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Instagram-Worthy Locations in Montreal


Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

364 Reviews
490m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"When I was in downtown Montreal, I accidentally entered a super-shocked roadside church, and then came back to check the information and found that it was a representative city church in Montreal. The church, built in 1894, also symbolizes Catholicism. The architectural style borrowed from the ancient Roman church of St. Peters Basilica, although only a quarter of the area of the reference church, but still full of grandeur. Inside, the magnificent exquisite design is impressive. The entrance is a row of bronzed saints. Next to the church is Dorchester Square and Place du Canada. After punching in the church, you can walk here. Walking through Montreal, it feels like a church that is really everywhere, and the interior is very distinctive, Montreal is also called the most European city in North America, except for the French buildings and streets. Almost every corner of the street is a church. The make picture describes it as "the first city in my life that I've seen a brick that could hit the window of a church." This historic city is well worth walking around."

Old Montreal

240 Reviews
146m from downtown
Featured Neighborhoods
"The old town is open all day, there will be different charms during the day and night, there is a light show at night, the whole old town is covered with a bit of mystery, and the old town during the day is more elegant and lively in the streets of Europe. Montreal is also a walking friendly city. There is a faint classical flavor in the whole city. Montreal has a church on almost every street and is also called the most European city in North America. Very suitable for slow travel, set aside a day to walk slowly around Old Montreal Old Town."

Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal

155 Reviews
5.3km from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"Montreal must be punched in the road, and is praised as a city landmark cathedral. The cathedral is high on the mountain and can be seen from many angles of the city. And there is an elevator in the church, which is also the first time you see one of the churches that needs an elevator to visit. On cloudy days, you can see the top of the church surrounded by clouds, adding a bit of mystery. It is said that the church also has its own church school, the whole church is very spectacular, all the way up the stairs, the whole city of Montreal are all in view. The church is designed for the Catholic Romanesque church, the green high dome, the first glance is very eye-catching. There are also huge pipe organs inside the church, with 5811 pipe organs playing melodious music every day, and there are regular pipe concerts in the church. There are five floors in the church, each floor can be reached by elevator. One or two floors are a viewing platform with a wide outdoor platform, and each church inside the church has a different style, you can slowly visit."

Montreal City Hall

93 Reviews
38m from downtown
City Halls
Buildings by Famous Architects
"The town hall is no longer needed, it was being repaired outside and inside, it should be empty, it seems that it has moved to another place, but the whole building is as beautiful as a castle."

Old Port of Montreal

110 Reviews
601m from downtown
"Near the harbor there is a ferris wheel, on which the whole old town can be closed in the eye, in winter the harbor is needed to look outside, inside almost all of the white snow."

Habitat 67

39 Reviews
1.3km from downtown
Historical Architectures
Buildings by Famous Architects
"Habitat 67 is the most interesting attraction in Montreal, but it is not actually an attraction. It is actually a residential building. The interior is not open for visitors. After a few glances, it was driven out by security."

Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours Chapel

23 Reviews
260m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"This church is not very far from the other most famous Notre Dame Cathedral, but it is much smaller and belongs to the old town, but you can see the top of the malachite green church from a distance."

Olympic Tower/Olympic Stadium's Observatory

4 Reviews
842m from downtown
Observation Decks
"The main venue of the 1976 Montreal Olympics is much older than I am. The scale on the ground is not as big as I imagined. It is true that the world cannot be worse than these decades. Let's talk about a few interesting things 1 If you think that opening the Olympics is a business that earns money without losing money, then you are wrong. But I thought so before that. Otherwise, who is fine and always thinking about bidding? But the Olympic Games in 1976 is said to have burdened the city of Mongolia for 30 years. Years of high foreign debts were not fully paid off until after 2000, etc. Why is it a city instead of a whole country... I don’t know and I’m not embarrassed to ask. 2 The main venue and its tower were designed by a French designer. It was originally an outdoor venue with an openable ceiling. It is said that the ceiling has never been opened again due to design flaws after being closed once. 3 The height of the athlete’s village is 20 floors. However...there is a lift in the wood, hahaha, how do I think this section has been watched in which cartoon? So the paragraph says that if you have the ability to win cards before the world ranking exam, then you live The high-level will be a high probability event, you know, but it’s said that at that Olympics, Canada didn’t get a gold medal. It’s really ah hahaha let me smile for a while"