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About Haiyan

Haiyan county is situated close to Jiaxing in Zhejiang province. The county was established in the Qin dynasty and is known for its fertile land and silk production. There are also a wide range of cultural attractions including folk dances with rolling lanterns and traditional opera. Popular attractions include Nanbei Lake, Yingkeding Hill, Qianfo Pavilion, Qiyuan Gardens and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

Popular Attractions in Haiyan

North and South Lake
1,255 Reviews
Nanbei Lake is situated in Haiyan County, which is administered by Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. The Baogong Embankment divides the lake into north and south. Travelers generally visit Egret Sands and Butterfly Island, or follow the ancient path up the mountain to Eagle's Nest Peak and White Cloud Pavilion, which overlook Nanbei Lake. Nanbei Lake's location, just a short distance from Shanghai and Hangzhou, makes it a highly suitable destination to drive to for a weekend getaway.
Qiyuan Scenic Area
613 Reviews
Qiyuan Scenic Area is situated in the Haiyan County. It includes the Qiyuan, Haiyan County Museum and the Zhang Yuanji Memorial Hall. The main attraction of this scenic area is Qiyuan which is considered to be among one of the top ten famous gardens in China. It is also the typical private garden of style of Jiangnan. Although the area of the park is compact, it is mostly dominated by the lush green trees and pristine ponds which constitutes to some picturesque views. The whole garden layout consists of a front house and a back garden. It is made up of a brick-and-wood structure which is mostly covered by trees. The tourists who visit here take a leisurely walk through the caves or shores, which is very comfortable.
Pig Planet
245 Reviews
Amusement Park
 Piggy Planet is situated in Haiyan, Jiaxing, a beautiful seaside city. It is a pig centered experience, which includes indoor play, outdoor play and popular science education. There are interesting pig shows; as well as indoor parks that includes "sports, parent-children, science and technology, and experience"; there are transparent factories and pig houses where children can appreciate both nature and food.
Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage
4,564 Reviews
Theme Park
Ningbo Fangtawild Oriental Heritage is located on the south bank of the cross-sea bridge in Hangzhou Bay New District of Ningbo. It is a large scale high-tech theme park that incorporates ancient chinese myths and cultural connotations into its rides. "Nuwa Mends the Heavens", "The Love of the Thousand Ages", "The Great Wall Love Story", "The Spirit of the Soul", and "The Tower of the Gods" are examples of such initiatives. The 4D visual feast, and grand performances will give you your money's worth.

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Trip Moments

Shirley Zhu   
Eat a small universe, break out!
"People eat food for the day." Pigs and pigs opened a small universe of food. The small universe is a two-story small building. The first floor is mainly made up of snacks. There is also the first net red test kitchen in the country. The second floor of the "Dr. Diet" feast restaurant, the restaurant design is simple and elegant, all are private rooms, each with a special kitchen and bathroom, the privacy is excellent. Especially suitable for families, business banquets.
As long as it is a pork-related dish, it is carefully prepared with black pigs. Each part of the pig is cooked in a different way to restore the most delicious taste.
Pepper and potato, one bite, light and mellow, and won the welcome of the children present. Even more children have eaten 7 times and are not addicted. I can imagine how delicious it is!
Osmanthus fragrans has always been sweet and greasy. I didnt expect the sweet-scented osmanthus to be sour and spicy. The taste is unique and makes people feel very fresh. My three views on sweet-scented osmanthus are also refreshed!
Since it is the main restaurant, fish dishes are an essential part of the table. High-protein, low-fat fish has always been highly recognized by nutritionists, and the steaming practice here preserves the most authentic flavor of the fish.
This radish can not be small, using the local ancient method of sea salt cooking. The radish stew is so crispy that the taste of the soup is perfectly integrated into the texture of the radish. Winter radish and ginger in the summer, in the feast restaurant, every season can taste the health recipes that belong to the season, get a healthy diet and also complete the experience on the tip of the tongue.
Posted: Feb 12, 2019
In the twenty-five years of Qin Wangzheng (222 BC), this small town on the coast of the East China Sea on the banks of the Qiantang River in the north of Zhejiang Province was named Haiyan County because of the seashore is wide and the salt fields are opposite each other. Never changed the name. After more than two thousand years, the city has long since ceased to rely on boiling sea salt for a living, and the former salt fields have evolved into today's beauty.
Nanbei Lake can be said to be a business card of Haiyan. It is close to the Qiantang River estuary, and you can see the mountains, the sea and the lake.
The Baiyun Pavilion on the top of the mountain is a good place to enjoy the scenery. The second floor of the Baiyun Pavilion is a tea house, but the tourists here are not for tea, and the summit overlooks the panoramic view of the North and South Lakes. There is no more suitable than the Baiyun Pavilion.
Nanbei Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides. When facing the sea, there is a Baodi traverse east and west. The lake is divided into two parts, the north and south lakes. Because of the special terrain, the north and south lakes are warm in winter and cool in summer, and the products are rich. The local farmers have the sayings of Spring Tea, Autumn Orange, Winter Birds, Summer, Yangmei, Manshan Red, Peach, Bamboo Shoots, Yellow Rice, and Pine Blossoms.
Butterfly Island, located in the southwest corner of Nanbei Lake, was a small island artificially piled up in 1988 to dredge the Nanbei Lake. It is only 12 acres in size and can be easily walked in less than half an hour. This small island is named after it looks like a butterfly from a height. It is also to commemorate the shadow of the 1930s in Shanghai. Hu Die came to Nanbei Lake to shoot a "salt tide" with the theme of the life of the sea salt salt people.
Posted: Dec 23, 2018
Shirley Zhu   
Meng fouled, pig star star
pig pig planet is located in Zhejiang Haiyan, the first phase covers an area of 220 acres, the second phase covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, where you can subvert your imagination of the pig! The Pig Planet provides an indoor paradise of sports, parent-child, technology, and experience. It stimulates children's imagination and creativity in play, and even the cold autumn and winter can easily slide the baby; the warm and loving parent-child kitchen, Let the children explore the discovery of nature's gratitude for food; there is also a special local cuisine of sea salt, which can bring a delicious feast to the friends who come to explore the planet.
The pig world is like a large outdoor development area, both fun and fun. "Star Base Camp" was originally a children's paradise with fairy tales and dreams. There is also a large area of parent-child manual classes, laughing and playing in colorful and bright colors, which is the most shining memories of the baby's childhood. The indoor children's paradise has two layers, the function is divided, the regional combination is scientific, and the cute pig elements are full. For example, many children's paradise have cassia bunkers, and the bunker of the pig park is called pig father. Big mud pit!" The
parent kitchen also has an exclusive area where a family claims a table. The ingredients and tools needed to make handmade sausages have been placed on top. Even the food made in the parent-child kitchen is related to the constant theme of the pig!
Finally there is a lively clown show, and the close interaction also adds a wonderful and interesting memory to the pig journey.
Posted: Feb 12, 2019
There are not many gardens that can be impressed. The garden of Jiaxing Haiyan in Zhejiang is definitely a small and amazing garden. Professor Chen Congzhou, a famous garden expert, has repeatedly visited and praised him. The author said that this garden is the number one in Zhejiang and is regarded as one of the top ten famous gardens in China.
is also known as Fengjia Garden. The owner of the garden, Feng Yizhai, was a businessman in the soy sauce business. He married the poet of the Qing Dynasty and the second daughter of the playwright Huang Lanqing. The two gardens of the Changi Garden and the Liyuan, owned by the Huang family, were also given as dowry to Feng Yizhai.
Qing Xianfeng years (1851-1861), the two gardens were destroyed by the fire, Tongzhi six years, Feng Yizhai set the essence of the two parks, and added some Taihu stone, build this park, Tongzhi began to take shape. Later, the pavilions and other pavilions were rebuilt, and the scenic spots were added and named as the Gion.
is quiet, usually there are not many tourists, the garden maintains the pattern of the former house and the back garden, the brick and wood building structure is clean, and when you walk in, you can't help but slow down, only slowly appreciate it. Meet the temperament of this garden.
Sanletang is a two-story building with nine floors, and the front and back are all patios. The brick carvings are decorated with flying arches and hidden temples. The so-called "three music" is "to be worthy of the sky, to be indifferent to people, to be happy too; parents and brothers are in the same place, two music too; to gather talents in the world and educate, this three music is also."
a small The small garden is the Grand View Garden of the Jiangnan architecture in the Qing Dynasty.
Posted: Dec 23, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended North and South Lake, Butterfly Island.
Here are the best places to visit in Haiyan, including: North and South Lake, Qiyuan Scenic Area, Pig Planet, Butterfly Island, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant.