Hiking along the side practical tips for Diamond Head Hawaii

Sep 20, 2019

If you an adventure lover, then Diamond Head Hawaii will surely serve well to your thirst. The inclined path, uneven rocks, a tinge of risk, and lots of beautiful sights will surely mesmerize you to the fullest. It also gives a thrill when you think about how once it was used by the US military as a post to prevent any attack against Honolulu. It is an amazing adventure for both kids and adults. It is a bit tiring at times but to energize you, proper arrangements of food, water is there throughout the way. But one must know all about the timings and the essential logistics to be kept. This place is best to visit during the summer months as a maximum tourist from different parts of the world comes here to enjoy good weather by avoiding the extreme cold temperatures.


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  • Dangers & Safety Measures
  • If you have your children with you!
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Hiking along the side practical tips for Diamond Head Hawaii

Along with hiking in the migrating months, even whales can be seen in the Pacific Ocean. The mixed culture and celebration of so many occasions make this island lively throughout the year. The way they welcome a new year by firework shows all around, can tell you how loving and welcoming the Hawaii citizens are.


This Hawaiian island was previously named as‘The Gathering Place’and had the renowned Diamond Head Hawaii. It got created because of the multiple volcanic eruptions almost 500,000 to 400,000 years ago and was once assumed as an active volcano in itself but never erupted. Hiking here will give you the best view of Honolulu and the incredible, ancient crater. In 1825, it was named as Diamond Head as some British sailors found shiny calcite crystals in the beach sand. After the Pearl Harbour attack, in order to protect Oahu, pillboxes, foxholes and gun emplacements were built here. Now it has become a tourist spot and is declared as Head State Monument. It comes with adventurous 760-foot hiking and a number of steps to climb. From there, one can see Waikiki, Honolulu and the never-ending ocean.

Hiking along the side practical tips for Diamond Head Hawaii

Moreover, if you are really lucky and the sky is clear, then you can even visualize the neighboring islands like Lanai and Molokai. When you get to see such an outstanding 360-degree view, it feels worth climbing the 100s of stairs. This Diamond Head Hawaii hiking initially looks like a challenge but gradually turns out to be fun, and it takes hardly 40-50 minutes to hike up to the top.

Let’s Hike Up

It is recommended to start your hiking as early as possible, then the crowd will be less, and the weather will be comparatively colder. The round trip hike generally takes one and a half hour, but if you are planning to stop the number of times on your way and spend a long time in the viewing spot, then it might take you approximately a couple of hours. For people who have good hiking experience and want to spend less time can even complete one way in half an hour.

Dangers & Safety Measures

Diamond Head Hawaii is a volcano which was active several years ago; naturally, it is made of lava rock. The trail is made perfectly with all safety, but still, it is better being safe than sorry. I would strictly suggest not to try climbing the walls to skip some step or to save time. Lava rocks are generally very light and unstable. If you do not follow safer steps, you might lose your step and land somewhere else. So while viewing nature or taking pictures, try to be careful as most of the hike is on uneven ground. You might be having experience in hiking but losing a step in this area is quite common as it is too tough to judge your next step. The most important thing to ponder upon, especially for those who are claustrophobic is a tunnel on the way. So there comes a dark tunnel just before reaching the top, and there is no other way to complete your hiking. You have to walk through it, so make sure you are fine with it, or you have your group with you before starting the journey.

If you have your children with you!

If you go with the statistic, then there are plenty of children hiking every day at Diamond Head Hawaii, so there is nothing to worry about. In most cases, we observe them enjoying and more energized than adults be during this journey. We follow a general thumb rule that if the kids can walk by themselves and can stay careful, then supervising them is enough during the journey. But still, parents should keep an eye on them as at times the unstable ground might turn hazardous. There is fencing along the trail which will guide you as well as support you to hike up. You can even find many infants on the way, got tired, and fallen asleep on their parents. So make sure if your kid is too young then you are fit enough to carry him or her and walk up safely on this uneven path. There are personal tour guides available, and if you want you can hire one, they will keep on boosting you as well as your kids by telling the history, culture, and environment of the area in depth. They are well trained and can even guide you to avoid unnecessary steps.

Who can hike

One might think that it is just a 560 feet rise and can be covered easily in a short span, but that is not the case. A person has to be fit enough to climb a lot number of stairs even after facing loose terrain often. It is for sure more than a walk. In Diamond Head Hawaii pets are not allowed other than the service animals. Those who have mobility limitations can avail the equipment in the parking but cannot carry those while hiking the steep stairs. Once you reach the top, it will feel like an accomplishment. There is a person on top who even asks the hikers to get a stamp done as a proof that you have climbed up to the Diamond Head. Though many people say that he is in no uniform and does do it for his earnings, but still it’s worth doing as a memory of your journey.

Experience on the way

Your journey starts from the parking area towards Diamond Head Hawaii. The view on your way will be so mesmerizing. Then you can head towards the crater, but its entrance is a bit tricky. Generally, everyone walks on a single side and thus a double lane turn to be a single lane. It is not dangerous as there is a lot of space, but still, it’s better to keep an eye as the cars while entering and exiting take a turn. As soon as you leave the tunnel behind, you will face the crater wall in a 360-degree view. In 5 minutes you will reach the entrance where you have to pay $1 as an entrance fee. The commercial vehicles pay $10 for cars and vans, $20 for minibusses and $40 for buses. Then at the trailhead, there is a Diamond Head Visitor Center where you will find refreshments and much historical stuff on sale. After a small relaxation, the cemented path will take you through a grassy field till you reach the base of the crater and then for a few minutes, you will walk a slightly inclined path. Once you cross these zones, the rocky, uneven path begins. Do not worry about the regular interval; you will get a large space with shades and places built to sit and rest a bit. Now it’s time for the dark tunnel about which I had already discussed. Make sure you have a torch or flashlight in your backpack that will help you to walk through. The moment you pass it, there are two ways to reach your destination, Diamond Head Hawaii. One is a walled, well-built path for an easy walk and the other which is full of broken stairs but gives amazing view to take some snaps, it is your choice, and thus you reach your destination, the top.

Hiking along the side practical tips for Diamond Head Hawaii

Must-visit areas

It is suggested to go for hiking as early in the morning as possible and having breakfast at Hau Tree. This restaurant is located at the base of Diamond Head and is known for its mimosa and island-style deli8caies. You can enjoy your food sitting open air in front of San Souci Beach. Then if you take Monsarrat Avenue, you will reach Diamond Head Market and Grill, this can be your next stop for lunch as they provide amazing lunch meals consisting of brown fried rice and cornbread. When you come down from Diamond Head Hawaii, one must visit the Diamond Head Beach Park. Generally, visitors go till the lookout points and the lighthouse but never down to the beach. There are many beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

Quick Facts to ponder upon

1.Diamond Head Hawaii is open from 6 AM to 6 PM, and the last hike time is 4:30 PM.

2.If you are walking into the crater, the entrance fee is $1 and $5 if you drive in. Well,they only accept cash payment.

3.Smoking is strictly prohibited in this area. Pets other than service animals are not allowed. It is better not to climb walls and follow the path as directed.

4.The journey can be a bit tiring for some, so it is better to carry a bottle of water. Pack your bag with hat, sunscreen to avoid being tanned and a torch or flashlight for easy access in the tunnel. Moreover, it is recommended to wear athletic shoes.

5.No need to carry any mosquito repellent or do not worry about washroom, info booth, refreshment truck, picnic tables and so on. These are available near the trailhead.

6.You can expect scorching heat, the huge crowd in peak hours, but the gorgeous view will fill your heart, and you can click some nice pictures from up there.

When to visit

It seems like you are thinking to plan a trip to Oahu Island and enjoy hiking at Diamond Head Hawaii. As per 2018 statistics, over 500000 tourists have visited this place between March to December. As we all know, summers in Hawaii attract tourists a lot so the months between June to August will be perfect for you. There will be less rain and hiking will be easy, and generally, it’s a gateway from extreme winter and snow in many parts of the world. During this period the population increases, especially on the north side, you can face traffic.

Moreover, in these busy months, airlines hike up their prices, and getting accommodations is also tough if you do not plan early. If you are planning to be here in offseason, then there are many travel and accommodation deals available in comparatively lower price. In case your plans are for November – May then you can see some humpback whales at the end of their migrating season. During this period many tour companies come with whale watching boat rides.

Hiking along the side practical tips for Diamond Head Hawaii

Enjoy the culture in Oahu

Oahu is not only famous for its Diamond Head Hawaii but also because it is the most populated and diverse island of the state. On 1st May they celebrate Lei Day which is related to Hawaiian culture and Lei making the ceremony. During January to March, they celebrate Chinese New Year with fireworks, lion dances, and night-long festivals. Usually in April comes Japan’s Golden Week when a huge amount of Japanese tourists land in Hawaii to enjoy their vacation. In the Fourth of July, Ala Moana Center celebrates its top 25 firework shows in the country.

Hiking along the side practical tips for Diamond Head Hawaii

Last but not least; in October to December, Oahu celebrates pumpkin patches and trick-or-treating. Finally, they welcome the New Year with a bang, full of fireworks and massive beach show off. This island welcomes you throughout the year with its various color and culture. You will get a homely feeling and a touch of all new cultures in this part of the world. To enrich yourself with joy and happiness, you can anytime plan your vacation at Diamond Head Hawaii and enjoy with your family.

Many, people think that Oahu Island is a bit costly, but that is not the case. If you search the internet, you will find some amazing deals, on the two major expenses of the airfare and the hotel. Other than this there are many attractive places which hardly needs any entry fee like the Diamond Head Hawaii hike and waterfall has the nominal expense. It also gives you amenities like ADA access, concession stand, gift shop, picnic pavilion, picnic tables, restroom, water fountain, and viewpoint. Though the ADA amenities are not allowed to use while hiking up the steep slopes. In the island, there are many entertaining shows like the hula shows, tiki torch ceremony and so on are all free to watch.

If you have booked a hotel in Waikiki and want to head towards Diamond Head Hawaii, then you have to opt for a bus or a car. There are cheap city buses running on different routes, you can get information about them from local people or over the internet. Further information on cars can be achieved from your hotel desks, they can arrange your cabs with various deals available with them. By car, it will take you hardly 10-15 minutes, and then you can park it as per instructions are given in the spot and paddle up yourself for hiking.

The way citizens of Hawaii celebrate different culture shows that love, peace, unity, and humanity still exists at some corner of the human heart. If you want to mix in these color of love and togetherness, then do not miss the chance, grab a deal by booking your tickets in advance on Trip.com as per your choice and visit Oahu Island. To add more you can even take part in Aloha Circle Island tour, Waikiki Trolley tour, Turtle Canyon Snorkel Cruise and many more. But yes, I will always suggest whatever you do in Hawaii make sure you do hiking in the Diamond Head. It is not just this island, but there are a series of them which are still having the untouched beauty, and we can even say they are the boon to our world right now.