【6% Off】Japan eSIM 1 Day Guide from $0.93: eSIM Providers Compared, How to Setup

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Japan eSIM 1 Day
Planning a trip to Japan for just one day and worried about the internet? The 1-Day Japan eSIM plan is perfect for you! Trip.com offers cheap and high-speed 1-day Japan eSIM packages to keep you connected. In this article, we give a simple guide to the 1-day Japan eSIM, including different providers, pros and cons, and prices. Be sure to read until the end!

【6% Off】Popular Japan eSIM 1 Day Plans

These popular Japan eSIM one-day plans are by far the cheapest options I have found for Japan. The prices shown already include a 6% Off, making them incredibly affordable for staying connected. Click to check more about the cheapest and fastest (very very low latency) eSIM plans available.

4G Japan eSIM 1 Day
  • CountryJapan
  • Package Option500MB/Day
  • Duration1 Day
  • Price$0.93
4G Japan eSIM 1 Day
  • CountryJapan
  • Package Option1GB/Day
  • Duration1 Day
  • Price$1.24
4G Japan eSIM 1 Day
  • CountryJapan
  • Package OptionUnlimited High Speed
  • Duration1 Day
  • Price$2.59

What is an eSIM Exactly?

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM card integrated into your device, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. You can easily activate it by scanning a QR code provided online, giving you access to mobile data plans from various countries.

How Does a Japan eSIM Work for 1 Day?

A Japan eSIM functions like a traditional SIM card but is entirely digital. You set it up by scanning a QR code from your service provider, allowing you to use mobile data and make calls just like a regular SIM card.

Japan eSIMs can support multiple phone numbers and networks simultaneously, making them ideal for travelers looking to save money and avoid the hassle of changing phone numbers.

Most modern smartphones, including the latest iPhone and Android models, are compatible with Japan eSIMs, ensuring broad accessibility and convenience. See how to activate eSIM Here.

Top 1 Day Japan eSIM Providers

Based on my experience in Japan, Trip.com eSIM is the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable (almost never experience lagging). Their customer service is always helpful. Trip.com's Japan eSIM 1 day plan starts at $0.93 for 500MB/day, while other options like Nomad and EZsim are pricier and slower. I recommend Trip.com, but you can also check other popular Japan eSIM one day plans below.

Comparison of Japan eSIM 1 Day Plans

Trip.com500MB/Day High Speed Data1 Day$0.93
1GB/Day High Speed Data$1.24
2GB/Day High Speed Data$1.73
Unlimited High Speed Data$2.59

Trip.com Japan eSIM 1 Day

Package OptionDaysStandard Price
500MB/Day High Speed Data1 Day$0.93
1GB/Day High Speed Data$1.24
2GB/Day High Speed Data$1.73
Unlimited High Speed Data$2.59

*Calculation method of days: Natrual day billing. Based on GMT+9 time.

Trip.com Japan eSIM offers a range of cheap and fast data plans ideal for those visiting Japan. These plans provide reliable connections across the country, including all major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Each plan is priced very cheap (I've compared with other eSIM providers, Trip.com is the cheapest) and designed to meet different travel requirements, with guaranteed nice customer service throughout Japan. You can choose from a variety of 1-day plans, including 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, or even unlimited high-speed data, making it a very flexible and affordable option.

When you choose any of Trip.com's Japan eSIM packages, which vary from daily high-speed data to extensive monthly plans, you receive a QR code quickly. This makes the setup process fast and easy, helping you get connected in just a few minutes—perfect for activating your eSIM while you wait for your luggage at the airport.

The Japan eSIM plans vary in duration from one day up to 30 days, with data allowances ranging from 500MB to unlimited. Pricing starts at just $0.93 for a one-day 500MB plan and goes up to $44.64 for a 30-day unlimited data plan, providing affordable options for every traveler. Running on a strong 4G LTE network, the eSIM ensures reliable internet everywhere in Japan, making it great for map, games and videos without interruptions. My experience with Trip.com's Japan eSIM has been very positive, with good customer support, easy installation, and fast speeds without any delays in Tokyo and Osaka. I highly recommend this choice.

Nomad Japan eSIM 1 Day

500MB1 Day$2.50

Nomad is a popular eSIM provider available in over 100 countries. However, my experience with Nomad has been quite negative. Despite its widespread use, I found it to be the most expensive provider I've encountered, with slow internet speeds and poor customer service. If you have a lot of money and want a subpar internet experience in Japan, you might consider Nomad.

Nomad's eSIM plans range from 1GB to 100GB, with no unlimited data options. This means that once you run out of data, you'll need to top up and pay again. While some plans are advertised for less than 5€, these come with a 1GB limit, necessitating frequent recharges. Additionally, their customer service is only available in English and can be accessed through a form on their app or website, requiring a purchase ID code. On the plus side, Nomad eSIMs allow data sharing across devices, but this can quickly deplete your data.

Purchasing and installing a Nomad eSIM is straightforward and can be done through their app, available on both iOS and Android. However, you should check if your device is compatible before buying. While Nomad offers various regional, country, and global data packages and has eSIMs for 112 countries, their plans have significant limitations. Data plans are limited to 7 or 30 days, and they do not include calls or SMS. Despite these drawbacks, the brand remains popular due to its broad availability and easy installation process.

EZsim Japan eSIM 1 Day

500MB1 Day$1.30

EZsim is another option for a Japan eSIM one day plan. It is slightly more expensive than Trip.com, offering only 500MB or 1GB data plans for one day. Personally, I find these limits too restrictive for my needs when traveling. While EZsim is still affordable, the limited data makes it less appealing for those who need more connectivity.

Trip.com, on the other hand, offers more varied and cheaper options, including an unlimited plan that eases my worries about running out of data while abroad. Trip.com's unlimited high speed 1 Day plan provides better value and peace of mind. If you need less than 1GB and don't mind paying more, you can choose EZsim, but for better flexibility and cost, I recommend Trip.com.

Not sure how much data you need for one day? Check the data consumption average table below:

How Much Data I Need for 1 Day Japan eSIM?

When considering a Japan eSIM one day plan, it's crucial to choose a plan that fits your usage. For instance, if you frequently use data-heavy apps like TikTok or Netflix, a higher data allowance or unlimited plan would be more suitable. Trip.com offers a variety of plans, including an unlimited data option, which can help alleviate the anxiety of running out of data during your travels.

For light data usage, such as using Google Maps or social media, Trip.com also provides excellent options that are still the cheapest. Personally, I need about 2GB of data per day because I enjoy watching YouTube while waiting in lines or on the subway. Trip.com's 2GB/day plan is perfect for my needs. If you're unsure about your data needs, refer to the data consumption table below to make an informed decision:

PlatformData Consumption per Hour
Instagram0.12 GB – 0.18 GB
Google Maps5 MB – 10 MB
Facebook0.12 GB – 0.18 GB
Twitter0.06 GB
TikTok0.84 GB (default settings)
Netflix0.3 GB – 7 GB
YouTube0.14 GB – 1.7 GB
Apple Music0.04 GB – 0.15 GB

These figures give a general idea of how much data each app consumes. For instance, using TikTok for an hour can consume up to 840 MB with default settings, while streaming high-quality videos on YouTube or Netflix can use significantly more data. Apps like Google Maps are much lighter on data, using only 5 to 10 MB per hour in standard mode.

How to Use Japan eSIM 1 Day?

How to Use Japan eSIM?
Check CompatibilityBefore purchasing an eSIM product, please check if your phone supports eSIM. Check eSIM Compatibility.
How to Use ItIf you encounter any problems during use, please email us at crm@51tgt.com for consulting service.
How to Download1. Open the eSIM activation email to display the QR code.
2. On iOS: Go to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan.
On Android: Go to Settings > SIM Card Management > Add SIM Card.
3. Scan the QR code to download.
How to Use Internet1. After downloading, disable the primary SIM if you have one.
2. Enable the new Cellular Plan (iOS) or SIM Card (Android).
3. The LTE logo should appear in the top right corner.
4. Turn on roaming to connect to the network. If there's no connection, toggle airplane mode or restart your phone.
How to Close1. Go to Settings > Cellular (iOS) or SIM Card Management (Android).
2. Turn off the Cellular Plan (iOS) or SIM Card (Android).

If My Devices Support Japan eSIM?

Please check if your phone can be used with eSIM before purchasing an eSIM product.

Device TypeSteps to Check eSIM Compatibility
iOS Users1. Open Settings.
2. Navigate to General.
3. Tap on About this phone.
4. Look for the EID.
Android Users1. Open Settings.
2. Go to About phone.
3. Check the SIM status (or status information).
4. Find the EID.

1. Dial *#06# in the phone app.
2. Check for the EID.

*If EID is not present, eSIM is not available on your device.

If My Devices Support Japan eSIM?

Benefits of Japan eSIM 1 Day

Benefits of Japan eSIM 1 Day

Immediate Connectivity: Using an eSIM allows for instant internet access as soon as you arrive in Tokyo. This means you don't need to buy a SIM card at the airport or wait for a pre-ordered one, making it easier to arrange travel plans, book taxis, or find your hotel.

Risk-Free: eSIMs eliminate the need for physical SIM cards, reducing the risk of loss or damage. This ensures a worry-free travel experience without concerns about handling or damaging a SIM card tray.

Dual SIM Capability: An eSIM enables dual SIM functionality, allowing you to use two networks on one device. This is particularly useful for international travelers, as it simplifies switching between local and overseas networks, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Cost-Effective Options: Some eSIM providers like Trip.com offer very affordable plans, with rates as low as $0.93, making it a budget-friendly choice for travelers.

Disadvantages of Japan eSIM 1 Day

Disadvantages of Japan eSIM 1 Day

Limited Device Compatibility: Not all devices are compatible with eSIM technology, requiring you to check if your device supports it. This may lead to additional expenses if you need to upgrade to a compatible device.

Single Device Limitation: eSIMs are linked to specific devices, making it inconvenient to switch between multiple devices. Unlike traditional SIM cards, you cannot easily move an eSIM from one phone to another.

Lack of Phone Number Provision: Some eSIM data plans do not include a local phone number, or they may charge extra for one. This can be inconvenient for making reservations, contacting hotels, or any other tasks that require a local number.

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FAQs about Japan eSIM 1 Day

  • Can I get an eSIM instantly?

    Yes, you can get an eSIM almost instantly. Once you purchase an eSIM plan from a provider, the activation details are typically sent to you via email or made available through an app. You can then scan a QR code or enter a confirmation code to activate the eSIM on your compatible device within minutes, making it a quick and convenient option.
  • Can I get eSIM for Japan?

    Yes, you can get an eSIM for Japan. Many telecommunications providers and eSIM service companies offer plans specifically for travelers to Japan. These plans can be purchased online and activated before or upon arrival in Japan, providing you with immediate access to mobile data and other services.
  • How long does eSIM activation take?

    The activation time for an eSIM is generally very short, usually taking just a few minutes. Once you have received the activation details from your provider, you can follow the instructions to scan a QR code or enter a code manually. The eSIM should become active almost immediately, though it might take a few additional minutes for the network to fully recognize and activate the service.
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