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About Changshu

Called Yu (虞) for short, Changshu (常熟) – which means “long matured” – got its name from the fact that this is a place known for its “fertile soil long free from floods or droughts.” Changshu is located in southern Jiangsu Province. Situated in the Lower Yangtze River Delta, Changshu is nicknamed the “Paradise of the Lower Yangtze” and is one of the wellsprings of China's Wu culture. Renowned sights here include the Yushan Shanghu (虞山尚湖) Tourist Area and the Shajiabang (沙家浜) Scenic Area.

Popular Attractions in Changshu

Shajiabang Scenic Area
4,494 Reviews
The Shajiabang Scenic Area is located 10 kilometers south of Changshu City and is in the north of Yangcheng Lake. It is known for the communist-style Beijing Opera "Shajiabing". The TV series "Shajiabing" is also filmed here. In the scenic area, you can take a boat ride into the reeds and enjoy the beautiful wetland scenery. The reed maze is in the south of the Red Stone Folk Culture Village. There are two parts: a water maze, explorable by boat, and a land maze, by planks built on the surface of the water. You can choose which one to explore depending on your personal preference.
Shanghu Lake Scenic Area
3,285 Reviews
Shanghu Lake Scenic Area is located at the southern foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu. If you are looking for a relaxing park with beautiful scenery to go for a walk in, Shanghu Lake Scenic Area makes an excellent choice. The lake has seven islands including a lotus island, a fishing islet, a songbird island and a peach blossom island, forming the unique scene of islands in a lake and a lake on islands. Every April, the peony show brings Shanghu Lake a lot of tourists. In the summer lotus flowers bloom on the surface of the lake. There is also a lantern festival in the autumn, usually in September-October, when the night garden will be opened.
Yushan Scenic Spot
1,229 Reviews
Yushan has beautiful scenery, and its southeast foothill extends into the city of Changshu. Hiking up the mountain is free admission with only a few scenic spots requiring tickets. Locals can be seen relaxing and exercising in the mountains. Things worth doing in Yushan: Ascend the Jianmen Scenic Spot on top of the mountain to overlook the beautiful scenery of Shanghu Lake, climb up the Yushan city wall to view the city, and eat noodles in Xingfu Temple.
Fang Tower Park
347 Reviews
Fang Tower Park stands 80 meters away from the north of the busy Fangta Street, Changsu. It is an antique garden built based on the historical site of Chongjiao Xingfu Temple dated back in the Song Dynasty, sharing resemblance with the Suzhou Garden in style. Though the ancient temple was destroyed, the Fang Tower built in the 4th year of Jian Yan period of the Southern Song Dynasty (A.D. 1130) remains. Fang Tower has been renovated for several times. It is a landmark of Changshu. Fang Tower Park is named after Fang Tower. The scenery in the park is appealing, and observing fishes in Zuiwei Pool in the west of the park is also one of the favorites of visitors.

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Trip Moments

Jiangnan Water Town "Suzhou" Summer Net Red Breakfast
Suzhou Changshu
This summer, the most beautiful time, is twice the Changshu Shajiabang, in the deep At the Luhua Bay Resort Hotel, I was fortunate to have had a leisurely vacation in front of the flower garden. "Holly" you meet, this summer is unforgettable.
, the lotus is overflowing, when it is opened, it is white, and the wind passes through the lotus pond. A dark green "wave" makes people refreshed. Dazzling in January, when the rainy summer heats alternately, the sunny morning, the lotus pond is foggy. Although the lotus has been shy, but the boat is deep, but can eat sweet lotus seeds.
, while watching the sun through the clouds, smelling the lotus leaf aroma, eating the lotus leaf wrapped "Huoxiang meal breakfast", is also very beautiful and very comfortable! Breakfast must be booked in advance, the price is based on the number of people dining, and the place to eat is in the room reservation center and the Literature Hall. The breakfast is mainly based on Suzhou farmhouse, Jiugong tableware, coarse grains, milk, eggs, staple food, fruit and so on. The lotus leaf is newly taken for breakfast. If the lotus seed is fresh, you can pick two and taste it.
If it rains, the reserved meal will be transferred to the hotel service center. Breakfast is not sold separately and is not accepted for the day! The price is 200 yuan / share, specifically consult the hotel. In addition, with the dining room, dinner reservations are accepted and the price is available for further inquiry.
refers to the addition of the two swimming pools for adults and children in the Luhua Bay Hotel in Jiangnan. In the hot summer, guests are exclusive, no need to go to the pool to make dumplings. Lying by the pool, watching the clouds and clouds, very comfortable. There will be fireflies on the side of the pool at night~
Best photo location: stacking table, wall blue tile window, under the stack, aerial photography, overhead shooting, best shooting time: between 7 and 8 in summer . Shooting props: fresh lotus, lotus, (not open flowers), cheongsam, costume, oil painting umbrella, group fan. Also suitable for early morning yoga
Hulu Huawan Resort Hotel, room type and distribution is special, distributed around the lotus pond, close to the scenic area near the Yokohama Theater. There are two-storey single-family homes and there are also Soviet-style multi-room villas. Prices range from 500 to 4000. Some room types include scenic spot tickets, check-in and departures! Value for money, very suitable for family and family travel, friends and relatives and colleagues to stay.
Posted: Jul 25, 2019
Once upon entering the Shajiatun scenic spot, it is necessary to take a boat. Now it is well repaired and the roads are well built. Naturally, it is also possible to take the electric car. Just since I came here, it is natural to feel the authentic Shajiabang style.
This kind of hand-cranked boat covered by a blue-printed cloth is naturally going to sit on it.
In mid-April, the wisteria is also open here. The wisteria blossoms, with a faint purple color in front of it, and some sweet taste in the air.
Remember that there was a wisteria flower stand in the middle school. I have liked it since then, and the most anticipated April every year is because of it.
Jiangnan's blue-printed cloth is very famous. In the past, every household was hand-dyed, and now it is all machine-made.
The boat here is very tasteful, not only the blue-bottomed printed cloth on the cabin, but also the life jacket that is dressed in it. It is very style, compared to the yellow life jacket, this is not good. less.
We started off in two hand-cranked boats in tandem. Shaking a boat is very skillful. It is not a matter of generals. There is no way to get the boat to run normally.
Generally speaking, there are 6 people on a boat. We are relatively spacious and have 4 people.
Jiangnan people, singing folk songs is a good hand.
The boat is free to go, the aunt will also sing us two songs, using the local dialect, soft and soft, listening to feel very comfortable.
Its no wonder that Jiangnan people speak nicely, and I like it very much.
Posted: Apr 30, 2019