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About Suzhou

The beauty of Suzhou is found in all the gardens, mountains and rivers within the city, as well as in the rich variety of ancient cultural charm and artistic atmosphere. From the numerous ancient waterside villages on the periphery of Suzhou to the Humble Administrator’s Garden, a World Heritage Site, and the Suzhou Museum, the exquisite delights of Suzhou are endless. Suzhou is located on a network of waterways and the city streets are built to follow the rivers, producing the unique style of “little bridges, flowing water and households.” The Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Ji’s poem, "Night Mooring at Maple Bridge", has caused tourists from ancient and modern times to flock to Maple Bridge and hear the bells of Hanshan Temple. The mountains of Lingyan, Taiping, Tianchi and Dongting are scattered along the banks of Lake Tai outside of Gusu District and showcase the majesty of nature.

Popular Attractions in Suzhou

Humble Administrator's Garden
34,126 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
This is one of "China's Four Gardens" and a world cultural heritage site. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is known for its water landscape that highlights the ambiance of the Southern Chinese villages built on bodies of water. It is elegant and delicately designed. In the garden, different kinds of ancient architecture were built on water. They are scattered strategically and not one is the same as another. The garden is divided into three parts: the east, the middle, and the west. Each part has its own characteristics, especially the central garden, which basically maintains the simple and natural style of the Ming Dynasty gardens and represents the best of the whole garden.
Tiger Hill
14,602 Reviews
Tiger Hill has a history of more than 2,500 years and is a landmark of Suzhou City. The attractions here are mostly historic sites with a beautiful view. Although Tiger Hill is only a small hill, it contains natural landscapes such as cliffs and ravines. Because of its construction history, many cultural attractions have been formed. In the garden, buildings and plants are built to complement each other according to the exquisite Jiangnan garden style. Here, you can learn about the story of the Spring and Autumn Period and visit the lopsided landmark, Yunyan Pagoda.
Lion Forest Garden
9,452 Reviews
Lion Forest Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, and Canglang Pavilion are collectively known as the “Four Famous Suzhou Gardens”. The Lion Forest was built in the Yuan Dynasty and was originally a back garden of Zen temples. It was later purchased as a private residence. This garden was treasured by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, who always stayed here during his visits to Southern China. Although the Lion Grove Garden is small, the artificial mountains in the park are very well-known. The strange rocks resemble dancing lions. The connection between the artificial mountains is not dissimilar to a maze. You can play hide-and-seek in the stone maze or count the number of observable stone lions.
Hanshan Temple
6,180 Reviews
Hanshan Temple is located in the western suburbs of Suzhou. The temple dates back more than 1,400 years. The temple gained renown from its mention in the famous poem “A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge” by the poet Zhang Ji of the Tang Dynasty: “From the monastery on Cold Mountain, the sound of the bell reaches the guest boat at midnight.” Hanshan Temple is a famous site to pay. Every day, a steady stream of believers comes to the temple to strike the bell, light incense, and pray for the future.

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Humble Administrator's Garden Ticket
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Trip Moments

Rachel Yu   
On the mountain high, Shigong Mountain is insignificant, only 49.8 meters, only a short mountain; on the mountain, Shigong Mountain is not enough to talk about the majestic, but it attracts countless times from ancient and modern times with its specific geographical location and unique scenery. Tourists.
Shigong Mountain is not high, it is strange to stone. There are few soils in Shigong Mountain, and there are many cypress trees. The three face the water, the rock is wonderful, and the cypress is lush. The pavilions on the hills are high and low, and the Xuanshu Bridge Gallery is dense and dense.
Shigong Mountain is located at the southeastern end of Xishan Island. It is surrounded by water on three sides, and it is backed by Congling. The mountains and cypresses are rich, such as the green snails and waters. It is like a jasper floating lake. The scenery is infinitely good. It is called a fairyland on earth.
Legend has it that there were two strange stones in the place where the mountains were drowning. The figures are like an old man and an old man. People call them Shigong and Shipo, hence the name Shigongshan.
The first line of crustal movement has provided a lot of fun for future generations to come here.
Shigong Mountain is a famous tourist attraction in history. Since the Spring and Autumn Period, visitors have gathered, and celebrities and yas have come here.
From the bottom of the mountain slowly to the lake, concentrate on the beauty of the Taihu Lake, do not know the boulder beach stepped on the foot, hundreds of millions of years ago still at the bottom of the sea.
Shigong Temple, formerly known as Shigong Temple, is a bright pearl in the Shigong Mountain Scenic Area. The floating jade north hall in the temple is a place where the former Shigong Temple specializes in receiving female guests. It is very unique. It still leaves the famous sentence of Li Yuminglian, "The smoke is surrounded by Sanshan, and Wu Yueping is divided into a water room."
Posted: Jan 25, 2019
Angeline Yang   
Suzhou is the back garden of Shanghai. It is no more fun to visit Suzhou than the spring weekend. Are you tired of gardening? Then come to this niche net red museum, take pictures beautifully and free of charge, but also increase knowledge.
The first sight in the main building was shocked, the black and white minimalist tones, the spacious and bright hall, the four pillars of the sky and the simple geometric lines, the whole design is too sensation, casually in the middle Or walking around the white wall is beautiful. The slope behind the white wall can be upstairs. The second floor lobby is filled with bricks from various periods. From the cultivation of a brick to the final wall, you can subtly understand the whole process. The books on the side of the wall can be Draw it out and shine. The most dazzling place to photograph is the cylindrical red brick kiln, which can be accessed on the second and third floors. The third floor is a spiral staircase. A beam of light shoots directly from the top round window, and a shot is a large piece. The second floor is the bottom of the red brick kiln. It is also a superb photo point. It is a narrow "one-line sky" and a vaulted round hole. The fat man may get stuck. The little fairy is definitely fine. If there is sunlight in the promenade at the entrance to the garden, the intersection of light and shadow of brick and flower windows is also beautiful.

Address: No. 95, Yangchenghu West Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9
Posted: Mar 21, 2019
It can be said absolutely that most people come to Suzhou to travel to Suzhou gardens. Suzhou classical gardens are known as the "city of gardens" and enjoy the reputation of "the gardens of Jiangnan, the gardens of southern Jiangsu". It is known as "rebuilding the Qiankun within a few feet", such as Canglang Pavilion, Lion Forest, Humble Administrator's Garden, Liuyuan Garden, Net Master Garden, Yi Garden and so on. However, anyone who has been to Suzhou gardens knows that because of its unique historical status and value, Suzhou gardens can be said to be a sea of people, and it is difficult to feel the beauty of its landscape and the beauty of Athens. However, there is such a garden-style hotel in Suzhou. The scenery is very quiet, and the hotel can also visit the hotel for free. This is the beautiful hotel Suzhou Lake Hotel.
Meihao Elegant Hotel Suzhou Huyige Hotel is located in Suzhous famous Old Street of Xietang. The old street of Xietang has a history of more than 760 years and can be said to be a model of Jiangnan in the water town. The hotel is located on the bank of the East Tangtang River in Jinji Lake. The bridge is full of people, the wall is covered with tiles, and the historic site is famous... It is beautiful to imagine.
Through the lobby of the hotel, some of the surprises can't be said, not a painting, but a beautiful painting, the beautiful Jiangnan garden, the pavilion, the bridge, the flowers, the flowers Insect fish, it can be said that it is a step by step.
As night falls, the elegant Huhu Pavilion interprets the beauty of another Jiangnan garden.
Posted: Dec 25, 2018
Zhenze Ancient Town under the jurisdiction of Wujiang District of Suzhou City is a famous land of fish and rice and home of silk. The ancient town was built according to the water, and it was built by the water. An ancient Qiangtang River traverses the east and west. Both sides are built with powder walls and slabs. It is very famous for its Jiangnan water town, and there are ancient bridges and ancient towers. The Tower Bridge, which is composed of towers, reflects the classic picture and is particularly attractive. The same style of the ancient town of the water town, the difference is that compared with other famous Jiangnan ancient towns, Zhenze has retained a quiet and simple atmosphere. Although the scale of the
ancient town is not too big, it is built by the river, the waterways are connected, and the winding path is quiet. In the early morning, the quiet ancient town has just awakened. There are almost no tourists on the old streets. The calm Qiangtang River reflects the simple and elegant coastal buildings, like a painting of ink painting from a shop. This is the impression of Jiangnan.
The old man who started early on the river bank began to cool the homemade pickles, and some people were washing and washing vegetables at the head of the river. These are the traditional customs of the waters, although they are ordinary everyday, in the beautiful shape. Under the backdrop of the trailing bridge, it also looks beautiful. The ancient town of Zhenze is a scenic spot and a community where local residents live. There is not much commercial atmosphere, and everything is a primitive and primitive life.
Posted: May 9, 2019


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Eating is infiltrated into the bones of Suzhou people. You can find the most authentic and pure Jiangnan snacks, classic Su Gang dishes, green Yang ravioli, and home-made beef noodles. The journey from the Su Gang Restaurant to the Creative Restaurant is a dazzling one. Here we recommend the TOP 10 popular restaurantin Suzhou.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Qionglong Mountain, Tianchi Mountain, Suzhou Ancient Canal, Yushan Scenic Spot, Suzhou Taihu National Wetland Park.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Suzhou: Xin Mei Hua Restaurant( Lin Rui Square ), Tong De Xing Jing Pin Noodle House( Jia Yu Fang ), Nong Le Yuan ( Xi Cheng Yong Jie ), Lao Suzhou Da Ke Tang ( Guan Qian Street ), Sui Liu Ju ( Jian Xin Xiang ).
Here are the best places to visit in Suzhou, including: Hanshan Temple, Lingering Garden, Shajiabang Scenic Area, Shantang Street, Suzhou Museum.