip Moments will appear in more member’s feeds and will have a greater chance of being included in the ‘Best-of-Today’ feature on the community homepage.


15. Detailed content creation guide

Want to learn the secrets to making high-quality Trip Moments every time? With our detailed content creation guide, you can get access to all the tips and tricks you need.


  • Upgrade rewards, monthly challenges, and regular benefits operate concurrently. Participating in one activity or challenge shall not preclude users from obtaining benefits and rewards associated with other challenges unless explicitly stated.
  • Plagiarism, malicious, harmful, and otherwise fraudulent or illegal content is strictly prohibited. Users found to be engaging in such behaviour shall automatically forfeit any and all rewards issued or otherwise implied. reserves all rights to recoup such rewards to the maximum extent allowed by law.
  • Users who have accumulated enough activity prior to the implementation of this user-level system to achieve a particular level shall be automatically awarded the highest level for which they fully qualify. No upgrade rewards will be issued for levels achieved by actions performed prior to the launch of this system.
  • After posting a high-quality Trip Moment, it may take up to 48 hours before you receive a ‘featured’ tag. When you do, you will also receive your Trip Coins rewards at the same time.
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